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  1. I've been having the same issue, I'll try to run it without it. I guess the mods are incompatible, right?
  2. You could try for the moment Nertea's (i think) Space Station Parts Redux it has rotating rings, giant beautifully made centrifuges.
  3. Yeah, I've been trying to three days to make it work and checked and rechecked and couldn't figure what the heck I'm doing wrong, now that you asked me if I installed the textures, I 'membered that I completely forgot to install the core mode. Thanks for the help anyway.
  4. Hold up, you kinda lost me. Yes, I believe I have the AVP textures installed, the first folder in the screenshot is the AVP textures, should I place it somewhere else and how to I share the log? EDIT: Oh my gods, I'm mentally disabled, I forgot to install the ACTUAL AVP MOD, I only installed the textures, my apologies..
  5. Has anyone encountered the problem where clouds just don't show up? Scattering is good and all that, but there are simply no clouds, I tried installing previous scatterer versions, same result, am I doing something wrong?
  6. Uhm, may I ask what's causing this booger? :c [URL]https://imgur.com/UOiFpHF[/URL]
  7. Is there any config for Outer Planets Mod? The one hyperlinked in the description is not available anymore :/
  8. Oh, the RD-170 are the engines, right? So you're telling me that the space station parts work? Oh goodie goodie goodie.
  9. I have no idea what you guys are doing here, but I have a feeling that you're doing a cool thing.
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