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  1. These days it's probably better to use LibreOffice, because OpenOffice has sort of been abandoned. At least from what I remember.
  2. Oh, I wasn't actually complaining about Kopernicus taking too long. I can wait, and I also perfectly understand just how much effort and energy is required for modding. As an amateur writer, I know that even just putting words on the screen is often times difficult enough. No, my main complaint was about me spending so much time debugging a modded install of KSP, and only then discovering that Kopernicus isn't yet updated, so now I'm stuck with either backporting and doing all of that all over again, or playing without Kopernicus. More of a "laugh at my misfortune and poor observational skills" complaint than a "please update soon" complaint, I guess.
  3. Grumbles endlessly So, I installed all the mods that I wanted for 1.8.1. I made sure the install runs while waiting for my planet pack of choice to download (it was really fat), so I didn't have Kopernicus installed yet. So what do I discover? The friggin' thing doesn't support 1.8.1 yet, after I spent several hours debugging things with my other mods, so now I'm stuck with a pack built to end in going interstellar, without having anywhere to go interstellar to... Just wanted to get it off of my chest. Continues grumbling
  4. Same problem as well. The Research Bodies window shows up as blank. Haven't rebooted yet, I'll see if it helps later.
  5. Personally, I wanted to use both of them. This Warp Drive for "To Boldly Go", USI's warp drive for whenever I need to actually roll around a system with ludicrous speed. I like RoverDude's warp drive more, but it's impossible to use if you want to go from system to system simply due to the lack of time warp.
  6. The Warpotron screen refuses to open up. It's just a tiny, thin line on my screen. And with that, every time I put the Warp Drive onto a ship, it floods the console with a buttload of errors. KSP version is 1.2.2, but CKAN said that it's compatible, and the version checker doesn't say anything. Modlist If you need the KSP.log, please tell me. The latest one is, sadly, from a game where I hadn't used it.
  7. Hadn't there been a 1.2.2 version of To Boldly Go? Or am I mistaken? Not asking for a backport or anything, I'm just confused, because I thought that I'd played it a few times on the older version and I can't find it anywhere...
  8. Well duck a truck. It was indeed the VPN. I've gotten 1.2.2 and checking it right now with the (approximately) same mods but older versions, but I probably should do the proper debugging process on 1.3 now that the slowdown is over. After a minute: What the hell. 1.2.2 crashed with the exact same error. Actually nevermind, I might have accidentally started up 1.3. Lemme check again. In a moment: Yes, that was the problem. Checking for other incompatibilities. Yes, 1.2.2 works. The only problem was that CKAN decided to do a stupid and download the 1.3 versions of RoverDude's mods.
  9. Thank you for the suggestion, but sadly it didn't work. Still loads as slow as before. For some reason it spends the most time on sounds and textures. I did have a VirtualBox adapter, and turned it off. The most annoying thing is that it does work on my laptop, with the exact same mods. There's just something about my PC it doesn't like. As a sidenote: Could it be that KSP/Unity doesn't work well with a turned on VPN to Sweden that affects everything?
  10. The vanilla game also loads for a ridiculously long time, so won't be much of a change.
  11. I would have done it that way from the very beginning. But it will take literal days to do that because modded KSP loads for... About two hours last time I checked with a stopwatch before crashing. That's why I asked if anybody knows what the problem is. But it feels like at this point, that's the only way.
  12. Deleted Firespitter, it's not the case. Still crashes with the same exact error.
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