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  1. I have no clue why I am no longer getting email updates to posts on this thread, but I hafta ask... Sorry to be that guy but...is the shuttle ready for download? (I did not read back further than the last page because there's a lot I missed)
  2. Thanks so much for the update! Totally agree with RHodeidra:
  3. this mod is now one of 5 needing an update on my install list.
  4. posting again to continue receiving updates. I'm following this thread, but I seem to have to post to renew receiving them (?)
  5. how come CKAN doesn't show a version number for this?
  6. whew! I thought you were gonna throw code at me. that's the best way to make this guy feel stoopit I was originally asking if it was an existing option I was missing the option to activate. I rarely ask a modder to change an already excellent creation - so if it's something easy for you to accomplish, can I request it? If it turns into a migraine for you, forget it. Thanks for a great mod!
  7. how would I go about doing that? (speak noob to me.. I'm not as young or as smart anymore as this crowd )
  8. thanks for the images. gotcha. Thanks for a wonderful mod and your continued work on it!
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