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  1. *Busts open the top of a casket and stretches* Whelp, that was a long nap.

  2. Yup, that's a pretty big problem, and not just for KSP >.> - - - Updated - - - Yeah, I once tried to create a VTOL a while ago, but I greatly underestimated how difficult it would be to build and thought I could just stick an engine below the center of mass, but apparently not >.>
  3. Well, yeah, updates can be annoying, especially when they break mods
  4. Never tried SSTOs, I do have some trouble rendezvous, but I guess that's part of docking and I tried going to Duna once but forgot parachutes and crashed into the planet, which, simply put, was infuriating, which really is the sum of my extra-terrestrial exploration
  5. It seems that their are skills/habits/etc. that hinder gamers while they play different games (And I am definitely no exception ), but it also seems that this happens quite a lot in KSP. So, I ask you guys; what is the one thing that greatly hinders you while playing KSP? For me, it is definitely docking, as I only succeeded once in doing it in the 300+ hours of gameplay I have in KSP. One last note, if this thread has already been made, then feel free to take this down, mods!
  6. *Ahem* I'm totally not joining just because Vagani joined - - - Updated - - - I find this picture extremely important and adding to the conversation:
  7. Hello! This will simply be a collection for KSP-related poetry I intend to release! In fact, I will post one pretty soon (Probably today!) - - - Updated - - - The first poem I will send is one about the mystery and enticing nature of space travel: Send A Poem of Travel By Lava Cake Send me the poor Send me the weak Send all that crave a new life Send those whom embrace the unknown Send them to explore the lands that no one else will dare enter Send them to the sands of Duna to the tides of Laythe Send the daring to the daring lands
  8. *Ahem* Any video from Homestar Runner (I recommend Strong Bad Emails)
  9. Challenge... considered! I will try to do it and show my attempts as I go along! Lava Automobiles and Aeronautics is going to the sea!
  10. LavaCake


    *Shutters* I remember leaving that game back in 2012, played since 2010 before then, I agree that it has an extremely toxic community. In fact, it is the worst community I think I experienced in a game... ever! The "groups" have turned into idiotic armies that think they have power when they are just groups of little kids thinking they are cool, stealing of textures, models and games happen 24/7 and has become normal, the staff and moderators of the game are a complete joke and are horribly greedy, making the game horrendously filled with micro-transactions and lastly the players themselves wh
  11. Hold on, Fr8monkey! You can go through this! May your recovery be speedy and may you live well after it!
  12. LavaCake


    It's always nice to see new modders for this game, hope you have a good time at the forum and have fun!
  13. Yeah, planes are really a pain... But I hope you have fun playing and have a good time on the forum By the way, this is a really good guide on the forum for aircraft building, it sure as heck helped me! (It's also EXTREMELY simple! ): http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/29896-How-to-Make-a-Perfect-Space-Plane
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