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  1. I am a member in the Civil Air Patrol, an Auxiliary of the Air Force. http://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/ One of our 3 missions is Aerospace Education. I have used KSP to teach principles of space flight already to my cadets (students 12-18). We have 1-2 hours of time to teach. My question is: how could I implement this in my squadron?
  2. Back in the glory days of RuneScape, my brother convined me that it was so awesome and I had to play. I randomly came up with RJ. Still have no idea where that came from. My brother's is King-8_8 so I had to do one better with Rj 9 9. Eventually, I started using 55hi when both Rj99 and Rj995 came up used.
  3. Thanks to whoever moved this thread!
  4. Let's talk. Whether you get mechjeb or cheat crafts into orbit, I want to know how You mod KSP. How would be nice too!
  5. Thanks, Geschosskopf. I appreciate your help! I wanted to know how I could modify the persistent.sfs file to the rules I wanted, but have the person doing the scenario actually build their own rocket. I'm thinking maybe I could make the scenario have a limited price build and a set objective that restarts the scenario when done. Thanks again!
  6. Hey all you Kerbals out there! I have a question for you. I want to make a tutorial that runs through a limited part count build and then fly it. When the flight is done I would like the tutorial to automatically reset to the building part. One more thing, it could also be a secenario, I don't care either way. Thanks everyone for your help!
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