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  1. Well that's the thing, it's not just one design. I tried dozens of variations trying to get a couple of things into an Orbit. And it keeps happening again and again, and the game doesn't tell me why this is happening. All I see is a rocket flipping over. I have no idea why, which is the frustrating part. If the game would give me an indicator, I'd have something to work with. But there's just nothing at all. I've gotten to the Mun and back, several times with different rockets. But then I spend hours failing to even get back into Kerbin Orbit, and I have no clue why.
  2. Here's what I love about KSP - flying around in space, building a station in orbit, building a base on a distant planet or moon. Here's what's not fun at all about KSP: spending 3 hours between the VAB and the launchpad because your rocket flies in every direction except up, and for no reason that the game would tell me. And it's not that I'm trying to launch a 1000 part 5000 ton behemoth. It's a regular rocket with 3 stages or so. What's the point in having a game where you can build stuff to fly if 90% of it doesn't fly in a usable manner and you spend all your time trying to discover those 10% that will eventually work? It's gotten to the point where all the game does to me is cause frustration.
  3. Thanks a lot for the detailed explanations and the video link! Got the hang of it now Cheers
  4. Hi guys I'm somewhat confused about a contract I got. It requests a satellite in an Orbit with (according to contract text) an inclination of 63.4. It's a bit hard to explain, but if I launch into a polar orbit from KSC, the orbit the contract wants is basically rotated at 90 degrees to my polar orbit (if you view the planet from top-down). I have no idea whatsoever how to get there. Whatever maneuver I try to plan to change the inclination ends up costing 4000+ delta-v and it still only gets me half way rotated. Another thing I don't understand is if I use MechJeb and launch the autopilot into an orbit inclination of 63.4 it launches successfully, but my orbit is nowhere near the orbit the contract wants. So this must mean that whatever those 63.4 degrees are angled to, it's not the same thing that MechJeb thinks that the inclination is angled to. I'm pretty confused