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  1. I am trying to create planets and I am almost done with it but I happen to notice that my KittopiaTech folder is missing a SaveLoad folder. I tried looking on the internet for it to no avail. How do I get the folder so I can place my cfg folder in it.
  2. Go to the Mun first if you haven't gone to any other body but Kerbin. Minmus is a huge leap and way more difficult then going to the Mun.
  3. It shouldn't, I have put things into orbit almost touching the 70km limit with no issues.
  4. Hi I have successfully made a planet in Kopernicus but I have a problem with the textures. When I am high above my planet (100k above) my textures are fine but when I get below that my textures slowly start to fade into the Mun textures (which I have as my template). Anyone know how to fix this
  5. Yes shadowplay does record sound. . . go into your shadowplay settings in GeForce Experience
  6. OMG this . . . this must mean!!! HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED
  7. Imma try this challenge on Dres. If I complete it I will record the whole thing. . . at least the fun parts.
  8. Last time I heard it was something to do with controls and the camera. A joystick or a VR? Most likely something like the oculus rift or a webcam. I don't really know but again I think its something to do with controls/camera
  9. Hi its me Dspan and this is my first story so please don't kill me if its bad. This story is focused on horror. Enjoy --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Logs recovered from craft "Expedite 1" (Crew Status) Bill Kerman (KIA) Bob Kerman (KIA) Jebediah Kerman (MIA) Mission Status (Failure) Craft Condition (Damaged) ----------------------------------------LOG1---------------------------------------------------------- Hello its me Bob Kerman here with Bill Kerman and Jebediah Kerman. I don't have a pen or any paper to write a journal so the cre
  10. Well LV-N's are known to overheat when on 100% throttle so go for about 50 or 75%. Also if that doesn't work try seperating the engines apart from each other as the flame from the engines might be hitting your other LV-N's
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