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  1. Well for my ckan install, I used kopernicus 1.2.2-6 And for the clean install that I did, I used the kopernicus version provided in the IAR file. Here are the exact step I followed: 1) I went to steam, right click on KSP, properties, betas, "previous_1.2.2" to get the 1.2.2 version 2) Moved the KSP folder away from steam because I had some bad experiences in the past with steam auto updating my KSP and thus deleting my moded save files. 3) downloaded the file from spacedock Adventure Revived 4) extracted the files to the game data folder (IA_Revived, Kopernicus, ModularFlightIntergrator and ModuleManager.2.7.5.dll and 5) run KSP.x86_64
  2. Well i tried to get a clean intall of ksp 1.2.2 with just the current IA-revived mod from spacedock and no other mods (except kopernicus and modularFlightIntegrator obviously) and I have the same bug. (I also tried it with ksp 1.2.1 and the mod doesn't work in this version)
  3. I have a really weird bug. I installed the mod through ckan with a few other mods and a lot of planets/moons are missing. What's weird is that most of them are here, so I assume the mod got installed correctly but some of them are not working. missing planets are : braciaca, all of trappist's planets, eotia, kolasi, dulcinea, galene, draugr. (and some moons) Any idea how to solve this please? (KSP 1.2.2, linux 64 bits, mod verion 1.2.1)
  4. So do I need EPL ores or just kolonization ressources ?
  5. Could someone help me please ? I installed the mod along with some other mods (mostly KIS, KAS, Kethane, Pathfinder, SCANsat, TAC LS and Kolonization but here is a full list of all the small mods : (+wildBlueTools that was outside the screen capture region)) and most of the parts are missing (Magnetometer, launchpad 1 and 2, OMD, etc...) The part folders are in the gamedata/ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads but they don't appear in game (I researched specializedConstruction and sciencetech). Is there any compatibility problem with one of the mod I installed ? Is it a know bug ? Any idea how I could solve this ?
  6. So I wanted to try this mod and in my first quarter I got 100% satellite coverage on Kerbin, Mun and Minmus with the USSK and I just got 12300 funds for that. This is ridiculously low. Is it normal ? Right now it doesn't allow me to play the game without those stupid contracts that I don't want to do.
  7. I have the exact same problem. The mod doesn't work, it doesn't rotate my ship. That makes me pretty sad because it looks like a great mod :'(
  8. Is it possible to aerobrake with the whole modpack ? I had a small satellite with 2 material bays filled with science parts fly by the moon and come back and I wanted to use the atmosphere to come back to earth, but even with a periapsis of 120km my probe just explode the first time i go trough the atmosphere. I didn't expect aerobraking to be easy but exploding at the very edge of the atmosphere seems a bit crazy to me. (I had a heatshiel too and a tail connector A on top to keep the heatshield pointed prograde)
  9. Is it normal that the KVD1/CE75 vacuum engine spins like crazy ? I have a perfectly symmetrical satellite with my thrust vector aligned with the center of mass and when I only use the KVD-1 engine it's perfectly stable, but as soon as I start the CE75 small engines (the ones that are supposed to allow me to turn) the ship starts spinning (if I don't press any keys). I have to fight it really hard to keep it straight it's kind of annoying (I don't have SAS on my ship).
  10. Okay, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately after further investigation it looks like it works opposite with me : It's fine the first time but doesn't work the next times. Then I though this might be linked to a stock bug that I have since 1.0 (due to my controller apparently) where my settings keep resetting each time I start the game (this bug : or and it looks like if I delete setting.cfg from my ksp folder before starting it the mod works perfectly. I guess I'll keep doing that until this bug gets fixed. But it's probably up to squad.
  11. May I get some help with a weird problem I have ? I tried installing this mod with ckan on linux but somehow I still have the kerbol system. It looks like planet earth's texture when I'm on the ground but when I zoom out the texture switches to kerbin. And when I'm in space or in the tracking station, the system is kerbol system (except that when i mouse over kerbin the name is earth) It's almost like I have the kerbol system with a planet earth overlapping kerbin. I don't really know how to describe it accurately. I tried going back to ksp 1.0.2 and rss 10.0.1 but it still does the same (the only difference is that my KSC is in the middle of an ocean in 1.0.4 and in the middle of mountains in 1.0.2) The mods I have installed are kopernicus, module manager, Real solar system and rss's textures 2048x1024. I've been trying to figure out how to solve this problem for hours but I couldn't do it. Does anyone have any clue about what could cause that ? Edit : Hmm, that's weird. I though I was doing it with a clean install but I tried again and apparently it works now. Maybe it was a conflict because of the order I installed the mods.
  12. Hello everyone. It's my first time posting on the forums even though I've been playing the game since alpha but I really wanted to talk about this. I've started a new game for 1.0 and I really enjoy it so far, but I find hard mode to be a bit too grindy. I think it would be more enjoyable if instead of nerfing the incomes hard mode would nerf the rocket parts. Wouldn't it be better if parts were a little heavier, engines a little less efficient and/or powerful, atmospheric drags a little more powerful and parts a little less resistant to reentry ? What I'm looking for when I play hard mode is not to have to do 10 easy missions instead of 1 to get the same amount of cash/science but rather to have to do 1 really difficult mission that would get me that cash/science. Maybe we could even get greater rewards than in normal mode because there would be a higher failure rate on our flights. What do you think about it ?