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  1. Off topic, but that's an awesome photo!
  2. Do they overheat on the way up or on the way down? For the way up, try using girders to ablate heat, it /kinda/ works for me. On the way down? Slap air brakes on it.
  3. Are you mounting these using symmetry or manually placing all of the parachutes manually? Also, where abouts are these chutes mounted in relation to the nose of the craft?
  4. Tweakscale caused numerous issues for me, so I removed it before the 1.0 release. I'm not sure if it's operational now.
  5. Or you could be like me, the ultimate scrub; only have internet at school or friends places, because your parents are stingy. It makes gaming fun and planning/research even more fun.
  6. Mine is when putting info in the description. I end up ripping off about half of the rocket, and having to re-build, or have the presence of mind to just control + Z it.
  7. I've recently installed BahamutoD's Armory mod, and BahamutoD's dynamics pack. The game runs normally and perfectly fine, until I toggle the turret mode on any gun or turret. The game immediately crashes to desk top. I can't find the issue with my limited knowledge, and would greatly appreciate any help with fixing this. Much thanks TW
  8. I forgot about HOC!! He was the person that got me hooked, and then Scott Manley made it make sense. Not to different from you then!
  9. There's an option on the debug menu under physics. You can show aero forces and thrust/drag forces. This might help determining the issue, but beyond that, I can't really help.
  10. I started playing with remote tech and ferrum. Haven't looked back. The learning curve can help in a lot of situations.
  11. Attempted to set up my remote tech satcom system. 2 hours and three trips back to turn off the iron, and I only have one near Kerbalstationary sat to show for it. I'm not terribly good at this.
  12. A question for everyone; I've recently installed this mod on 1.02, and for some reason the turret function always crashes the game. I am running other mods, and am prepared to sacrifice them to fix this error, but I can't seem to be able to fix it on my own. I currently have: - Mechjeb 2 - KAX - Kerbal alarm clock - Remote tech - Firespitter - Dynamics Pack I'm not sure if any of these can or are causing the issue, but I'm also running a Linux distro, if that's any help. Thank you!