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  1. I just had the exact same thing happen to me. After that I failed the mission, because the game didn't register me actually undocking from the other craft... or at least I assume so with the weirdly complicated mission logic window not having a checkmark on that objective. Still I'm confident that squad will adress such issues, because they surely know that the mission builder and all the possible community content that it could bring is the core of this expansion
  2. I totally get where you're going with this and I would completely agree if you didn't have to choose a spicific vessel to put in a DIY kit before launch. This way it feels more to me like an IKEA piece of furniture where everything's pretty much ready to be assembled (screwdriver not inlcuded) and only packed efficiently... hence the weight and size of the whole thing. Either way, that's a design choice of the mod and I don't want to argue about that. Thanks for answering my questions! A somewhat related last question: Is MKS downward compatible? I'd like to install the latest version but will stay with KSP 1.2.2 for a while.
  3. I was referring to this part of the GC description on the mod's forum page: Besides that my question was rather if you could increase the efficiency of the workshop parts itself or can you only affect the build speed by the skill of your engineers? In my test there were four 2-star engineers working on a small rover and still needed three days to finish. Oh also adding another workshop which would attend to the same DIY kit wouldn't change the construction time either.
  4. Hey everyone, I've been playing around with the Ground Construction mod that is bundled with MKS for some hours now, but I just can't really figure out how the (work) efficiency works. In the description of the standalone GC mod it says that every crew part adds to the efficiency, because it automatically gets the corresponding module, but this doesn't seem to work for me. Whatever I do, the efficiency of the 2.5m Tundra Workshop stays at 100% or 300% respectively for the 3.75m Assembly Plant. Further a lot of free living space is supposed to give more efficiency, too, but I couldn't get that to work either. After some time I got really frustrated, cause four engineers would still take 3 days to build the tiniest of rovers. I'm a Kerbal with a fairly high stupidity rating, so if anyone could feed this to me in more or less simple words, I would be very grateful! KSP version is 1.2.2 with MKS 0.50.18 and a great bunch of other mods that I can list if it becomes nessecary.
  5. The Kraken ate my screwdriver...

  6. Awesome thread! Here are some of my flags, most of them abstract or for my latest playthrough named Division 64 (due to the celebration of 64bit support). For those who are interested: LXIV is roman for 64 and the flag with dots has - you guessed right! - 64 of them, each randomly colored to symbolize all the unforseen catastrophies™ we will encounter. Feel free to use them yourself. I'll probably make more at some point =)
  7. Uhm i'm not sure where you got the impression that I want to attach anything to a kerbal ^^ No sir, we are talking about plain old attaching things (RealChute parachutes) to a ship.
  8. Hey, I encountered the same bug as described by @bradleyjh (some pages ago in this thread). Short version: RealChute parachutes disappear when attaching. Some additional info though: - the chute seems to get placed in the world, but without a model and somewhat in the center of the ship as opposed to where it should be - detaching an existing RealChute chute from the ship, storing it in a Kerbals inventory and attaching it somewhere else on the ship works perfectly fine. I know it's impossible to make a mod compatible with every other mod out there, but attaching emergency chutes some 5sec before atmospheric reentry is just the coolest thing to do ; )
  9. @stupid_chris thanks for the suggestion. I didn't even know, FAR changed the way water is handled in KSP. So I modified the plane in question and gave it an insanely tall tailfin, to which the parachutes then were attached. They were at least 8m above the ground/water at all times, but sadly the same thing happened. @softweir I went with your idea for now. It was a little tricky to find the right spot for the aerobreaks, though ; )
  10. Hey folks, since the water physics have been changed in KSP 1.0.5 it got kinda rediculous how any vehicle (especially planes) would maintain momentum when landing on water. This can get pretty enraging with rescue missions like from the GAP contract pack. So I've tried to build auto-deploying drag chutes into my plane, which work fine on land, but fail to deploy on water. RealChute instantly gives me the message: "RealChute Radial Chute's parachute has been destroyed due to aero forces and heat." My speed was low enough with 65m/s (I'm using FAR...), the touchdown was gentle and smooth and the mentioned parachute was made of kevlar. Maybe you can help me out and tell me if i'm doing something wrong or this is a bug that might get fixed =)
  11. Fantastic mod! It really should be in KSP by default =) As was expected, it crashes the game when used with one of my other favorite mods: Procedural Fairings. Is there any workaround or chance this can be fixed?
  12. @edrobotguy Huh... some things really can be solved easily. Thanks for the information =) Sadly the mod doesn't seem to be up to date.
  13. First of all: This mod seems great and has the exact right difficulty for my taste. So I really would like to used it, but I'm a little frustrated. My long planned mission to Jool came to an abrupt end when my kerbals died of oxygen deprivation! I'm using the greenhouse together with TAC LS and DID NOT change any consumption rates. So i built a spacecraft with the big SETI greenhouse and 3 kerbals on board, of course enough electric charge, solar panels, food+water and (small) buffers for the ressources as explained in the description for the greenhouse. Put that thing in high orbit, activated greenhouse and nutrient converter. And everything works like a charm, when the vessel is active! But: As soon as I switch to another vessel or watch it from the Tracking Station, the TAC LS Monitor handles the ressources as if none were produced at all. Hence oxygen is all out after 2 days and my kerbals die. When I switch to the vessel then, the oxygen is in fact completely gone. After fiddling around for quite some time, I still couldn't figure out what I'm doing wrong and would appreciate some help =) versions are: KSP 1.0.5 32bit TAC LS SETI greenhouse 0.9.3 (+ a great bunch of other mods which hopefully don't have anything to do with the issue) Thanks and merry christmas everyone!
  14. Hey folks, I still get the failing asteroid contract issue as described by qm3ster some pages ago. First I thought it was related to mod compatibility, but trying a clean install with only ContractConfigurator (1.9.1), TourismPlus (1.3.0) and HyperEdit installed showed the same result: Contract fails instantly after switching to Tracking Station or launching a vessel. My KSP version is 1.0.5 32bit and I tested the issue on a new profile which I stuffed full of money via savefile edit and unlocked all buildings and tech tree afterwards. Letting an asteroid first enter Kerbin SOI and then accepting the contract didn't help either. Resolving this would be awesome, because I think this is one of the more interesting contract concepts and a worthwhile one, too!