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  1. This is strange to me. I have never known about overheating (except entry heating when coming back from orbit). Nothing was wrong with the launches I did yesterday and then all of a sudden I get an overheat meter when I launch a rocket. Has this always been a thing? I never once had an engine overheat issue and then all of a sudden the rocket I have used for a while in career won't even make it to orbit because of overheating. My only thought is that a mod that I updated on first launch of KSP today made this an issue. Any ideas?
  2. I wasn't sure where to put this so I guess it will go here. Has anyone had any issues with this program? I run KSP with around 40 mods. Everything goes fine but memory usage continues to rise over my playtime until a crash happens. I have it running and was monitoring KSP and its memory usage. I have a problem, like so many others, with it crashing after it reaches a certain point. I just did a recovery and noticed I was over 2 GB of memory used and decided to test out Ramrush. I did an optimize and it took KSP down to just under 2 MB of ram. After the optimize it rose back up to 451,292 whe
  3. I wasn't paying attention early on and had over 60 mods active at once. Definitely my fault. And the crashes have to do with memory use by KSP over time. The workaround for me will be adding the mod sentinel to notify me when I reach a certain amount of memory usage so I can just save, exit, and restart the game.
  4. Wow! Thanks for the replies. I had absolutely no idea about that mod. I only made this suggestion in the hopes it could be an addition to the game until this whole mess with memory use is sorted out. I will definitely be adding sentinel to my mod list. Thanks!
  5. I checked and am not sure if this is under one of the categories of things to not suggest, so here I go. With extended play, I am guaranteed to see KSP crash due to the total amount of RAM used reaching a certain amount. I wanted to see if it would be possible to provide an in-game warning when a user set amount of RAM usage is reached. This would be your sign to save and exit the game, or at least give you a heads up that a crash is coming in the near future. I would love to see a warning to notify me that I have hit 3 GB of RAM and should prepare for a crash that is coming soon. I often do
  6. I noticed I was running with close to 60 mods and Interstellar Fuel Switch was one of the mods I removed to cut down on my total mods. The issue has cleared up. Now to figure out why the game is still randomly crashing.
  7. I recently added quite a few mods so I do not know where to begin with troubleshooting. I am having an issue where the amount of liquid fuel and oxidizer are not being displayed when you mouse over the parts. Below is a screenshot of what I am talking about. The information is displayed when you select the part and then press the middle mouse button, but I want the information back in the window when you mouse over it. Any ideas?
  8. I love the series. Through you I found out about Precise Node. I just have one issue. It functions completely fine in sandbox mode but it will not work in career mode. I have tried verifying cache and doing a completely clean install with no results. Any ideas?
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