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  1. Jimmymcgoochie thank you so so much for taking the time to reply in such detail. You've completely answered all my questions/worries. I'll start a new career with JNSQ since it sounds very interesting! Again, I appreciate it immensely!
  2. Hello! I've been a a long time ksp player for many years and I am finally ready to try ksp at 2.5x the size, and I have a few questions before I start the venture. I am on the newest version of KSP and currently playing a career. Which mod/s would you recommend for me to achieve a stock kerbin 2.5X rescale that would be compatible with 1.9 and NOT break my career? My current mod list is as follows: If it isn't possible to achieve a 2.5x rescale without breaking my career, then I wouldn't mind starting fresh. I appreciate any feedback! This community is one of the best I've ever seen in any game.
  3. Thanks! I changed both scatter lines to False, but I do not know what ROC is. Would you kindly help me out with that one?
  4. I'm at 25fps as well with an 8700k 5ghz,64gb 3200 ram and OC 1080ti lol. I'll disable scatter and see if it improves. Thanks man
  5. Unfortunately it seems to be random...it seems to happen more often with the LV and MUS tanks. After I reload the craft a few times, the problem seems to not manifest itself as often anymore. This happens with sub-assemblies and craft files btw. I do have a lengthy list of mods installed so I am afraid I won't be as much of a help. Maybe it could be a problem with B9PartSwitch & ISFS installed together? Anyways, let me know if I could do anything to help. Your work is immensely appreciated!
  6. It happens to me every time I load a craft/subassembly with a kerolox variant MFT tank.
  7. Just tried it and the magetometer and rpws are still not recognized for the contracts. God these probes and parts look amazing!
  8. Amazing mod! I tried using the stocklike inclinations cfg but Earth (Kerbin) is still at 28*. I also manually changed the RSSKopernicus Earth.cfg and it still nothing. Any help to change Earth's inclination to 0* would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Hello Guys, I am getting this error: Can't compare it with any other cfg. Thanks!
  10. It is missing from the zip file from the update on github...This is weird. I've downloaded it three times. Could it be that Windows user permissions are doing something funky when I dload it?
  11. Thanks @Jimbodiah, running 1.3.1 and all the SSTU folders are in the GAMEDATA folder. Thanks Shadowmage! I have included my .log KSP.log Thanks guys!
  12. Thank you so much for this addon! It has been my favorite since I started using it in 1.2. I just returned to KSP after a few months and after installing SSTU on a fresh install, all core and tank parts do not have textures. I've deleted and re-copied everything in the GAMEDATA folder but still no textures are shown. Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. What is so unstable about the 64bit version? Are we talking about the stock 64 version, or a modded one? I haven't tried that version yet, but I would give anything to be able to play this game without crashing every 20 mins or so...