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  1. I haven't decided about the EULA yet. Regardless, a symbolic gesture of skipping or delaying KSP-related purchases seems appropriate for the time being.
  2. The Diazo link is indeed a good one. If I may add one comment though. In general C# is the best/safe bet, especially if you already know C#, but you don't have to choose C#; most dotnet languages will do.
  3. I agree, some graphics would be nice :-)
  4. Anyone that do understand the fuel flow priority system well probably deserves some kind of medal. Do we even know someone like that? (I guess with a forum like this, there is bound to be a few though).
  5. I would just put my new file in the GameData/KeepFit/ConfigData folder with all the other ones. (It is not a requirement, but makes sense to me). I think both node formats are fine, so probably just pick the simple one? (But I don't actually know the purpose of the fancier structure).
  6. Nah. Usually neither the addon nor KSP will copy dlls about the place. I haven't uploaded to Spacedock for some time. I did edit the Spacedock listing front page to make a notice about this issue though. Maybe CKAN figured that is an update. Or, maybe MiniAVC is triggered. In any case, it is quite strange, but good to know, in case others experience something similar.
  7. Hmm, I guess that is useful to know. How do you install your addons? I mean, 'something' must have reinserted the dll.
  8. A long time ago I remember there was a wrapper or something along those lines, and a detailed description of how to read the player's Scansat progress from other mods. That way custom mods could query Scansat to know which scans where done and how much coverage they had reached for each celestial body. I can't seem to find the link now. If you remember a link like that, would you please (re)post it for me.
  9. Excellent. In case anyone else is now wondering why that dll would be in there in the first place. The thing is, if it is not, then the players without Connected Living Spaces installed get the error instead. That is kind of an even worse situation, because that is an error even more 'out of the blue' than the current situation.
  10. @Fergrim, could I get you to try and delete the 'CLSInterfaces.dll' from the KeepFit folder (but keep the one in ConnectedLivingSpace as is). Some while ago that file acted up when it was found twice, but we never really figured what a proper solution would be. And if possible add a fresh log when running the game again.
  11. I don't have a Dropbox account (I don't think). I cannot read the uploaded log file. Is there an easy-ish fix you can do?
  12. If you havn't already, maybe you could check or upload the log file. If we are lucky there could be some hints in there. Edit: You are on KSP 1.3.1 right?
  13. It is a cool question. Snark made a good comment regarding vertical rocket ascent over here. It made me think what the analogue vertical ascent argument would imply for a winged craft climbing steadily at a fixed angle above the horizon. Recapitulation that TWR = 2 is the optimal climb thrust. Consider lift-to-drag (L/D) ratio and vary the climb angle. If we have wings, we may fly less vertical and at a lower TWR. As far as the relative simple model is concerned, the climb fuel cost is worse than the straight up TWR 2 climb. However, if we want to save on TWR, wings are a good alternative to just naively reducing TWR. I think this answer is interesting information, but I also realize that possibly the real questions are still unanswered. The above arguments are mostly concerned with 'slow' flying planes, and a lot of players are far more interested in fast space planes.
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