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  1. Rodhern's post in How to head in specific direction when landed ? was marked as the answer   
    I would line up the rover so that the north line is at the top of the nav-ball. Then drive forward and notice the 'GPS' coordinates change. Unless the rover was put together quite funnily there is only really four plausible travel directions (east, west, south or north). So now you know which way the rover is facing. You want to travel say roughly heading 160 deg. Based on the travel direction figure out which way to turn and how much (e.g. if you figured the rover is currently pointed east, the difference is a 70 degree turn to the right). Lastly move the camera back and watch as you turn the rover towards the proper heading, and measure the heading change by the amount the nav-ball rotates.
  2. Rodhern's post in Why can't I see the target marker when approaching another craft? was marked as the answer   
    Press F4 to get the target diamond. Double click the diamond to turn it green (targeted).
  3. Rodhern's post in Fractional Reputation? was marked as the answer   
    Just looked up a random save game for a new career. It is one of the SCENARIO nodes. I have one that says "name = Reputation" and "rep = 0". I see that in this case the funds scenario and reputation scenario isn't actually neighbors (sorry, I thought they would almost always be).
  4. Rodhern's post in Changing focus in map view was marked as the answer   
    In career mode you used to not have the option to switch vessels until you upgraded the tracking station (IIRC). Maybe that is still the case. In that case I think you are out of luck.
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