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  1. I could live with them to release best community missions as free Dlc mission packs for career. Otherwise I stay disappointed. Don't get me wrong - Dlc is good, just not what I expected.
  2. I am really disappointed too. I hoped for new missions in career. Or historical story mode. Making history is wrong name for this Dlc. This had to be split in two smaller Dlc's - historical parts pack and mission builder
  3. There is even hint for that. U had to read that pop up message after opening VAB. There was something about probably not being able to launch at full capacity.
  4. From my point of view rovers are not reliable, one mistake and it's ruined without chance of repairs. And second thing, which is even worse - no sense of speed, no sound effects, could use some camera vibration at high speed. Otherwise they are useful if u can find a purpose, since this is sandbox, everything is up to player.
  5. What KerikBalm said. By using navbal and targeting I had situation where I had to change direction in very last second to avoid landing on top of the other lander.
  6. After ~600h in career i noticed that Part Test missions feels so wrong. My suggestion is to completely remove Click Test part from game, but introduce time, location based test where have to actually use part to complete test. It also can be combined with tech tree to unlock next tiers. For Example: Do with engine LV-T30 "Reliant" 30sec burn in lower atmosphere on full trust (it can be hold on launchpad with clamps or actually flied - doesn't matter) Do with J-20 "Juno" 3min burn on trust greater than 50% Do with LV-909 "Terrier" 5min burn in vacuum on 25-50%
  7. from steam disappeared 1.1 pre-release, yesterday was there. Preparing for 1.2 pre-release...
  8. 784. Make kerbin a centre of universe and everything orbits around it
  9. I completely agree, but for Ksp2. I don't think such huge changes should be done in fully released game
  10. At what part of launch it started to lag? I have noticed that atmospheric effects create huge lag on high settings.
  11. I don't know if using steam changes something. But I can tell that a lot of problems are in pc's themselves. I play huge variety of games with steam and even with crossfire. I have big experience of tweaking system settings to get some games working. And I always have ended with reasonable settings. It can be too many things to say something for sure
  12. I always tough it's stands for "Vertical Assembly Building"
  13. I think I saw sale for ksp on humblebundle or indiegala stores something like 66% off
  14. Runaway changes: T1 asphalted and smooth but short and narrow T2 longer and wider than T1 T3 long, wide with nice lights and stuff T4 adds north to south runaway for easier polar orbits Test track for rovers. Pretty much self-explanatory. Maybe not really needed but nice thing to have. Docks and Dry docks. Not much fun to bring every ship, submarine or seaplane from runaway to shore. New building tiers can be similar to others. For ease to use and not to jump between VAB, SPH or Docks can be added new function for Launch button. For example: In SPH build s
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