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  1. HI im using this mod with ksp 1.10 RO RSS but have one issue with fairing ejections are quite to strong and explode when staged . Any one fixed that ?
  2. Any one have RO/RSS config for 1.8.1 Thanks Btw great mod KK
  3. Hi there im using your great mod whit lunch towers mod and just missing bottom attach node can you in next version add bottom node for engines and SLS/MLS code ?
  4. Hi there i have some issue whit LES for Orion in RO/RSS 1.6 its look like LES have no decoupler any one know what line i need to add to ro cfg?? Or can share working ro config
  5. HI there i have problem whit ksp 1.3.1 ro/rss/rp-0 whit this mod i dont see any parts.When i type them in search bar i can see them
  6. Hi there I've been playing for some time KSP RO/RSS and after last RO update i cant instal any user made tech tree i was trying community Tech tree, and engineering tech tree but my tt look same stock. Mod list Short video Any one have idea ?? In video You can see its getting loaded but changing back immediately to stock.
  7. hi there im using ksp 1.3.1 whit RO/RSS but this mod dont work for me. Whit fresh start I choose ETT but still getting stock one Here is short video maybe You have some solution : KSP ETT bug
  8. Hi

    Im just impressed and thankful  for all of your mod. Just quick question have you any RO/RSS configs ?

    1. silentvelcro


      Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately no, i haven't had the time to jump into RO/RSS.

  9. Hi there im looking for some station and habitat pack which will work whit RO thanks
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