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  1. I used the robotic arm to dock the Leonardo cargo, it took me 1h
  2. LOVE your new parts !!!! Thanks a lot for your work The gold and silver color look awesome on the multispectral, is it possible to have it on the resolution imager ?
  3. @josselin2196 Hi this alternate color is present in the install folder
  4. Hi, Wich version is up to date for 1.8.1, the unofficial or the release in the git: https://github.com/markusa380/PersistentRotation/releases Thanks in advance
  5. Hi, I see a question in another thread and I'm questionning myself with your mods too. So, are your mods best use with 2.5x or 2.7x (JNSQ) rescale like some other part mods (BDB,Tanteras,ReDirect)? Thanks in advance for your answer
  6. Thanks a lot for your mod. I share some picture https://imgur.com/a/OGoFqYe
  7. Hi, Why do you mean by this ? This mod doesn’t work anymore with Kerbalism 3.6 ? By the way, thanks for all your work
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