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  1. I know you helped me when I first got into trying to code my own controller. That was the most knowledge I had as well. What I learned from writing html raw into notepad and then saving as html
  2. There is a learning curve, just like with any programming language. It helps to have some prior knowledge of a programming language since that helps understand syntax and things of that nature. Everyone here helps a lot and it really just comes down to continual practice with the coding and putting the components together properly to get the action you are looking for. I have some blue LED rocker switches that I spent a couple of days working on to get them to function properly. I wanted the LED to light up when the rocker was activated but for the longest time it would stay on at all time
  3. Oh lucky! I am pretty much solo on this. I think I will just type out the letters I need on my phone and then trace them with the transparent sheets and cut it away with an xacto knife.
  4. I had thought about that but the ink in my printer is all dried out from lack of use and it will cost a lot to replace the ink. I swear, you could run a printer on liquid money for less than buying ink.
  5. I remember looking at your project. I do have the code set up for how I want it to work so the hard part is getting everything put together. I will need to go through and probably tweak the code since I havent messed around with it since before ksp moved past 1.0. I already have all the parts for it too and I had previously cut all the wiring needed to put it together. It was seriously the bulk of the cost of making a controller. The hard part of this approach is getting the sticks to stay put and waiting for the glue to dry. I may go get some gorilla wood glue since I imagine
  6. I just thought I would share what I am working on. I normally hate posting a WIP because I tend to get super enthusiastic about a project and then never get around to actually finishing it. I felt that I had to share this though. I see so many awesome controllers for this game and I always wanted done of my own. I originally was working on a my own controller using a type of wood that was left over from when it was being used to make a child sized rocking chair. The wood turned out too thick to mount any switches or buttons to it. Everyone on here seems to have made, or at least sta
  7. I was curious if anyone had a fix for an issue I'm having. I like to place radial chutes in a storage bay to prevent them from burning up on re-entry. On the console they go red as soon as I launch and they have to be manually deployed on decent after I open the storage bay.
  8. I have a quick question, where can you set your controls to toggle in KSP? I am using momentary switches for the action groups.
  9. Its alright. I tried my hardest to get it working. I will put the code up somewhere tomorrow after I swap out the jumpers for register 2 with ones that I didn't make myself to rule that possibility out. Ill also just send you a message, rather than plastering big posts all over zitronen's post for this plug-in. When this whole mess gets sorted out, I will just put up a link to how it was sorted out. I feel kind of bad about the wall of text from that last post.
  10. I'm right back into not quite understanding what is going on. I gave unsigned long for warnings a shot (I keep trying to figure out array but it is just flying right over my head). I set up warningSet a couple of different ways. byte warningSet(byte warnings, byte n, boolean s) { if (s) { digitalWrite(LATCHPIN, LOW); warnings |= (1 << n); // forces nth bit to 1 shiftOut(DATAPIN, CLOCKPIN, MSBFIRST, warnings); shiftOut(DATAPIN, CLOCKPIN, MSBFIRST, warnings>>8); shiftOut(DATAPIN, CLOCKPIN, MSBFIRST, warnings>>16); digitalWrite(LATCHPIN, HIGH); } e
  11. Alright, I just want to make sure I have this correct for my shift registers. I finally got around to making enough jumpers to accommodate all of the LEDs I plan on using and have all 3 shift registers daisy chained together. There are a couple of things I'm not sure about. Do I need a shiftOut line for each shift register? Does the numbering for pins increase as you go up or is there a special numbering after you go through 0-7 pins? After I got everything hooked up, the lighting has gone crazy. I have 23 LEDs for various indications and there are only 4 that are lighting up when you load in
  12. I just went ahead and added the shift out code within the byte warningSet. For the first version of my controller, I don't plan on using shift registers for anything other than LED indications. Thank you so much for the help. I really appreciate it.
  13. And to any future readers that are new, don't forget to declare byte warnings = 0; Alright, no errors on compile. I am not getting the LED to come on. Would it be possible that I need to include shift out code? EDIT: Adding the shift code was necessary. I have the LED working. Now on the the rest. A quick question: If I daisy chain additional shift registers, would the numbering for the pin just continue up with each LED?
  14. Alright, I added the code to the right tabs and have everything set up how I figure it should be set up. I decided to copy the code you showed in the example to get it working before I have a go at changing it. After some several compile/builds I managed to get the errors down to a couple, but I am unsure how to correct them. Here is what I have added: Utilities.ino if (fuelcaution != 0) warnings = warningSet(warnings, 0, true); void warningSet(byte warnings, byte n, boolean s) { if (s) { warnings |= (1 << n); // forces nth bit to 1 } else { warnings &= ~(1 <
  15. Alright, so to set it all up to call a function for each indication I would need to just set it up how you explained for each indication that is needed. Would I handle when they are called like how it is done with the caution and warning that comes in the code by default using the if( caution != 0) statements but replacing caution with one of my choosing?
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