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  1. Very good work! Thanks for that! Along side with Restock, your mod made me come back to KSP after many many years without touching it. I started a career a few days ago. I enjoy playing career mode with progression/ exploration contracts. Unfortunately I have troubles with this and your mod. After completing the progression with all of Rhode's moons. The game thinks the next step is going to Kerbol. Not very suitable. So to try and fix this I have deleted the whole Kerbol system. And the result is that now the game uses Fate as the next step. That kills the progression as well. I thi
  2. After a very very long time I finally started a new career lately. So far I have a space station around Kerbin and docked a second Class A asteroid to it. I sent another space station around Mun And an outpost on Minmus Time to leave Kerbin's SOI
  3. Ok you might not need to delete anything. Just put back module manager in your GameData folder. Seems like you accidentally deleted that one and it is the problem. And the source of many other problems you have.
  4. Make sure the folders are still in your GameData. If you are unsure, delete your previous version and install a new one.
  5. Splitting the fuselage might be a good option indeed. It goes on my list. I am not sure how to clean the right-click menu for the wings but I ll have a look. I just did. Thanks for pointing it out, I kept on postponing reviewing those parameters. Some prices went down, some up. It is much more inline with stock now. Still open for review though. Thanks for mentionning these. I have no clue how I missed the side dish shader problem. It's fixed now. The Remote Tech issue is more of a problem for me. It seems like it is linked to the signal processors included in the probe c
  6. I know.. It is so weird that we are not all attracted by the same things. Unconceivable people have different tastes... I like the look of the old car, and the charm it carries. But at the same time I like technology and how much we progressed in the last 50 years. More comfort, more efficiency, better handling,... No issues for me to leave behind the limitations and flaws. And I just don't seem to want a modern car with an old look, I actually say so
  7. A separate release might be necessary indeed. I can't change the name of the mod on Spacedock anyway so I will have to separate them I guess. I've been thinking about splitting the fuselage. The problem is that I went for a close replica of the actual A300. So it's not perfectly horizontal, and the shape is not uniform all along..not ideal for interchangeable parts. Still I keep this idea in mind, and it would be great to offer some alternatives for this plane. The airbrakes on the wings already have a difference, they don't deploy to the same angle. I don't have the files here to ch
  8. I might separate them once I reach release but as long as it is in development it is not planned, sorry.
  9. Here it is. A 1.1 compatible version is available towards the end of the thread.
  10. Indeed. Sorry I forgot the readme file for installation in this version. But I just updated the first page of this post with the information. NSS folder is for OctoSat, Airbus for the A300, S3 for SOAR and its third stage. Firespitter and BahaSP have to stay.
  11. Sure, will do. It's about time I give some attention to the initial idea for this mod, the launch vehicles. I might start with a stock IVA first and then make ASET and RPM ones. Version 0.70 is available for KSP 1.1.2. I've been trying to update this for 1.1.2 but I'm struggling with the landing gears. So this update is temporary for basic compatibility and mainly about the OctoSat parts. The A300's landing gears have been removed for now. The update in pictures and the changelog: Changelog 0.70: - 1.1.2 basic compatibility update - Added 2-way and 3
  12. Indeed, very friendly team. I am not affiliated with S3, however I contacted them for authorisation before starting this project. They were nice and provided me with their 3D models even. I am sure as well that they will appreciate seeing some videos of their project in KSP. But I'm still so far from completion and moving so slowly since december. Keep up the great work with your SpacePods and TMRO!
  13. Awesome. Thanks a lot! I first tried BahaSP/Plugins from the master zip file and then 0.6.2 from the releases without even noticing it was almost a one year old release. It does work with that dll from bin/Release though. Great!! Thanks again. As tomorrow is a holiday I ll have time to update this \o/
  14. You can let Space Mike know that I enjoy his space pods then. I tried version 0.6.2 from Jesus Rodriguez, here, in KSP and there is no animation in the VAB, no option regarding the animation in the menu, and it doesn't play the animation when staged. Is there another version somewhere or you tried in KSP 1.1?
  15. Oh that is interesting. I need to give it a try. I check everyday the github page for this plugin and there is no update yet. I even found out about another person who made a ?forked? version supposed to work in 1.1 but I tested it in 1.1.2 and it doesn't work. So I ll go check on ckan what they have tonight. By the way, firespitter is updated so Octosat can be used in 1.1.2, the only problem is that the engines don't come out, but they work. Also I m still working on this project. Unbelievably slowly these days but I ll get it to 1.0 eventually. In the meantime TMRO just made
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