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  1. Yeah, when you click on them it does a little animation. I really like it so far, I definitely will buy the book
  2. "A warship isn't really a warship until it wears a cute schoolgirl uniform" -Some dude on the From the Depths forums
  3. Yeah I played it during the weekend. Its an awesome game, the level of realism is amazing. Sadly I suck at it... either because I'm not good at this kind of shooters or because I'm stressed due to all the exams and tests. If I would be better at it, I'd definitely buy it!
  4. is the size of a match box. That drydock...
  5. Ladies and gentlekerbs, may I present to you... the SpacePork One. Now seriously, compared to the other amazing stations in this thread this 200 part station is nothing. Its my newest (the first module at the far left is 3 or 4 years old) LKO station, which I currently use as port to top off the supplies and transfer crew into my Mun/Minmus transfer ship at the back. It has enough greenhouses to support 6 Kerbals on orbit as long as there's enough fertilizer. The station grew organically, I sent the first two modules up for station contracts. Then I decided to establish a LKO - Mun/M
  6. Floor 1652: A bunch of dead memes are discussing the future of the meme economy.
  7. @Shadow Wolf56 Anyone, as long as they're on the KSP forum or are friends with someone on the server. Join our Discord if you're interested.
  8. Yo did you guys kick me from the discord server or what

    1. ZentroCatson


      Uhh no idea... I didn't do anything

      Also please PM me instead of posting a status update on my profile if you wanna discuss something private, I'd appreciate that :)

  9. Actually its not my design... its a design made by ilmango.
  10. I'm here to bring this thread up again and say that the server's up again thanks to the brilliant work of @SparkyFox @KAL 9000 Come back at any time, we'd appreciate some new players here Also tree farm update: Its almost done. I just need to fix a bug and add special things for oak mode, then its done.
  11. Tex, I highly recommend you join the official one or at least give it a try Currently we're only 8 sorta-active players, and we'd highly appreciate new people. I wouldn't worry about being antisocial, it is a very nice community as long as you don't cause any trouble. Though you have to download 2 mods which (Kepler and Sparky made themselves), which shouldn't be a problem as there are some instructions on our Discord.
  12. I really like making and flying Falcon 9 style 1st stage booster rockets, though its kinda hard to adjust them for specific payloads. With a normal booster you can just slap a bunch more tanks or SRBs on it, but that would throw the balance of a F9 style stage off. Also I go full Falcon 9 in that I do a boostback to the KSC and land it propulsively- on the grass or on some poor KSC building Here's a pic of my 2.5m and 3.75m boosters: And yes, it does save some launch cost off of the payload. Its not really worth it with the light 2.5m booster, but I still do it cause its fun.
  13. Definitely no. Pain is a kind of alarm system, telling you that something's wrong with your body. So even though pain is painful () its there to protect you from possible harm.
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