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  1. No worries. Thanks for the rapid response. I haven't been using real fuels recently so I might go back to it in the meantime in that case. Thanks for the great work, fly safe.
  2. Love this mod, especially the radial cockpits. Any chance of getting some fuselages with different fuel types (cryo/RCS etc) in the oval form? Alternatively making the existing ones able to use something like Interstellar Fuel Switch?
  3. Love this mod, however, is there a way to disable the science transmitted blue text popup as it gets really intrusive when you run strategia alongside mods such as kerbalism as you get spammed by "+0.0 science transmitted" messages in every scene?
  4. When you fill up your car at the petrol station and wonder if you have enough Delta-V to get to the supermarket and back whilst carrying a full payload of bacon.
  5. I took a contract to conduct Surface magnetic field readings on Kerbin, so I could test my VTOL lander out. When I land at the sites, I gather the data using the magnetometer and nothing happens, the data has no value, and none of the contract conditions are satisfied. I also tried storing the no value data and recovering at KSC, nothing again. Bit confused...
  6. Am in same boat... I got longer between crashes using the '-force-d3d11' switch on KSP.exe however this causes it's own issues such as obscured planets (the atmosphere loses it's transparency), and a corrupted small font. Using '-force-opengl' the game is reasonably stable for much longer but again it has issues of it's own, loading graphic is pink, atmosphere showing scanlines etc...