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  1. Thank you for the mod; it is a nice addition to FAR. I had anticipated that the wind would not change game play by much, seeing that most kerbal airplanes are fast. My thought was that if a plane travels say 90 m/s then you would probably not notice an 8 m/s crosswind. I was wrong. The wind brakes the perfect landing performance symmetry of your typical airplane quite nicely.
  2. I have uploaded a build for KSP 1.3 to Github.
  3. Seems to work well for me too, as far as I can tell.
  4. If you are on Steam try revalidating the game files. If you have mods, try temporarily removing them. I haven't noticed any major change to stock aero in 1.3.
  5. As far as I know, it would not matter; the part(s) would stay in the inventory as 'text'. Maybe do a KSP backup and try it out?
  6. The KSP Weekly mention a "1.3.1 pre-release". Isn't that unusual for a KSP patch version? So is it a good, bad or neutral sign?
  7. Hello. I noticed that KeepFit (and possibly most or all of the mods that use Connected Living Space) have a CLSInterfaces.dll included. In KeepFit's case it is in the folder "GameData/KeepFit". I think it works, so that is fine, I am just wondering what the most correct way to handle the CLSInterfaces dependency is. Is the CLSInterfaces.dll supposed to be in there? In the mod folder? Should it be updated occasionally?
  8. Cool, I will aim to release a build for KSP 1.3 in the week that is coming up. I will post a link when it is done. And again, thank you for keeping KeepFit around for as long as you have already. To me it is the perfect middle ground between hardcore life support mods (which is too strict/harsh for my kind of play) and the sandboxy stock gameplay where Bill, Bob, Jeb and Val flies all missions.
  9. When I played with StageRecovery in an older KSP version, the 'tidy up' would trigger the refunds. I wouldn't get the message, but I would get the funds.
  10. It sounds to me like the editor might 'think' you are holding an item with your cursor. I don't know how to convince the editor that you let go of the item already. Maybe try clicking somewhere 'blank' some more (?).
  11. Ahh, thanks. So maybe I can reuse/copy one of the intake parts and make a pseudo ram air turbine clone instead.
  12. Thank you @KerbMav, that is a really helpful explanation of usable upgrade system MM config syntax. Have you considered adding it to the database of MM patches (if it is intended for free use by everybody). In the database thread there is already another good example, that moves the Stayputnik to an earlier tech node. I was thinking that maybe I could add a 'ModuleResourceIntake' that would generate electricity when moving through the atmosphere, much like an airliner ram air turbine. My naive attempt (shown below) failed. Is there an easy fix? @PART[probeCoreSphere] { MODULE { name = ModuleResourceIntake resourceName = ElectricCharge checkForOxygen = true area = 0.005 intakeEnabled = true intakeSpeed = 1 intakeTransformName = Intake densityRecip = 1 resourceUnits = 1 } }
  13. I only recently 'discovered' how convenient it is to use module manager patches to tweak the tech tree (otherwise I would just edit the config files themselves). I see @Kerbal101 already quoted an excellent example. For the most part I like the stock tech tree, but it is nice to be able to tweak it a little. To enhance the immersion you might even want to change the display name of some RD nodes: @TechTree { @RDNode:HAS[#id[stability]] { @title = Basic Flight } }
  14. Maybe build a large tank on some girder feet. Add a KAS fuel line socket. Tow it in place next to the 'stock' fuel tanks. Finally add some mod trickery that will magically refill the fuel tank. At least that sounds easier to me than doing the proper solution, although the proper solution would be very cool.
  15. Using the TJ-1 / TJ-2 (Telescopic Joint) with a JS-1 (Joint Socket) for refueling gives a shorter range (about 2 meters) compared to the older KAS pipes. Is that on purpose to encourage more creative Infernal Robotics creations, or have I missed a more obvious KAS refueling option? Edit: Oops, sorry, just noticed now that an RTS-1 flexible pipe is on the TBD list quoted in the OP.