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  1. All right, that was the problem. I'm glad you noticed that. Figured it was just a huge glitch in one of the mods but I guess not. Thanks for solving this issue for me!
  2. Is that what the issue is? I didn't expect for Remote Tech to be a problem so I never mentioned it in the mods. But yes, I do have Remote Tech. I've only tried rockets with probes on them rather than manned capsules. Perhaps that's the problem. I'll try to reattempt the issue with the rocket whilst antennas are available for connectivity sometime later. Thanks for pointing that out! I feel a bit silly though for not thinking of it.
  3. That looks insane. At least you can get your rocket 3km+ off the ground, though.
  4. Thanks - I noticed that my first thread never posted but i'm a newbie here and hadn't seen the message after you send it in for review by mods. Thanks for the merge - I was worried about the double thread on the same issue.
  5. Post edited due to thread merge. Above post will be edited accordingly.
  6. KSP Version: 1.0 Mods: Kerbal Alarm Clock, Flight Computer, Docking Alignment Indicator, Collision FX, Hullcam VDS, Transfer Window Planner, Remote Tech. The Issue: Right, so I have a major problem. I've recently installed a few mods that I wouldn't expect to cause any problems and I'm unsure if this is the issue. However, the problem that I've encountered is that my launch vehicle tends to automatically enable some sort of rotation system that disables any manual inputs or overrides that I attempt to command the craft to follow. It will - on its own - completely disable the main engine at exactly 3km of altitude and begin an automatic rotation to point retrograde at the launch facility. Thereafter once drag and gravity have slowed the rocket to a freefall point, the strange control system will correct the rocket's direction to point retrograde to its new trajectory and face the sky. Once it passes 3km again and descends below that point, the engines will fire again at the throttle before the flight systems took control. The thing is, it does it again once the rocket ascends beyond 3km for a second time. I'm unsure of whats going on. I have noticed that when the main engine disables itself and the rocket begins its automatic rotation, if I flail on the keyboard and spam the space bar, LIN/ROT will enable and disable itself. I assume this is part of the docking computer system, but I'm on the staging computer so I haven't a clue what the heck is going on with that. Is my space bar a hotkey for LIN/ROT, and does this cause this odd rotation pattern? I attempted to access the settings to find the controls, but each time I do so, the game bugs out and loads for tens of minutes until the game crashes. Here's a picture of the rocket: The only modded parts I have on the rocket are two cameras that I think do not respond to physics from the Hullcam VDS mod. They are located just below the RCS tank and thrusters. I have provided images of the launch and the rocket's short flight afterwards. I enabled the drag indicators in these images. Note the green text just above the navigation ball in some images. Launch - Nothing Wrong Yet: The flight computer has been untouched and I have only enabled SAS via the "T" hotkey on my keyboard. ​ Solid Booster Detachment: The solid booster was decoupled as per the norm, and the main engine was ignited thereafter to propel the rocket upwards. The Strange "Something" Takes Control: The rocket's main engine automatically shuts down and responds to no manual inputs. The flight computer is still untouched. SAS can not be disabled, RCS can not be enabled, and the rocket engine will not re-enable. I can also not stage the rocket - all control is left to the computer. The Rocket Begins it's Rotation: The rocket has started to rotate at about 25 degrees per second, and the drag indicators show nothing that seems to be off. The aerodynamics are working as they should. The rocket still does not respond to manual overrides and is beginning to rotate to face retrograde to its velocity vector. Still No Response: I have started to press keys on my keyboard to see if anything will respond. I attempted to stage for a second time and it caused LIN/ROT to appear. I disabled the drag indicator whilst pressing random keys. I Have Regained Control: Just before reaching 3km, the SAS spun the launch vehicle around and prepared to pass its 3km point. Thereafter, the main engine instantly re-enabled at the same throttle as it had when reaching 3km in altitude the first time. All controls are back and I am capable of staging, enabling RCS and disabling SAS. I opened the flight computer to check if anything had enabled to fix the rotation, but it still stated that the computer was disabled. I don't know what causes this problem, and accessing the controls isn't an option. I may attempt to access the controls through the KSP folder, but that will happen later. The issue has been occurring with this rocket and others, though I am unsure if it happens the same with aircraft. pls halp meh the kraken is taking over ;.;