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  1. I've made an upgrade of my "Tier0-no-avionics-no_engine_upgrades_polar-orbit-from-Plesetsk" rocket. Improvements: -lower mass (34.782t) -lower price -increased stability (better aerodynamics, reworked fairing and fins) -increased reliability (lowered the number of WAC-Corporal engines on the upper stages from 8 to 6) -increased operational time (added a battery) What can be achieved with this rocket: -numerous records -first satellite contract -first polar orbit satellite contract -Pressure data (flying low, high and in space), telemetry, temperature data from all "space near" biomes (although takes some luck to get mountains before the battery drains out) P.S. this was made for 1.2.2 RP0, not sure if it will work in 1.3.1 RP1...
  2. Hello! Will there be any backport of the latest versions to 1.3.1? I and my friend are playing RSS RO (and it won't transfer to 1.4.1 any time soon). P.S. Amazing job!!!
  3. Thanks for your work. Have you heard of Luna Multiplayer? Any chance of getting your mod compatible with it like you did it with DMP?
  4. Great concept. I have questions about RO RP0 compatibility, will RP0 contracts work properly, will engine upgrades sync properly, will Test Flight data and Kerbal Construction Data sync?
  5. Yeah, cause on the first video 2 engines on the 3rd stage failed which led to deviation and still I was surprised that it made to orbit with 3 engine failures (A-4 loss of thrust and 2xWAC shutdown).
  6. Your reviews inspired me to continue working on the rocket and I've tweaked it (rotated, changed the kick pitch force and added some science). So now it is capable of going into POLAR orbit from Plesetsk with basic science. I've restarted the career and checked how fast would it be possible to complete a Polar Orbit contract using this rocket, in theory this could be the first rocket launched in career and if the Test Flight God shows some mercy you could do it in several months. One of the problems that I've noticed is a roll caused by side booster separation. It didn't allow me to aim straight towards the North so the orbit is 86 but it's still completes the contract and allows science experiments over all the biomes. In the next version I will try to add one more (YAW) axis of control. This will allow to aim directly at the horizon above or below the prograde.
  7. Hello, man! Make more cool videos, I like them! :-)

  8. Thanks for the good words, the real problem was to tweak the rotation speed, so the last stage stays stable even if some engines fall off, when the roll rate is too high the last two stages wobble all over the place, i also placed engines close to the spin axis so the sideways displacement is minimal when on of the engines shuts down, the other problem was the initial pitch, i solved it using a decoupler on the side (which ejection force can be easily tweaked) instead of moving the whole construction.
  9. Hello, this is my first craft on the EXCHANGE. This is a Tier-0, no avionics (spacebar and action group controlled), no engine upgrades, 37t rocket capable of going into orbit (or delivering a 100kg payload) from Plesetsk. Here is the video, showing how it works:
  10. I've just started relearning Realism Overhaul, started a new career with hard settings and low rewards. After launching one of my sounding rockets eastwards i noticed that it was pretty stable in the upper atmosphere with almost no roll, so I started experimenting and my sounding rocket evolved into this thing capable of launching 88-127kg (depends on the luck, especially engine failures) into 63* orbit from Plesetsk Cosmodrome. No engine upgrades were made, solid attitude thrustes are controlled by action groups. The launch mass in about 37t. If anyone is interested I will share the craft file.
  11. Great tool! Could anyone help me to make a Kerbin - Mun (fly-by) - Minmus (fly-by) - Kerbin - Mission. What are the steps for these kind of missions. The tutorial tells only about interplanetary. I also play with scaled system and axial tilt like in RSS (KSC in at 28 deg.).
  12. I've experienced the similar problem. When I assemble parts in the VAB the dV readings are correct, but when I dock objects in orbit KER shows weird things, it recognizes only a small part of the docked vessel. I use Ven Stock Revamp docking ports if it helps.
  13. Отлично, давай ещё!
  14. I've started a Harder Solar System x 4 career with hard settings several months ago. Career difficulty settings: StartingFunds = 0 StartingScience = 0 StartingReputation = 0 FundsGainMultiplier = 0.5 RepGainMultiplier = 0.2 ScienceGainMultiplier = 0.1 FundsLossMultiplier = 2 RepLossMultiplier = 2 RepLossDeclined = 1 AutoHireCrews = False MissingCrewsRespawn = False BypassEntryPurchaseAfterResearch = False AllowStockVessels = False IndestructibleFacilities = False ResourceAbundance = 0.5 ReentryHeatScale = 1.0 I play with no saves and reverts. The mods that affect difficulty: Deadly reentry, FAR, Remote Tech, TACLS, Persistent Rotation, kOS. Tech tree: ETT Game version: still 1.0.5 After starting a playthrough I thought it would be more interesting to make it more cinematic. So I try to combine cinematics and playthrough, so there are no cuts and reverts, all missions are recorded as is (it's my first playthrough/videomontage experince, so it probably looks bad). The mission descriptions a under the videos. If someone is interested in this I will devote a new post to each new mission and video. I've already done 10 of them and see no reason to make 10 posts for past missions. But I'll definitely will for the new ones!