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  1. silly me, twitch.tv/squashwash I don't know about 1.3, looked like the thread hasn't been active for a while so I just loaded up in the version I knew it had worked in. As for the slave or weapons trader part, only pirate stations do that I think. Edit: forgot to say I've used lots of other mods with it.
  2. I do now! Added fun, thanks for the reminder and link!
  3. I still love this totally different play-style, so I'm loading up a 1.2 copy with this and iva mods for a twitch stream (in very low graphics quality cause that's what my PC can encode). Point is, I still enjoy this mod!
  4. Thanks for this mod! I just tried it for the first time the other day and made a ridiculous 14 tonne rc land-catamaran that tacks at 70mps. :-)
  5. Hi awesome KSP community! Earlier this year I had some time on my hands and I made a number of KSP gameplay videos, a series called SquashWarp! chronicling my playthrough of 1.2 with a bunch of mods. I don't have great hardware for the purpose, but I had a lot of fun making it before I got busy with other things. I recently realized that I never shared it on the forums, probably because I was afraid of criticism or something. I imagine I'm not the only player who sees the kind of amazing stuff some people can do with this game and ends up feeling kind of insignificant. But no longer! There are eleven episodes up, and I have a few more edited but not published that I will get up soon. As for if the series continues, I am not opposed to the idea, just not sure if there is an interest so I'll see how that goes and what people think! The full playlist is linked here! Now, because I feel like posting a link to a whole video series isn't really in the spirit of 'Mission Report', here is one such report about events taking place in episode 5 (at which point I had figured out how to get my audio in better shape). Elsted Kerman's Fancy Flight -- My first one-take orbit to runway landing in Kerbal Space Program: The goal: test a dyna-soar style mission with the Mk1 cocpit. The point is to test out the dynamics of returning from orbit in a flying vehicle, determine that mods and heating settings are correct, and pave the way for larger more useful space-planes in the future. Development: The project began with a test vehicle to determine flight characteristics of a small plane with stubby wings. But I think I may have been using an old install of the B9 wing parts, so Elsted began an uncontrolled dive, and had to jump out. (Thanks EVA chutes!) When Elsted had dried off, we built him a new plane and launched it with a solid booster to attempt an un-powered landing test. We were happy to find that it was easy to control and had a nice low landing-speed. Mission: With everything that had been learned, Elsted and the other Kerbals were ready for a full mission. They stuck that plane with a few modifications on top of a giant booster and staged! After the boosters are ditched, the small on-board tank is supplemented by two drop-tanks on the wingtips. Orbit achieved! Next Elsted deployed the payload... And then it was time for a return. Now here's the part I hadn't done before (without reloads). We made a rough guess on the descent profile, and then performed a retrograde burn. Elsted hit the atmosphere at the same time as sunrise. Reentry got a little hot.... But once the flames cleared Elsted was in just the right place for an approach. He was still moving pretty fast, and had to do a complete turn west of the space center to bleed off speed... But then came down for a well-aligned landing and popped his drogue chutes! Mission accomplished! Happy space-travels!
  6. I've only sent probes farther then duna cause I usually restart on new updates, no worries. Happy flying!
  7. Yup, Outer Planets Mod. It had a science rewards change that affects Kerbal experience, I put the mod back in without that file and my Kerbal's xp is back where I expected. Now I just decide if I want to let it make those changes or not, but thanks for helping me track it down!
  8. Thanks, I will dig into my Gamedata folder and look on more mod threads, but I appreciate that you have confirmed I did things correctly for Stock--I really hadn't played much since before XP was implemented and was unsure.
  9. Hello awesome forum-ers, I am not certain if this question belongs here or in support; modded installs, but I thought I would start here in case I am making a simple game-play error (i.e. it's supposed to work like this). I'm in-process with a science sandbox game, having enabled Kerbal Experience in the difficulty settings when starting the save. I have used the Mobile Processing lab (in kerbin orbit) to level-up kerbals who have gone to the mun and/or minmus, but did not get the expected results. For example, one particular kerbal has planted a flag on the mun, planted a flag on minmus, and is currently orbiting kerbin. After leveling up in the lab, her info in the astronaut complex shows: "orbit around kerbin=2, plant flag on mun=4, plant flag on minmus=3". These numbers differ from the wiki (http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Experience), which shows 5xp for mun flag and 6.25 for minmus flag. I'm concerned my XP rewards will continue to be wrong as I head out to other planets. So my question, does the mobile lab not fully level up kerbals? Does Science mode XP work differently? Is there a setting for "experience difficulty" that I didn't catch? Or, is this a sign that a mod is messing with my settings and I should head over to mod support to find out which one? Thanks.
  10. Very impressive and precise low thrust landing! And, from my perspective, this is totally a well organized and ambitious project, so thanks for documenting it.
  11. I love this mod, thanks for making it! I just discovered and sold my first abandoned lab and the whole process was extremely satisfying. Merci! Edit: I see that selling the labs sorta breaks the balance, so instead I reverted and am using it for science. I figure the 5k for its location is like a rental.
  12. Any folders in GameData other than Squad can be deleted. If you're on steam those should be in steamapps/common... Hope that helps.
  13. In answer to the OP, I am one of those people who has not gone too many places, especially with manned vehicles. I really love playing with mods, and especially in earlier versions I would install so many that the saves would get unwieldy. I would build remote tech networks, do a history-inspired manned program, send interplanetary probes to nearby planets, start setting up a comm network at duna, and start building massive interplanetary ships to send 6 or more kerbals to duna with all their TAC life support needs, and by then it would be a buggy mess of a save, and usually a new version had come out by then and I would start over. I've gone further, but usually in a slap-dash overbuilt kind of way when I just wanted to prove to myself that I could.
  14. Anyone who followed my Unknown Space posts may have noted that the thread died pretty fast... real life and computer sadness.  BUT new machine and a way better internet connection, plus upcoming 1.2 mean I'm going to start making things again, perhaps starting a little less ambitiously at first.... 

  15. Part 7: Endurance Record and First Mun Satellite Finally got this up! Real life making me a bit busy lately (and I became re-obsessed with XCOM long war). This time in Unknown Space, Calnand takes the 'Spearhead Capsule' on an endurance cruise, using much of his built-in TAC life support. Auklet One, our first probe out of Kerbin Orbit, make a multi-part burn towards the Mun. Without building upgrades we use a combination of eye-balling and the vis-viva equation + pi*r^2 to meet up with the Mun. I really like the look of the Uncharted Lands Mun, and I'm excited to start exploring it, and Dres, in future updates!