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  1. It's a third party app to rebind keys to controllers/sticks.
  2. Hi, when selecting the AN/DN they are setting the manoeuvre node too the Equator AN/DN, not the one for the target you have selected. Its been like this for a while but kept forgetting to mention it.
  3. Hey, it's not appearing on Ckan, assume that IFS is no longer required for the mod now? Since its still showing IFS as a dependency on ckan its not allowing the install
  4. It's fixed now you've pushed the update for toolbar controllers thanks. I was referring to an earlier post, when you open some scenes like the R&D the kei window would open and not let you close it. But its sorted now.
  5. Also getting the issue with the window opening when you goto r&d etc. Seems ckan has only installed version of toolbar controller. version 1.2.6 of kei
  6. Could someone take a look at It's been updated for 1.3 now, but ckan isn't listing the new version yet. Thanks Edit: Oh and its dependant on: now instead of the original version, which isn't listed at all
  7. Nertea has released a new part of Near Future, any chance someone could take a look at adding it to ckan please. NF launch Vehicles Also (i know it's been mentioned) but SVE is now showing on ckan but you can't install it.
  8. Can you add a toggle for the in flight trajectory marker, please? May use it occasionally but most of the time (if not all) I'd prefer it only showing on the map view.
  9. Hey @DMagic, forget if you look after the ckan side or not (I'll let them know if not) but it's not showing up for 1.3. It does show Contract parser but not progress parser so guess its something to do with that?
  10. Yes someone manually updated the netkan file earlier today which makes ckan think it's compatible when it's not.