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  1. Camstudio if you don't care about quality. it IS free at the moment.
  2. For recording, go with DXtory or FRAPS. Both will cost you money but they are worth it. There's also some freeware screen recorders you can find on google, they aren't normally as feature rich.
  3. If Microsoft keeps up with the policy "Every version is better than the last." we have nothing to worry about with Wndows 9.
  4. Windows 8 is not bad, it's just a test of how the metro interface would work on PCs. People are constantly ripping on Microsoft because of it. Honestly I would have preferred them to have Windows 8 Metro a separate tablet OS. But, everyone makes mistakes and we all learn from them. Metro is not that bad, I just would not prefer it on a PC.
  5. Have you done work for NASA?(Considering you work for a Government Contractor.)
  6. Anthony Keeton is Damion Rayne. As his IRL name is Anthony and there were only 2 CMs.(Now back to one.) Check the articles links at the forums front page. On topic. Thank you for everything you have done for the community Damion. I didn't know him but I've been around since he was a moderator. I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. Honestly, him leaving was really sudden but, it's his decision to give an explanation.
  7. Are they confirmed by kickstarter to be in the five hundreds? If not, they could be lying. This goes with the saying don't trust everything you read on the internet. If they are then OUYA is a horrible company. Also, if a company gives a release date they do not HAVE to meet it. Especially if there is a major setback. This is why Squad and a lot of other companies don't give any release dates.
  8. I can confirm Dells monitors are better than their PCs. ASUS is pretty good also. Do not get a "gaming" monitor. They don't exist and chances are it's a normal monitor with a higher price.
  9. Alright, reinstalling ubuntu instead as fixing it seems to be a no go.(I've tried everything to my knowledge.)
  10. found a fix and ran it system boots up fine and then 5-10 minutes after booting ubuntu asks me if I want to report an error a second later it goes to the ubuntu boot screen and stays there for 5 minutes and turns off.(Fix was chroot / mount -n -o remount,defaults /dev/sda1/ / then run apt-get install -f.)
  11. Well, I downloaded Ubuntu 10.04 and tried to update to 12.04 but got this error: Any fixes?
  12. Can you maybe add a level editor/ a way to make levels in Unity? Just a suggestion.
  13. I'd like it for a tablet/laptop.(I use an old windows XP laptop for personal stuff.) I of course don't think they should continue this in windows 9, if they do maybe release a Windows 9 Tablet version that does this. Just my opinion, though.
  14. They are thinking of more solar systems but that's far far away.(I'm talking official release/after.) They said there wouldn't be aliens. Weather may or may not happen.(It has a question mark next to it.) Clouds are probably going to come first. Comets can't happen due to N-Body physics problems with Unity/PhysX. IF they ever add solar storms, they won't randomly damage your ships as that would get annoying. Gravity is also not going to be tweaked due to Unity/PhysX. Also, as a bonus they will be adding more planets and a Asteroid belt sometime. For the planned features list go to:
  15. There's Dirt 3 or Dirt: Showdown. That's all I can think of.
  16. Ermmm Justin Bieber or Niki Minaj.(I don't care if I spelled either name wrong.) Mainly because they are both poisoning the youth of today with their music.
  17. Does this run a server on localhost or your IP?(Asking because I've been warned 2 times by my ISP to stop hosting servers.)
  18. Used to run a server, got DDoSed and stopped hosting.(I reported the guy to his ISP.) I don't go on servers anymore, though.
  19. Clear the cache by typing in "dragon://settings/", search privacy, click clear browsing data and only have empty the cache ticked.(Only found this one due to figuring out it is based off of chrome.)
  20. BvB: use the kinfe to cut the tree down.
  21. Same thing in the program from Microsoft.) Or at least I think it is.
  22. I have a dual boot of windows XP and Ubuntu. I only use Ubuntu because I prefer it's office software over word 2007. I also like running games under Ubuntu better.
  23. Your asking people to pirate software if you mean to get you the planets. Which is against the rules. If you mean a persistence file with rockets on each of the planets then good luck with that...