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  1. That particular mod would be KRE. Great mod but, yeah, stock wheel code:
  2. Well, it works, but KSP's (still) poo landing gear code makes it slippy, springy and generally unstable on the surface, and it's crap phys-warp handling drops the frames to ~10 after phys-warping. 12 parts, Intel i7-7700 / GTX-1080 -.- - Edit:
  3. Finally got around to actually playing KSP for the first time in forever.
  4. [KSP 1.3.0] Stock Visual Enhancements [v1.2.5.0]

    Wow, i somehow managed to get them mixed up with a completely different pack that i can no longer find
  5. [KSP 1.3.0] Stock Visual Enhancements [v1.2.5.0]

    So, the sunfalre that is included with SVE and overwrite's scatterer's native one is causing graphical issues when looking at the sun:
  6. I'm curious if im the only one having this issue with sunflares since updating to 1.3: Edit: Nevermind, this is an SVE issue, as it adds the sunflare which overwrites scatterer's native one.
  7. Unfortunately, that didn't solve it. I fell like the configs not being updated to 1.3 is potentially the big issue, which is also probably why Eve looks like this in 1.1.x: And this in 1.3 : No config or texture changes from 1.1 to 1.3 EDIT: All issues have cleared up, Eve is back to normal, and im getting normal FPS again. Turns out a GTX1080, of all cards, ant handle 8x anti-aliasing :i Edit2: Nope, still 15FPS >:(
  8. Well, the issues seem to have cleared up, and i finally got to play for a little bit, and made a Falcon 9
  9. This mod just keeps getting better and better. Too bad the game itself is responding less and less to clicks in the VAB, flight, and menu's every. single. update. And my stupid PC keeps shutting itself off every couple hours ever since i got a new GPU >:I Also, a small note if this isn't already known, or isn't a problem that anyone else is experiencing, but when the game is loading up, the last thing to load, being "SC-C-CM-IVA", hangs for a couple minutes or so, noticeably longer than any parts have in the past. Usually the last part to load only hangs for a second before it's all over with.
  10. Nope, full restart required to get it working again. Also, it seems like a conflict with KCT in another area could be causing this. Having KCT installed alongside FF, and choosing a crew via the KCT menu when launching like usual, is causing crew to not show up in the vessel. Showing this error for each kerbal: Magico13's response from the KCT thread: "That's not something I can fix on my side, at least not on my own. You could try reporting it on the Final Frontier thread, but make sure you mention that it's happening with KCT. The problem seems to stem from the fact that KCT changes kerbal states (assigned, available, etc) in a situation that FF isn't expecting, so FF doesn't have some data loaded. They either need to catch that error and handle it themselves so it doesn't propagate up, or they need to recognize the situation and handle it so the error never gets thrown in the first place."
  11. Looks like it's Final Frontiers causing the issues to me. That would also explain why FF is having a major issue of it's own. Relevant stuff from log: -
  12. I don't really want to bother about old versions of this mod, but as someone who is currently stuck with 1.1.3, i'd like to know if there's a way to fix the issue of the FF window not opening more than once. Literally click the icon to open the window, do whatever, and close the window, try to open the window again and all i get is: KSP 1.1.3 and Final Frontiers 1.0.13-2539
  13. So, still playing KSP 1.1.3 along with this mod for various reasons. However, starting today, i'm having the issue of rolling out, launching the mission, choosing the crew like usual, but when i load into the flight scene, there are no crew at all loaded in. They're back at KSC slacking off while their rocket is on the pad. This usually happens after a launch or two, and can only be fixed by reverting to a point before the mission was launched/rolled out and restarting the game.
  14. This is a fantastic idea! It's like KerbPaint but 1000x better.