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  1. Here you stumble upon very different types of people from around the world.

    And some of them are just self-conditioned under kinda "modern social conventions after the hippies are dead and we are conservatives again" - whatever the love that is.

    Just ignore that and stay yourself.

    Guess, this whole game depends on an engine that is not meant to be for kinda game.
    How weird is that?

    So we are.

    1. Gordon Dry

      Gordon Dry

      "love" was another word, word filtering ... what I said about conventions.

  2. Hey people, I'm not upset. I don't have the luxury of being able to afford emotions after 16 years of child abuse, 14 more of emotional abuse, multiple suicide attempts including jumping off a bridge,  regular self harm and binge eating, and complete social isolation. If I felt anything it would be enough anger to make me succeed in my next suicide attempt. So I don't really care about video game mods. It has taken me this long to escape an abusive family and remove them from my life permanently. I'm not going to go back into any situation where someone starts deceptively attacking and undermining me, because it's better to die than do that. If the moderators tolerate that sort of behaviour in their community (and try to justify it by blaming me and saying I'm not thick skinned enough), I simply can't be in that environment. It has nothing to do with feelings, and everything to do with my own survival.

    If someone else wants to take over and work on any of my mods, go ahead. I'm done with this place.

  3. Hi Oneiros,

    I did like the concept you had with your "Unmanned Tech" mod, but i didn't had the time to test it.
    I am sorry to see that you received so much negative feedback and did remove the mod.
    I want to assure you that not all KSP player are such *****.

    So if you find the courage to republish your mod let me know.:)



    1. Oneiros


      Hey yeah I'm gonna try again, another forum user has sent me the files and I'm talking to the mods about reopening the thread. Apparently it's still on CKAN. Thanks for the support

  4. Oneiros


    [snip] This mod no longer exists, thread can be deleted at the mods discretion. Obviously I picked the wrong community to contribute to.
  5. Oneiros


    Also, this one is for you
  6. Oneiros


    Thanks to these two commenters for providing detailed and well thought-out feedback, I will address these points in length below. Keep it coming! Cool I only recommend the part pack, not Mandatory RCS itself, because it implements a more complex solution to Unmanned Tech's simple reaction wheel nerf, which is disabled if you install Mandatory RCS. The tech tree is designed to support the tiny RCS thrusters from the part pack, which are pretty much essential either way. Yes. It might seem counter-intuitive at first because of the way stock KSP implements throttle controls. I'm not sure how else reduced throttle range could be implemented. It's not meant to be easy to use multiple in-line engines per stage that also require multiple shut downs and restarts before unlocking action groups. For less than 50k you can unlock a booster and an upper stage engine in the first rocketry node, and you'll have enough delta-V to make orbit. No building upgrades required. That's only a few contracts on hard difficulty. With a little extra delta-V you can also quite reliably get a Mun encounter without the building upgrades if you know how to estimate the burn. Yeah 1 billion + is a bit steep. I designed this around the stock parts which end at around 2-3 million to develop in the last tech node. Honestly I think the entire late game needs a good overhaul and rebalance similar to the early game, and I plan on looking into that once the early game is balanced properly. I'll start thinking about a rough fix in the meantime. Unlock cost is meant to be for developing that engine design (R&D and testing and so on). Per part cost is for manufacture of that specific engine. So of course it will cost a lot more to R&D the thing than to manufacture it. These aren't car engines - they're a lot more complex and expensive. I've heard SpaceX estimates that engine cost is around 85-90% of a rocket's value. So I can't really accept engines costing less than science experiments. That said, I would like a solution that allows players to use a slider and customise the increase amount, or perhaps scale it based on game difficulty. I'll take a look at patch manager. --- The GitHub page contains exact details of what this mod does - both in terms of clearly commented source code, and a readme that shows up on the first page and explains what the code does - so I just ignore people who try to blame me because they didn't bother reading it (let alone the very first line of the mod description, as you pointed out) before making snarky comments. Good on you for speaking up. Well the radial engines have lower ISP and full throttle range, so you'd be using them for a final stage Mun landing. I see the in-line option as weaker because it's hard to attach landing legs that extend past the engine bell. Keep in mind that I've only reduced throttle range on stock engines, so if a parts mod adds that particular engine it would have full throttle range as in reality. I like the idea, it's just more difficult to implement when there are so few stock engines. I'll definitely give it some more thought. There should be enough contracts when you add in Contract Configurator with the Field Research pack (easy money for using a rover around KSC) along with the recent patch that added many sounding rockets parts to the stock contracts system. Beyond that I would suggest trying a lower difficulty or scaling the contract funds rewards in the career setup menu to suit yourself. In the stock game I find hard mode way too easy so I wanted hard mode to actually be hard. You should never get to a point where you've got too much money and nothing to spend it on, which tends to happen pretty quickly for me once the first few buildings are upgraded. One thing that slipped my mind was increasing the science to funds conversion ratio in the admin building, so it's actually worthwhile selling science points for cash, since you can complete the entire tech tree in science points just by going to the Mun and Minmus. I'll look at that one for the next update.
  7. Oneiros


    This mod is designed to be more along the lines of "realism overhaul lite" than just a tech tree change.
  8. Oneiros


    [snip] Latest update supports Making History and an Airplane Plus early unmanned drone. For those who are struggling to work out how to launch and recover a little drone without landing gear, here's a spoiler for you: Enjoy.
  9. Another thing I would remove is the requirement to complete these contracts in order and one at a time. For me it just makes things more difficult. Players should be able to knock over a couple (or more) of these at a time if they have the ability and desire to do so. If you like the sound of all that I can submit some pull requests but with balance changes like this I'd rather get your input first.
  10. Oneiros


    Couldn't resist adding another quick update for the SSR MicroSat parts. I'll try to slow down now.
  11. OK the battery PR is done, but the model editing might not be so easy. I'm not sure if my little hacked dell optiplex could even handle the Unity engine. If someone else has everything setup and can do it easily, go ahead.
  12. This is awesome. I'd be happy to jump on board and help with this, though I'm a bit rusty when it comes to blender, and I'm not sure exactly what you need. If you can clarify and I can google, it should be possible. I'll plan on integrating this into Unmanned Tech as a potential alternative, or companion, to the 0.35m sounding rockets (which also adds 0.35m chutes and a few other miniature goodies, for the person who mentioned that). Also, do you mind if I send a few pull requests via GitHub? The battery is in the wrong category, and I wouldn't mind enhancing that little survey scanner so it can run experiments (if you think that's a good idea).
  13. CTT just adds more tech nodes, which will be empty until you install mods that add parts to them. It doesn't change the location of any stock parts.
  14. Yeah I think that will work on solid fuel rockets - I remember trying it ages ago. It works that way on LF engines, and I've implemented reduced throttle range for many of them in Unmanned Tech by increasing minThrust.
  15. True, somehow I missed it on the first look. This is great, thanks