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  1. Hi. I know it says on the installation guide on the wiki that the stock planet overhaul will eventually be optional. This is directly contradicted however on the bottom of the planned features page where it is implied this cannot be done without compromising the character of the mod and suggesting it ought to be made optional is an insult to the developers. I mean no disrespect but I really love the feel of the stock system and would absolutely use this mod if the overhaul of the stock bodies was optional. I simply want to know which text is correct. Is the vanilla planet overhaul planned to b
  2. Let me just start off by saying I love this mod and everything that it does by itself. Thank you so much for making it. I've tried all the parts failure mods around and I like the experience that BARIS the most by far. That being said I play with KCT which I also love, and I love that this mod integrates with it but I do have one tiny thing that irks me about it. I may be alone in this but I truly hope you consider this as an alternative integration option. I feel like KCT integrates with BARIS in a way that makes the integration feature of BARIS unnecessarily dichotomic with the construc
  3. The Nuke_xxx reactors are the ones I was referring to and it looks like they're not being recognized by module manager because the part is referenced in the config as USI_Nuke_xxx when they are in actuality called simply Nuke_xxx.
  4. Hey, @garwel quick FYI about the OKS/MKS configs. There are 3 nuclear reactors in the USI mod suite which come included with MKS, but none of them emit radiation for the purposes of this mod. I checked and there definitely aren't configs for them to do so. I'm going to implement my own patch in the meantime but I thought you'd want to know for the next release so you can add them yourself.
  5. I second this motion. @damonvv Would love it if you posted the configs for those. They're beautiful I don't know if I can make something that great on my own.
  6. Is there a version of this that's compatible with Research Bodies but doesn't have the 'ghost road' in it?
  7. Is integration with Kerbal Krash Systems possible? Seems like these two mods should go hand in hand.
  8. Hate to revive this thread @Nertea but I wanted to ask if this was still the plan. There still isn't a dedicated mod for simulating radiation in KSP and I honestly think this is one of the few remaining pillars of spaceflight that KSP mods do not model yet to any significant degree.
  9. @EnzoMeertensJust wanted to thank you for making this wonderful mod. I've been looking for something like this for ages!
  10. Then there is nothing to do but beg and plead for an update.... Or for some other modder to make a similar mod.
  11. I'll just say that this mod was great back when it worked, and as the developer no longer seems to be available, it would be great if someone could take over. It is licensed under CC after all.
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