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  1. Do you have any plans to make your antennae remote tech compatible?
  2. Okay. I just wanted to know if it was intended or not. Thanks.
  3. I had tried right and left clicking and sliding the slider with my mouse sensitivity turned way down. It jumped from .125 to 16 no matter what I did.
  4. AVC is saying there is a new version, but nothing on CKAN. Is CKAN up to date?
  5. I have version 3.2 and the wings go from .125 to 16 length nothing in between. Is this intended? I have been using B9 procedural wings for awhile, just grabbed your fork to check it out. Is there a way you can have all of the sizes in the original fork, or rename the parts so they can be used along side the originals?
  6. Since you can't reproduce it, you're probably right.. how should I send my craft file and mod list?
  7. Yeah, reinstalled both, then reinstalled all of my mods.. no luck. I don't really care if my atomic engines have reactors, I don't. It just worries me that something else may be broken that isn't so obvious. I think I may have found an issue that is actually caused by Mk2X. Have you ever tried front facing spade tails? It breaks physics on the runway. As soon as the wheels hit the ground, the front gear lifts off of the ground. The plane then slowly increases pitch until around 90 degrees. Then it starts levitating into the sky. Engines will not propel the craft forward, even though the a
  8. All of my atomic engines (Stock/Near F/USI) except Mk2 expansion no longer have reactors. They were there on 5-2-16 around 8pm EST. Did you update something since then that might have broken them, or did I do it installing/uninstalling another mod via ckan? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling NFE & KA, but that didn't solve the issue. Should I go ahead and reinstall all of my mods, or do you have a better suggestion? I have PMed you my mod list, in case it will be any help. BTW Thanks for all of your work. I Use all of your Near Future mods, and I am looking forward
  9. I can't really tell at this point. It appears I have broken something.. The only atomic engine with a reactor in it now, oddly, is yours.. Let me figure out what happened there, and get back with you. Edit: Still haven't figured out what happened to my reactors.. but Nertea responded to your question, and his answer agrees with yours. I apologize for wasting your time. Having you chasing my problem, which was caused by my not being fully aware of the functions of the mods I have installed.
  10. Any clue why ckan says Pilot Assistant's max compatible version is 1.1.2 and KSP add on vers checker says it's 1.1?
  11. Didn't know they had to be activated via staging, this was not true for the NF or USI engines. They worked fine through action menu activation. I will test this right away, and see if this solves the problem. B9 part switcher has node switching. I could not find anything about IFS supporting node switching. Thanks for the tail boom config! I thought MFT was incompatible with IFS, so I haven't tried installed it on this play through. I have used it in the past though. I will d/l and try it out. Thanks again for the support! Edit: Activation through staging was th
  12. Just tried it again. I don't know if the reactor is spooling up or not, I can't tell. Still no thrust after more than 15mins of waiting. I threw some nervs on my ssto to test if they had the same issue.. They produce thrust and do not have reactors on them. Another thing that seems off that may be related is that the info for the reactor in the context menu is all blank. This doesn't happen on the near future electric reactors or the USI reactors by rover dude. It seems specific to your reactors, so this is likely going to point us to the cause of the problem. Can you install NFE, if you
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