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  1. Nice thank you HansB ^^ Thanks Niemand303 still.
  2. Niemand303 hello good sir ^^ I'm a user of your mod for RSS and love it. I sadly updated the game and now waiting the next 1.1 RSS when it will be released ^^ I'd like to know if this will still work on the 1.1 and/or if it will be updated if needed? I'm not trying to rush or anything, i love this work, i love RSS, i just want to know for my future gameplay ^^ Thanks you a lot for bringing this back from the dead and allowing us to use it on 1.05 it was wonderfull and i mean it. I really enjoy the RSS, its amazing, its like a real space simulation, not like a alternative history space simulation ^^ Therefore, your mod is necessary for people like me and others imo because it let us play the game without any Realism parts and mods, which are, again imo, kinda hard to master, or to begin with at all in my case. Being able to use stock vanilla parts from the original game we used to play and know pretty well is a great feature for RSS, without having to increase the difficulty too much "because of Realism mods". Like i said on the RSS post ^^, forgive my english if it hurts your eyes, and thanks a lot for your work ^^
  3. On 1.05, you just had to get the Real Solar System and install with it the Small Scale Solarsystem (1/10th, i.e. Kerbin-scale, real solar system) proposed in the first page, first post.. With it, you dont need the RO and/or other needed Realism mods on regular RSS. Thats why i choosed to use this 1/10 modification, cause i find RO kinda hard, same for other Realism mods . I hope this feature will be working on the 1.1 ^^ Just have to be patient for 1.1 when its released from our Great NathanKell eheh ^^ Again, i dont know if it will work directly or if it will need any adjustment. All i can say is that it exist and i played it. And the post is always updated eheh ^^ Guys please forgive my english if it hurts your eyes ^ And always thanks NathanKell for this wonderfull mod allowing us to travel in our wonderfull Solar System.
  4. My bad thanks for letting me know ahah i though on the first post it was written 1.0.2 but in fact its the mod version in 0.1.2 xD Thank you Nils277 for this cool stuff eheh
  5. Thanks to you, that worked perfectly as soon i got the fixed dll eheh. Thanks a lot to everyone who helped make this possible.
  6. Hello, all this work look awesome, i can't wait to play it on 1.0.4 ^^ No rush, just do your magic
  7. Wow thanks i just installed it with Ro and all via CKAN. That is just perfect ^^
  8. Ok thanks for the second chance and sorry for being rude or souding like. So that was a bug to be fixed when you have the time, i understand i'm not rushing you, i just wanted to know if that was not working because of me or what. Thanks for the answers too and for your mods
  9. Hello Jrandom, thank you for helping me, so i have 64 bit windows and 8go ram , i installed via CKAN. You are telling me even on a stock size RSS i would need RO and real engines? cause i was thinking the delta v would be the same for the earth with kerbal size, than for stock kerbal itself? Btw i didnt have this bug when i was playing with early RSS a few days before the update, i didnt use any mod, no RO or else,i used 8k textures, all was fine, even if that was indeed crazy to get in orbit with such powerless engines, but again thats what i was talking about, to repeat myself in the same message lol, i though a RSS with the stock kerbol system size, would have a stock delta v needed? My english is far from being great sorry for that, i hope you understand what i'm talking about ^^ After, i dont know if such a mod is in work, i'm not asking to anyone to do this for me, just want to know if that exist. Ps: I used with Ckan the mods listed in green on the RO thread, was a proper install.
  10. So yea, i'm using clearly RSS with provided config, i touched no thing, thank you for thinking i can't read english, but i can xD ^^ I'm french but not stupid xD My english may not be so good or so understandable, but its still english i believe so xD Did you checked out if you had the same problem or if in fact it works well for ya? Anyone else have this prob? Anyway, i thank you again for your work, but like i said, i have the required config (1.0.x RSS) and touched nothing. Congratz for the work though If i'm the only one having this prob, it may be a compatibility problem with some other mod, RSS need so much of them, with RO, so i wont put the fault on ya eheh, just wanted to know if that was really from me, look like it is.
  11. Ok so i played around with RSS and it was perfect, so i now added the Overhault to let me do things easier in RSS, but, with all mods needed, i end up having crash issues when i recover vessel or other such things. So I'd like to know if there is a stock size RSS so i dont need anything else than RSS, no Overhault, no real engine, no real chutes, no new parts and all. So if there is a stock size rss it would be awesome. Ps: i was so in love with RSS that when things messed up because of all other mods needed, i raged quit and uninstalled the game, i'll install a proper stock size RSS if there is one.
  12. Hello and thank you so much for all of this. I just wanted to let you know that in KSC Switcher, when i change to Kourou, i can't see the tracking station and other stuff, they are in the ground i guess, same for the launch pad, its invisible, and my rocket is like 4 meters upside the ground in the air.