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  1. Try building a space station or launching a rocket or going to Laythe when your processor lags when 140 parts are in it, heck i can barely do 90 before it gets to about 17 fps. And I still haven't gotten 64 bit because until about 2 weeks ago, i didn't know i had a 64 bit processor in my little Compaq dc7700 hackintosh. Now to if KSP is dead. this is a low point, i will admit, but similar events have happened since the game's creation (heck in my time playing 0.22 in 2014 to now, that happened about 2 times (maybe more)). Every time SQUAD has hit an obstacle, they persevered a
  2. I love this thread you know your a nerd when your games folder consits of *ahem* Doom 1 and 2 (And brutal doom) Marathon (the bungie shooter trilogy for the mac) Wing commander 1, 2 , Armada, and Privateer Unreal Tournament GOTY and the only modern games KSP (OBVIOUSLY) Besiege (and also in your spare time you either chat with your friend debating weather the Dralthi IV would beat a tie fighter or if an Arrow V can beat an A wing).
  3. Hey, so due to my lack of updates i have been inactive for.... a while. I just noticed i have 0 followers, the devs left, and sadly, i have started straying from KSP. It's inevitable. i have school (side note: i'm typing this from school) and need to focus more. i love this game, and the community has helped extensively. but for now, I'm alive, but stuck in 1.0.5.

  4. short answer, yes. answer: yes so I can actually FLY TO LAYTHE
  5. Howdy anyone that's here. if y'all haven't noticed, I've been considerably less active to the brink of disappearing, or maybe not, but awhile.

    my recent activity has been halted by one simple button failing on midget's keyboard, making me unable to access my machine, however this caused another problem. without the ability to sign in, ksp was left behind, leaving me with an ambitious project and no KSP, so on top of no updates, a slow machine and a bound to never launch off channel, a false promise, and for the 9 that actually care and watched the video if any one of you is here, sorry. in brighter news, i've gotten XCOM Ufo defence from steam and have played that to death (and can't finish due to the Chrysiliads, raaagggh). however when i finally find a keypad for midget i can get off this godforsaken tiny keypad for this 2-in-1 asus.



    1. Ogcorp Squirrel

      Ogcorp Squirrel

      I'M ALIVE, and just found out I have no followers when when I left i had 3? did ya'll think I stopped liking KSP? pfffttt

  6. edit: Midget's keyboard decided to break, but only the I button broke, and guess what button was required to sign in... yep other news, I gotz ssimpleplanes
  7. THIS IS MY LOG OF EXPLO-eXTRATERRES-EXTRAORDINARY MISSIONS (AND BAD ONES TOO), THE FULL REPORTS COME SOON (tM) Mission one: Kraken's Demise Mun trip Hyperedited to 100000 m above Kerbin, then did a legit trip and circulation of Orbit of the Mun Mission Two: KERBKOM, UFO DEFENCE UFO 1 was detected. Aries 3A was armed and Refitted to tango with it. The UFO Was Kerbal, however Extraterrestrial. Interceptor I managed to shoot down the thing. PS: (Is it bad that I listened to the PSX XCOM UFO Defence Dogfight song as i wrote this)
  8. 1 I have dont likey multiple ships in orbit disorder
  9. Anyone have the file since the link is dead? I'd greatly appreciate it as i just need this to test something for a YouTube series
  10. Dude, Where's my ship Where's your ship, dude Dude, Where's my ship Where's your ship, dude That's not helping Bill
  11. 3/10 I think i saw you on a mod page once
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