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  1. Of course it's a bug, just like everything you listed there. Lack of forethought can result in bugs, poor design can result in bugs. Both game breaking bugs, and minor ones like this. And as far as accessibility for the bug tracker goes, if you have any intention of finding it, a simple search will suffice.
  2. While you might find this thread as such, I rather think of it as a PSA.
  3. That's what we call a bug. I checked and saw nobody has yet reported it. You might want to do so, so that the devs can get on it and fix it. http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/
  4. Maybe certain developers have certain opinions, but Squad is a team. Don't mistake the opinions of developers with the statements of squad. In team projects, discussions about the product are always ongoing, and changes to the design and plans are always made. It's all for the best possible product. On another note, it's about time you read the Terms of Service. You should have read it when you bought the game. Especially this line.
  5. Pausing a game just means the game is frozen until continued. If you no longer want the game to take up any computer resources, close it. While saving a frame and drawing it rather than redrawing the entire scene would be more processor-friendly, the memory resources would still be taken up, unless you want a load screen whenever you unpause. As such, close the game to get back your resources.
  6. When 1.0 hits the fan, it'll be a fair target for all sorts of criticism that could be waved away with "It's in development!" in the past. Make sure it's a complete package, without incomplete or imperfect features that may seem broken. Make sure everything is well-documented in the interface, to prevent questions being asked as "How do I un-do stuff in the editor?" and "Where did my saved rocket go?". I'd say rather than focusing on a specific bug or feature, interact with the QA team to polish the product to perfection. Perhaps expand the QA team to get some new views on the product.
  7. ... that being the very video that got me into KSP, What are the odds! ... practicing orbital rendezvous with two orbiters in a single launch, for the upcoming craft persistence update! ... messing around with insanely broken RCS rockets, escaping Kerbin with tiny crafts!
  8. I hope it all works quickly out mate. When my video card was borked once, I was lucky to have a laptop I use for uni. I hope you too have a temporary solution to feed your KSP addictions.
  9. The last thing you could try is having a monitor plugged into mainboard and on into video card when you try to access the bios. It could be something weird like that the mainboard switches to the video card when you go into bios. If that doesn't work, support indeed. It will probably involve shipping your computer, going to a tech centre, store or having a technician visit.
  10. Resetting BIOS might work indeed. Plug your monitor into the mainboard, and reboot. You should be able to access the BIOS through that. If it's not booting and just beeping at you, best bet is to contact the warranty provider to fix it. If you can get into BIOS, just look around and see if you can find factory reset, default values or something amongst those lines. Next, if you manage to boot into windows, go find the latest drivers for your video card, and install them. If that doesn't fix it, contact the warranty providing party. Hardware problems are always annoying, I hope this helps and good luck.
  11. I doubt that there is a need of population control on Kerbin. Not anymore, at least.
  12. I wouldn't calling it a space drydock, as it isn't pressurized, but it is quite the structure indeed. How did you get it into orbit?
  13. In game development, unity is a godsend. It allows for easy implementation of object-oriented programming, and the interface allows you to work closely with the code. It allows for easy asset importing, and you can get feedback quickly with the scene editor. It's one of the best game engines out there for small teams.
  14. It's both. KSP has objectives and fail states, so it's obviously a game. It's also some sort of physics simulator, so one might label it as a simulator. Both are applicable really, depending on the play style of the player.
  15. Just be mindful of what kind of statistics you try to pull out of this, the poll simply states what is being used right now. Modded aerodynamics is not used by many simply because it is a mod, which is inherently less accessible and desirable than the stock aerodynamics. If you consider that, it is instead rather surprising that the majority votes for a combination that uses a mod.