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  1. The issue seems to have a momentary bug, and I think it's fixed. However, as for your query, no. The lifter was sum 20km+ behind the orbiter by the time it wigged out, so the orbiter's engines wouldn't have done anything to it.
  2. ... <.< ... I did a repairing install... THIS IS SCIENCE, we can't always just try out the easiest solution! Negative, only questionable part involved was the KLAW itself.
  3. This is happening long AFTER I'm out of the atmosphere. It has one, and I did that... instead, the PAYLOAD disintegrated... I slowed it down, and noted that the trajectories began going erratic and changing suddenly for no reason. It kept doing it, so I did a repairing install, seems to be stable again. I kinda suspect the fact that this was my first craft equipping the K.L.A.W. might have had something to do with it.
  4. Soup does have a point though, I made a fairly decent looking IP-sci-orbiter, 33 tonnes wet and 70 parts with over 6k dV. She may not be a powerhouse, but she's got the fuel economy of a Prius. She might not be the prettiest [was designing so I could see part of each fuel tank for refueling purposes], but I imagine I could smooth out the rough edges and get her lookin' mighty sleek.
  5. I recently upgraded to 1.0.2 from .25, and while the initial shock of the changes was acute, I did manage to work myself into some decent gameplay and designs. Playing Career Mode, I like to be able to recover as much as possible of my launches, and since SSTOs are no longer capable of significant payloads, I've been using various sub-stage rocket designs to carry payloads into orbit. With my current unlocks, this primarily revolves around the LFB KR-1x2 "Twin-Boar" and a ring of 8 Turbos around it's waist, as well as a probe core and chutes to control it's decent back down into the atmosphere
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