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  1. Tier 2 Match 2, between @dundun92's Tallyhawk and @Hinden's Widomaker:
  2. I've found the bug with the service bay not shielding parts, and just updated M3X; it should fix both the service bay issue as well as a few other M3X aero issues that have appeared with 1.8.x.
  3. M2X is now up, which should fix the aero issues people have identified. Grab from SpaceDock | GitHub Changelog: -Adds drag cubes for RCSAS, Aligned Dockingport, and Radial Mounts. These should generate much less drag now -Fixes Sledgehammer AARE compile error -Cockpit lights now uniform color -Fixes R-71 cockpit IVA portraits, kerbals no longer occluded by instrument consoles -Windowshine MM Patch now calls for TextureReplacer instead of the less up-to-date TextureReplacerReplaced
  4. M3X is now up, which mainly fixes aerodrag issues that have come up with KSP 1.8.1 Get from SpaceDock or GitHub Changelog: -Model Rework: Mk3 Decoupler. Now hollow! -Fixes drag cubes for Mk3 Drone core, Mk3 SAS, Mk3 Aligned Docking Port, Mk3 Decoupler, Mk3 Radial Mount -Fixes Mk3 Service Bay not shielding its contents -Fixes Service Bay LF/O missing texture
  5. Now that the semifinals are done, instead of moving on to the finals, first we'll be revisiting those who lost the first round - @tetryds N-46, @Hinden's H-4 Widomaker, @Jeb-head-mug kerman's Endre Er SX 13 Hornet III, @dundun92's Tallyhawk Mk XXIVa, @Box of Stardust's FB-97B-5 Sea Fairy, @Mr. Peabody's S13 Brighton, @OmegaForce's AFC-88 Thalo, and @Alioth81's AL-25 Vulture - with the start of the Second Tier Bracket. The G-Limiter will be disabled for the Second Tier, as many of the planes were defeated by gravity, rather than enemy fire. Since we have 8 new planes in a new tier, like last time, things will kick off with another Battle Royale: Like before, this a for-fun, bonus battle, and has no effect on the standings. Craft performance in the Battle Royale may or may not be indicative of performance in the official bouts.
  6. The final semifinal, match 14, between @Dwerto's capable Honeybee and @sturmhauke's durable Krakenhound. Which win, power or defense?
  7. I'll add fixing the drag cube(s?) to the list. Out of curiosity, if you know, does the stock mk2 drone core ( which also doesn't have a custom drag cube defined in the .cfg and holes in the model) also display similar draggy behavior? So the GUI portraits are completely gone for some? Odd. And the portraits aren't simply minimized? I'm going to need logs for that, M2X is a parts mod, no custom plugins, so something weird is going on.
  8. The crew portraits are occluded by IVA model geometry. The portrait should function as they always have, merely the kerbals are hidden behind control consoles due to where the camera is. I'll see about fixing them.
  9. Hah. Forgot about the Skaris tank hit. Good eye. Two out of three because the Krakenhound will be facing the PD-2 in the next match, and depending on if it wins or loses, will be facing either the WCC or the AeroImp in match 16 The change to a triangle icon means KSP thinks the craft now is a Rover, either because the engine has been destroyed or the pilot chair has been knocked out of the aircraft/only the pilot chair survives a crash. If a craft has a triangle icon, it's knocked out of the fight, one way or another. The few brief moments when the icon has changed into a trapezoid during the occasional water crash are similar, with the vessel briefly being regarded as a Ship instead of a Plane
  10. ^^We'll find out for two of those three. Match 13, between Bot Julius' Aero Imperial and @aleksey444's White Collar Criminal. Will the WCC make a smooth getaway, or will it fold at the first sign of pressure from the law? This might feature the first fueltank snipe of the tournament.
  11. Looking at the Mk2.5 SPP files, it looks like the Beluga nose cargo bay didn't make it in?
  12. The third bout hadn't gone as long as the second, so the La-9s should have still had fuel. I think what may have happened is the AI has a difficult time recognizing if it's in a dive, and won't pull out of a dive unless the plane's crossed the min altitude threshold. As for why the AI decided to loop and dive to begin with, ??? Second. One of the Thalos in the first or second bout of match 7 also sniped a pilot. I'd have to rewatch the matches to double check, but I think that and this may be the only cases of pilot KIA so far.
  13. Apropos of nothing, who here remembers BAD-T III, Match 2? It was bound to happen sooner or later. Match 12, between @Pds314's La-9, an aircraft too small and agile to be hit, vs @sturmhauke's SAI K9 Krakenhound, an absolute zombie of an aircraft that just will not die. At least this time the match was only 42 minutes instead of 53.
  14. Match 11, between my IA-42 Skaris and @Dwerto's PD-2 Honeybee, and our first match between heavy cannon armed brawlers. Which will win, the Honeybee's agility or the Skaris' resilience?
  15. Maybe go the opposite route; instead of having a multitude of sub-categories, have some of the the categories become bonuses or score modifiers? So instead of, say, Seaplane being its own separate thing that mostly overlaps with a main category save for the water landing part, have it instead be a bonus feature, so you can have a turboprop class or a medium jet class or whatever that also happens to be a flying boat, its scored according to that class rubric, but it gains a bonus to the score/review from the additional usability/flexibility granted by water landing capability? Or if an entry is supersonic, it gets a bonus for speedy flight times (and a demerit for use in crowded urban areas?), or if an aircraft has a short takeoff/landing distance, it could get the Hopper attribute for being able to access shorter runways/smaller/more built up airports, etc.
  16. SME maintenance update 0.99.4 is now up for KSP 1.8.x, grab from SpaceDock or GitHub. -LH2 conversion now needs CryoTanks instead of KerbalAtomics -Mk3 Converter now has LH2 option -Mk3 converter now has proper bulkhead profile -Fixes texture error on size 3 ISRU
  17. M3X is a pluginless part mod, so it at least won't throw any errors with Kerbalism. Probably. That said, I have zero experience with Kerbalism, so you might try asking in the kerbalism thread, they would likely know more. lunian, I'm going to need logs or similar, the M3X BigS wing lineup is working properly on my dev copy of KSP. ... M3X Update is up, grab it from SpaceDock or GitHub. mostly minor fixes, also the Coxswain OMS is finally fixed.
  18. Update is now up, available from SpaceDock or GitHub. -Fixes the load error on the TunaCockpit. -Fixes missing texture faces on the HSNC. -Adds additional localization courtesy of Sooll3.
  19. Match 10, between @aleksey444's agile AF-735 White Collar Criminal and @splatn't™'s durable TH-C:
  20. The AP+ early props were what I ended up modding to put together a beta WWI props pack back during the BAD-T III WWI discussion. I should still have the configs somewhere.
  21. Some Schwarzlose variants used 8x50, there was an Italian 9mm SMG, and I guess comedy options Becker M2 20mm and Vickers QF MkII 40mm. The main thing with the weapon balance back then was this was right when BDA was transitioning from the heat based damage model to the current HP one; I have a fairly good understanding of how the current system works at present, so adjusting damage really isn't too much of a hassle now. Thinking more on it, I also have some ideas on how to manage part count, even for things like triplanes, and even how to achieve synchro-gear weapons. Finishing out the WWI weapons pack I started wouldn't be too difficult, either. The main obstacle I can see would be ruleset - craft class/masses/weapon and engine point cost/are scarff ring 'turrets' allowed, etc which means either fun with spreadsheets or a BADT-lite contest like the DJA that's less balanced but more open to experimentation to find what works. But ultimately it would come down to the twin deciding factors of interest there would be for such a thing and time I (or someone else) has to host it.
  22. I'm going to have to remember how to build something that can maneuver well at low speed without immediately disintegrating at higher speeds without my secondary steer limiter again. Should be interesting. The dynamic steer damper probably works similarly. Anyway, some quick questions/rules clarifications: the 10t/20t mass requirements, is this wet or dry craft mass? I'm assuming the M230 is to be locked forward, or can it remain turreted? Also, do you want my HP fix for B9 proc wings so they aren't made of tissue paper and balsa wood compared to stock wings?
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