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  1. I am a member in the Civil Air Patrol, an Auxiliary of the Air Force. http://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/ One of our 3 missions is Aerospace Education. I have used KSP to teach principles of space flight already to my cadets (students 12-18). We have 1-2 hours of time to teach. My question is: how could I implement this in my squadron?
  2. RJ9955hi

    How did you come to get your screen name?

    Back in the glory days of RuneScape, my brother convined me that it was so awesome and I had to play. I randomly came up with RJ. Still have no idea where that came from. My brother's is King-8_8 so I had to do one better with Rj 9 9. Eventually, I started using 55hi when both Rj99 and Rj995 came up used.
  3. RJ9955hi

    How do YOU mod KSP?

    Thanks to whoever moved this thread!
  4. RJ9955hi

    How do YOU mod KSP?

    Let's talk. Whether you get mechjeb or cheat crafts into orbit, I want to know how You mod KSP. How would be nice too!
  5. RJ9955hi

    How to create a specific Tutorial

    Thanks, Geschosskopf. I appreciate your help! I wanted to know how I could modify the persistent.sfs file to the rules I wanted, but have the person doing the scenario actually build their own rocket. I'm thinking maybe I could make the scenario have a limited price build and a set objective that restarts the scenario when done. Thanks again!
  6. Hey all you Kerbals out there! I have a question for you. I want to make a tutorial that runs through a limited part count build and then fly it. When the flight is done I would like the tutorial to automatically reset to the building part. One more thing, it could also be a secenario, I don't care either way. Thanks everyone for your help!