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  1. yeah, works perfectly. Not sure why that isn't an option in that config already but oh well
  2. I don't understand it...why does having OPM installed, even all by itself, cause a massive lag spike/freeze when entering map view. In 1.6.x and before, there used to be a bit of a speed bump in loading, but not nearly as huge as now/1.7.x. F12 log in 1.6 showed this right as entering map mode: While in 1.7, it has quite a lot more to report (everything above the red line): Surely deleting all the biome maps isn't the only way to mend this issue Sorry if already brought up, but i guess in my time away from KSP (again) the forums broke even more, taking down old posts with it, and the search function is still as garbage as ever
  3. ditto on the never playing stock beyond a few hours. Mods are essential for my play style, and i would've fully abandoned KSP long ago were it not for how active the mod community is. Especially now with SSTU, it has ruined other part mods for me; no SSTU no play tbh (not that i play that much nowadays anyway but blahblahblah..). On the bright side, maybe KSP2's release will finally stabilize the KSP1 mod situation. still fed up with building a version up with mods and prepping a save, just to abandon it/put it on hold because a new game version is on the horizon over and over and over...
  4. So what am i supposed to do when i get a garbage guess that cant even get my rocket out of the atmo? Since i never left the atmo to the desired orbit height, i cant improve the guess further. The baseline works, but takes almost 4k dV, way too much. The "improved guess" cant get me over 20km after that..
  5. Cool to see that this came back around to the original thread. And it looks like 1.5 suit update is a pretty good incentive to get around to updating my texture spreadsheet again, 2 years later
  6. Yeah same, when i finally decided to move to a new version the game was broken, critical mod functions broke and never got properly fixed, and i was fed up with the hassle
  7. Oh look, ive gravitated back to this game again. Time to spend a billion hours getting an install built and stable, just for 1.7 to jump out and ruin it right as i start a playthrough :v
  8. Well, obviously it can if the AP is adapted to whatever change was made in KSP 1.3, based on how it worked perfectly in 1.2
  9. Whats fun for you and me is different, i have more fun with stuff other than fully-manual flight. The RCS arrangement/power is not the cause of docking issues, how many times do i have to say it?? part-for-part this craft would dock as i want it with MJ Auto-docking EVERY TIME pre-1.3.
  10. Nah, im just gonna go back to a version of KSP that didnt break thinsg. Never said the craft was janky, i said the method was. whats the point of autodocking if it requires manual input and babying to work right?
  11. Nothing changed from the craft in 1.2 to now, same design. Obviously im not gonna change your mind and you wont change mine. the craft doesnt have an issue
  12. I tried a similar situation with a single docking port mid-way down the tank, exactly on the CoM, with a probe core right behind it facing the same direction of the port, and still got the oscillations. The craft is balanced fine regardless of where the control point is, as i went back to 1.2, and the EXACT SAME craft docked flawlessly. Something changed in KSP 1.3 and i prefer to not have to use some janky workaround for a function that used to work as intended.
  13. Well, MJ used to handle this situation just fine until 1.3 came along and changed things.
  14. Docking things parallel to each other still broken it seems ;/ Edit: