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  1. I am trying to create planets and I am almost done with it but I happen to notice that my KittopiaTech folder is missing a SaveLoad folder. I tried looking on the internet for it to no avail. How do I get the folder so I can place my cfg folder in it.
  2. Go to the Mun first if you haven't gone to any other body but Kerbin. Minmus is a huge leap and way more difficult then going to the Mun.
  3. It shouldn't, I have put things into orbit almost touching the 70km limit with no issues.
  4. Hi I have successfully made a planet in Kopernicus but I have a problem with the textures. When I am high above my planet (100k above) my textures are fine but when I get below that my textures slowly start to fade into the Mun textures (which I have as my template). Anyone know how to fix this
  5. Yes shadowplay does record sound. . . go into your shadowplay settings in GeForce Experience
  6. OMG this . . . this must mean!!! HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED
  7. Imma try this challenge on Dres. If I complete it I will record the whole thing. . . at least the fun parts.
  8. Last time I heard it was something to do with controls and the camera. A joystick or a VR? Most likely something like the oculus rift or a webcam. I don't really know but again I think its something to do with controls/camera
  9. Hi its me Dspan and this is my first story so please don't kill me if its bad. This story is focused on horror. Enjoy --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Logs recovered from craft "Expedite 1" (Crew Status) Bill Kerman (KIA) Bob Kerman (KIA) Jebediah Kerman (MIA) Mission Status (Failure) Craft Condition (Damaged) ----------------------------------------LOG1---------------------------------------------------------- Hello its me Bob Kerman here with Bill Kerman and Jebediah Kerman. I don't have a pen or any paper to write a journal so the crew logs will have to do. I'm the only one here who has permission to use them anyway so I don't need to worry about anyone peeking into my personal feelings. It's only about 2 Minutes until launch and we are all sitting here waiting for liftoff. Oh and I forgot to tell you we are going to the Mun! We will be the first ones there! Ha Jebediah just said "What are you doing writing into the logs? Were not even in space yet." I told him to take a hike and he frowned at me. That scared me because he never frowns. He always has that maniac smile. Jeb is my friend and all but we have been at some differences lately. So I need to get on his good side if I want to leave here with my sanity intact. ----------------------------------------END OF LOG-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------LOG2---------------------------------------------------------- Its me Bob again. I have grand news,we are in orbit! Oh and also me and Jeb have made up. We played the Kard game of Koker and drank a few Kokes. We are about 10,000,000 meters away from the Mun. I can't wait untill we land. Jeb is showing his excitement with songs. He still keeps that smile. It still creeps me out. Sorry this log is so short. We have a lot of work to do before we are on the surface. ----------------------------------------END OF LOG-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------LOG3------------------------------------------------------- You will not believe what just went down. We were orbiting the moon and Jeb got curious and asked what I keep typing into the logs. I told him to please go away but of course that thing didn't back off. He tried to push me out of the way to take a peak but I pushed him and then he punched me right in the face. He gave me a black eye and that is it. Hes having a nervous breakdown inside the MPL-LG-2 and Bill is trying to calm him down. I can hear him screaming and crying. ---------------------------------------------END OF LOG--------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------LOG4----------------------------------------------------- Well we are on the surface. . .yay. When we were burning at our AP point Jeb was staring at me the whole time with that smile. That scared me, but that was in the past and we are working on science here. This place is so amazing! The science, rocks, the view! Man that view is crazy cool. . . . . . oh Jeb and Bill are going outside to explore. Right now I am testing what water does when dropped from a glass from a distance. It seems to . . .What the. . . when Jeb was about to put his helmet on he paused and looked back and stared at me and said something under his breath. Smirked and open the airlock chamber and closed it. I looked out the window and saw them walk off. ----------------------------------------------END OF LOG-------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------LOG5--------------------------------------------------- Well back to the experiment. The drops seem to loop and twist and hover for about 1 second and then fall. Its fun to try to catch the drops into your mouth. Man if only my kids where here. They would have a blast. -----------------------------------------------END OF LOG------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------LOG6--------------------------------------------------- Oh my Tylo he killed him! HE KILLED BILL AFTER ALL HE'S DONE FOR HIM. It was dark so I looked out the window and I saw a helmet laying on the ground with Jeb standing behind it! He was staring at me looking down and his eyes looking up. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Oh Tylo, I saw something on the window so I got a Klashlight and shined it on the window and it said wrote in Mun dust, Smile. I'm here standing in shock. I don't know what to do. I'm not a trained pilot so I can't fly. I walked away and I'm here crying on the ground typing this. On the window I looked again and it said. . . You should have smiled. I am so scared I just wanna go home! I miss my family! Oh my Tylo I heard the outside airlock open and close. Oh my -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That was the last of the logs. This was found when Chris, Sarah, and Jacob Kerman Landed by the site and found Bill Kerman's Helmet, and Bob Kerman's body leaning over the Comm's table. It looked like he had tried to make a call to the KSC. He had been stabbed 38 times. Jebediah Kerman was never found and presumed dead.
  10. Well LV-N's are known to overheat when on 100% throttle so go for about 50 or 75%. Also if that doesn't work try seperating the engines apart from each other as the flame from the engines might be hitting your other LV-N's