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  1. Test Flight could be causing it to fail for some reason. Do you get any failure messages anywhere? It works fine for me with Test Flight, though. Have you tried it without Test Flight, or tried cutting away any mods that RP-0 / Realism Overhaul don't recommend, to narrow it down?
  2. If you right click the part, click show GUI - it will pop up a menu. At the top of the menu are options to unlock or select various variants of parts (eg the ethanol-burning A6 has an option has an option for A7 burning hydyne) - it will have the cost of the unlock if it needs unlocking, or the cost of use if it is unlocked; if you haven't got the required tech yet, it will tell you it's locked because you don't have the tech.
  3. Thanks for the great replies. The Mk1 capsule does have a descent mode, but it didn't make any difference to my pilot getting squashed - but that's probably because I was way too steep. The Mercury pod doesn't have a descent mode but, again, it sounds like I am going way too steep. I did my gravity turn roughly according to the Wiki, but I guess I was not flattening out enough. My turn generally seems to slow down around 45 degrees / 1 km/s velocity, so I will look at refining this. I did try burning the retro rockets at apogee, but they're only like 100 m/s so it didn't change the end result... But clearly, if I am going up 100 km too high then I am way off where I'm supposed to be! Next time I'm at my computer I'll give it a go, concentrating on shallowing my gravity turn quite a bit. Thanks!
  4. I am having trouble G-forces, if somebody could help with any advice? Playing career mode RP-0, using all of the recommended mods and some of the suggested mods, plus a couple of UI-related things such as Kerbal Alarm Clock and Science Alert. Unlocked the first capsule - built a simple single stage sub-orbital rocket, launched it - don't remember the altitude I reached, some hundreds of km, and velocity maxed out around 3,500 m/s. Upon reentry, some heating starts, then G-forces rise and rise, until around 30 km my pilot gets splatted across the cabin. I figured maybe the velocity was too high, so I built a replica of Mercury-Redstone using FASA (I believe). After gravity turn and full burn, apogee is around 280 km, and velocity something like 2,500 m/s. Reentry - same thing happens around 30 km, and my pilot is splatted again. What am I doing wrong? I see no way in the Mercury capsule to slow my descent so the G-forces aren't so lethal; they just rise up to maximum and kill my pilot. Obviously I'm doing something wrong, but what? If I can't survive a simple suborbital flight, how will I survive any orbital returns?
  5. Just close the registration box and click download again, it works for me every time hopefully it'll work for you too...
  6. The Tekto Lightning file does not appear to be downloadable from Mega. Does anybody else have the same problem?