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  1. I admit this is a wild guess, but it may be relevant: If you've had KSP a good long while, it's possible that your key bindings may be incorrect. I would suggest trying this: 1. delete your settings.cfg file (or rename it, to, say, 'settings.BACKUP.cfg') 2. restart KSP (this will create a new settings.cfg file, with key bindings correct for post-version 1) 3. try your launch again If this doesn't cure your 'second problem', my wild guess is wrong -- in which case I apologise for having wasted your time...
  2. I had the same problem. (I fixed it accidentally while investigating how best to reconfigure the key bindings for the Dvorak keyboard layout.) The solution is to delete* your settings.cfg file and restart the game. Keybindings are stored in the settings.cfg file. A 'Completely revised Input Mapping system' was implemented as of v1.0.0. I bought the game long prior to that release, and I suspect that my settings.cfg file was not correctly reset by the upgrade. This may also affect other players too... * edit: or rename to something else, for a backup copy of what you had. Just In Case.
  3. You may find my blog post here of interest. Although primarily intended to assist Dvorak keyboard layout users, it can also be used to facilitate use of alternative key bindings. Possibly overkill for your needs
  4. According to Settings > Input: Game > UI: Scroll Icons Up: Home Scroll Icons Down: End Does that solve your problem, or am I missing something?
  5. pendant

    Interstellar Travel

    Not a chance. Humanity is on the verge of destroying its nest. By the end of this century there will be no fuels left for propulsion; we will need a technological breakthrough just to survive, let alone try to explore the universe. Anyone who thinks otherwise has their heads firmly in the sand, and needs to take heed of (RIP) and stop listening to the nonsense thrown at us by mass media.
  6. pendant

    KSP and Dvorak (Revisited)

    Regrettably, not.
  7. Heh... I should perhaps have mentioned that I did finally manage to get them docked. Of course I should have taken a breather there, but, instead, all excited at having succeeded, I ploughed on... patted myself on the back when I figured out that I didn't have to squeeze them all into the one capsule because -- there was a lifeboat pod! Plotted an orbit back home... and, just as we were, all six, approaching atmosphere, I suddenly thought "Oh, bugger -- is there a heatshield on this lifeboat thing?" In retrospect, the answer to that must have been 'yes', but with Kerbin looming large in the window, I decided that saving three would be better than possibly losing six, so I (shades of the opening scene of Pitch Black) -- hit the space bar and ditched the lifeboat Object lesson, learnt: know your vehicle You're absolutely right, it's too much to expect a tutorial to cater for every crazy thing every idiot like me is likely to try Thanks for taking the time to set me straight!
  8. pendant

    KSP and Dvorak (Revisited)

    Oh, I agree. Your solution has its advantages. But there are advantages to my offering too: it enables those with any keyboard layout (not just Dvorak) to generate the keybindings they need to apply into KSP it neatly lists all the keys, reducing the risk of error it facilitates customisation of the keybindings A certain amount of computer literacy is implied with any file manipulation. Ideally, we shouldn't have to jump through these hoops in the first place!
  9. pendant

    KSP and Dvorak (Revisited)

    You may want to take a look at the two files I offer on this post of mine, up above. I'm hoping you'll find they do exactly what you describe -- so thank you, for confirming that I had the right approach. If they do (and I hope I haven't made any daft mistakes) then this may save time for any other Dvorak-users out there, because I've already done the tedious bit for them So, you're not wrong. Unless we both are
  10. OK, I think I see what you guys are trying to tell me Thanks for your help! So, my next question is: is this behaviour by design? Is this just how a bog-standard capsule/ service module combination works? (If so, I'm puzzled why -- but it would perhaps explain why I stayed up all night one night last week trying to do the Docking training mission; I simply could not get those capsules aligned... and if it's because that ship also has no forward translation, that might explain it!) My next question (my last, I promise) is: Is this behaviour appropriate in a tutorial intended for use by complete kernoobs like me? -- I grant you, what I was doing was beyond the scope of the tutorial itself -- Gene Kerman had left me long before. But I knew that Orbiting 101 would put me straight into space so I could experiment with the controls (you know, without all that tedious stuff beforehand mucking about building rockets and launching them*). And I think what this kernoob might do, others might, too. Surely it would be kinder to add back-facing thrusters so folk like me could translate forward, and not get confused? * Incidentally, I did go back to Flight Basics to see if the capsule/ service module on top of that launch assembly was any different -- and I found it is. No thrusters at all on that one!
  11. pendant

    KSP youtubers impact

    Bought the beta a long way back because I've always wanted to explore space. Didn't play much because I'm on Dvorak keyboard layout and it looked like a lot of work to reconfigure the keybindings so I didn't bother at the time (problem now solved, I believe:)). When the release version was, err, released, decided to leap in and try again. Very glad I did. Arrived at the forums here as a result of the 'KSP Community' link in the first screen of the game. I tend to avoid walkthroughs usually -- I prefer to try to work things out for myself. However, I suspect that rocket science is so much more like, err, rocket science than figuring out a strat to, say, beat up a gaggle of gnolls, that I may well need to visit YouTube before too long if I'm to avoid too much crash-and-burn
  12. pendant

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I think you can only embed single images here, not entire albums. My blog post here may perhaps be of some help. You will need to identify the URL of each image you want to embed separately; to do that, point your mouse at the top right-hand corner of a picture in your album so you reveal the 'cogwheel' icon, left click that, then left-click 'view full resolution', copy the URL of the resulting page, paste it into the input field on the insert image icon in the reply field:
  13. pendant

    KSP and Dvorak (Revisited)

    You're not alone... I think most folk associate the name 'Dvorak' with the Czech composer Antonín Leopold Dvořák, not the years-ahead-of-his-time American human factors expert Professor August Dvorak who died in 1975, having bitterly complained, "I'm tired of trying to do something worthwhile for the human race, they simply don't want to change!" Thank you for the link to the marvellous New World Symphony! Ideal solar system exploration background music I hope my earlier post explains why Windows Key + Space isn't good enough for my tastes. And concerning the fair number of games that just automatically do the right thing... I can only dream that one day they all will.
  14. I only included images that show the problem situation. I can see thrusters firing when I translate in all directions except for forward. Thanks for the confirmation that the gauges only indicate a control input. (my bold) The point is that I can translate back (as I said); but I cannot translate forward.
  15. pendant

    KSP and Dvorak (Revisited)

    Short of Squad making all this hoop-jumping irrelevant, that would be awesome. I hope that my spreadsheet may be of interest to you as a next-best option; it should be able to cater for neo too.