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  1. I probably should have led with the testing results but it was very late, but the comment that it's a copied config made me do more (including a fresh install just in case). The testbed is this All tests are dropping from 40 million meters (basically minmus, started with the most extreme) Restock: 55k Periapsis: Moderate heating, no explosions, multiple passes 50k Periapsis: Dead Stock: 50k Periapsis: Mildly warm solar panels, no explosions, multiple passes. Tested each 50k twice, thought point was made. No idea what it is if the config is copied.
  2. I mean yeah I get that. My problem with the part is less "Realism" and more "Lost Functionality".
  3. So this mod is amazing but I think the 0.625m heat shield might need some reworking. It seems to be functionally useless at protecting probe cores compared to the stock version (probably due to being smaller and letting the geometry show).
  4. Yes I use them, but I only half-designed them and then didn't really know where to continue.
  5. As far as I can tell, it seems to have started with the topic of company corruption and then descended into all of the above
  6. I'm aware. In fact I was aware even before it was posted here.
  7. Oh cool, a person read one of my posts and then decided I didn't know what I was talking about.
  8. I never said it is? There's the context. Thanks.
  9. That number is either missing a ton of context or is a flat out lie. If they were really being paid that much, they would be homeless with no way to commute and barely/not at all being able to feed themselves. EDIT: Also the guy decided to keep working for that pathetic sum. Part of the blame lands on them for that.
  10. Theres a world of difference between calling them out for bad behavior and setting yourself on fire, running in circles, and yelling that SQUID is evil. Most of that mess of a thread is the latter.
  11. Not excusing, just saying people are blowing it up (SQUAD IS LITERALLY SATAN) much more than it really deserves.
  12. Too bad it's balance via extremism... I mean, they're kind of stuck between "triple A publisher" and "indie development". That combination is bound to be relatively unpleasant, but it seems it isn't really resulting in anything out of the ordinary.
  13. Ah yes, this whole witch hunt. Ignoring the fact that the person sources 4chan (Of all places...) the entire album basically sounds like a person whining about being more important than they actually were (They did HTML and streamed a bit...?). The input from ex-devs basically amounts to "I can't talk about it" and "I've heard things". it all seems like fairly standard (not good by any means, but eh) fare being blown up to ridiculous proportions.