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  1. Yep. They are trying to exit the locomotive business. Bad move in my opinion. I mean, how are we supposed to model a proper hype train in ksp with no legacy locomotive on point?! - Andy
  2. Here's the livestream link. https://gaming.youtube.com/user/ibook133/live - Andy
  3. Hey guys, long time no post. Been doing livestreams of KSP and MC. I will likely feature the ksp world save that i have here for single player. Anything i should highlight? Please let me know. - Andy
  4. Next live stream will be tomorrow (monday). - Andy
  5. You know..... do you have a mod that changes the terrain on bodies, like different physical textures? Looks like he keeps falling and standing up very quickly, as if the ground is having trouble translating the kerbal's proper standing height.... - Andy
  6. I call it the Multilevel Oceanic Agricultural Resource farm, or MOAR, because we always need moar food. Built off the jagged spires near my dug out island (sandy ring with boat dock, torches etc). Took some hours of flattening areas to make it cubic, and unfortunately there is a mineshaft directly below so i hear all the creepy noises from the mobs down there while i'm working on it hehehe. Had to fill in the top section of a small cave and some other stuff, but the biggest challenge is just building the whole thing. It's not even done yet. It's probably the biggest project i've ever undertaken in minecraft, on par or bigger than the desert/tree farm rail line - Andy
  7. Literally anything not from a super known/reliable source/developer is not allowed on the computer. It's not up to me, as it is not my computer. I have a macbook from 2008 and a mac pro from 2007 that i got as a gift and for free respectively, and they cannot run anything past 10.7.5 which won't run minecraft 1.11 so i can't use them at all for getting on the server either let alone minecraft at all really. Just glad i can give you guys some ideas to work with at this point. - Andy
  8. The bumper cars area and monorail overview are also shown as well as where the new port town line and desert/tree farm line could get a junction so you could go from tree farm or desert to port town bypassing both paradise and sanctuary saving loads of time. Sorry for not listing them. - Andy Derp, the hospital roof, i removed the remnants of the damaged roof. I think it looks better now, actually. Will continue to tinker and whatnot and share with you guise. - Andy
  9. Sorry some of the images are out of sequence. The hiker area with camper cabins and supply cabin are shown how to build. Mid-mountain station stop is shown. Rebuild of the small river bridge between tunnel and tree farm station is shown. Re-design of iron dome is shown. Highlights of reworked tunnel sections are shown. Bridge past tree farm to far east ocean terminal is shown. Rework of spillway area by iron dome dam is shown. New damn by tree farm station/small river bridge is shown with cross sections for instructional use. Dock rail line reworked with redstone tucked out of the way is shown. Switch that allows both port town lines to be used at the same time is shown. Completed mob spawner is shown. New mushroom stew cafe shown. Super Cooker i made near my island at the redstone testing area) is shown. Hoppers can collect items on top of blocks placed on the hopper, so you could in theory set this up to be secure for use by anyone and you can add a payment system. http://imgur.com/a/qTIaT - Andy
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