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  1. According to Steam, I have 386 hrs in KSP (the most in any game I own or have owned in my 30+ yrs of gaming). The furthest I have reached was landing a rover on Duna with another one behind it destined for Ike. Why? Several reasons. One, the learning curve in KSP is huge. Learning how to rendezvous and dock (without using a docking mod) is very challenging and time consuming WHEN first learning how to do it (now its not that bad, and with a docking mod to help line up the docking ports, fairly routine now). Perfecting orbital insertions to minimize DV is not as easy as one would think... perfecting RCS thrusters/landing can be disorienting at first... Second, there is so much to do with all the biomes on Kerbal, the Mun, and Minmus that one can spend countless hrs setting up satellite relays, mining operations, refueling space stations, Mun/Minmus bases, ect. Going interplanetary just adds more complexity and time to the mission... However, having said all of that, I plan on sending out probes to more planets this playthrough. I also plan, in the near future, a "manned" mission to Duna/Ike. I would love to see an update or expansion that would include life support systems (yes I know there is a mod for it), better descriptions to every in-game part, as well as certain tools that I find absolutely essential: DV when designing planes and rockets on Kerbal, improved docking alignment tool, and a planetary transfer window tool. The mods for these things are great but every time KSP updates it seems like I have to wait weeks before I can have all the things that make the game fun for me up and running. I would love to test out 1.2 but without Kerbal Engineer AT A MINIMUM it just isn't any fun. My game time is too limited to waste time doing DV equations by hand
  2. A question for Youen or anyone who knows the answer: The updated trajectories uses a new moduleManager.2.6.13.dll (the old one being moduleManager.2.6.3.dll). DockingPortAlignment-6.2 uses the old one (moduleManager.2.6.3.dll). So for now I have BOTH moduleManager.2.6.3.dll and moduleManager.2.6.3.dll being loaded. I just want to make sure that will be ok. Thank you in advance