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  1. Remote Tech comes to mind. Fundamentally changes how you deal with probes and transmissions. Especially when coupled with other mods that add limitations like life support mods.
  2. Well said, as I forgot to say the meaning for me behind space station science: Long term investment and use for big projects.
  3. I thoroughly wish this mod to continue moving into 1.1, possibly with an evolution version. Even though DMmagic's mod has it's own charm, nothing beats bringing up heavy station parts for science (especially in an interstellar-like modded install). Now with 1.1 going 64 bit and being a lot more parts-friendly, I see the oppurtunity of making big science stations again without frying computers. Would happily donate or contribute to such a thing, maybe even co-launch a spin-off (although I can't code for excrements, I can do a lil bit of modeling, as well as do systems concept design and balancing on a professional level). Whats so great about this mod for me: - Simple big parts at the core - Need for supply and recovery runs - Takes time to complete experiments (couples well with life support mods) What I'd love to see evolved: - Longer progression - A few more alternative experiments with different resource needs - Specific situation core parts (ground stations, extra-kerbinial research Random ideas: - Make specific research actions pre-quisites for some high tech parts to work if those mods are installed (like with interstellar extended, you might need to do a very heavy nuclear propulsion test or something). Basically make field research a pre-quisite to unlocking them or something.
  4. On the multicore usage btw: Unity 5 offers the latest version of PhysX, as opposed to generation 2 for Unity 4. I'm assuming the devs have upgraded to that. Why? Latest PhysX engine does support multicore, and has on average a 100% performance upgrade, depending on what element is tested.
  5. X55 here too. But key for me is Advanced fly by wire. I have 2 presets for my joystick, toggled with a button. one for planes with roll on X axis and Yaw on Z, and the other with Roll on Z, Yaw on X, and pitch not inverted. That way my joystick left/up means navball left/up. Great for rocket ascend.
  6. The main points of 1.1: Unity 5: - Stable 64 bit client = no memory cap & better performance on 64 bit systems. - Newer version of physX which is benchmarking considerably better. On top of that, this new version is built around multi-threading, meaning less of a cpu cap on one core This basically changes everything for me, now I can run all the mods I want with better performance, including cosmetic mods which Im currently skipping.
  7. Personally Im finally doing a re-run of the interstellar quest (Scott Manley) inspired campaign I did back in 0.23, but never got to finish due to mods breaking. Will keep running that as light as I can untill 1.1 hits, and then (fingers crossed) run the ultimate interstellar quest with all the community tech tree mods in there. And maybe, very maybe run some visual mods on top of that to make it look more epic.
  8. So today I read an article about PhysX engine benchmarking. Going from PhysX 2,8 (unity4) to PhysX 3.3 (Unity 5) on average doubles the performance on the same benchmark tests. This differs per type of calculation though (some tests even have over 10x the performance). And thats non-multithreaded benchmarks.. So maybe that finally, with multithreading, proper garbage collection (current cause of game stuttering) and overall optimisations we get a game that actually runs smooth at normal settings on a modern computer.
  9. Currently Im doing a interstellar quest-alike campaign. My rules: - No reverting - No quickload to get around failures (quickload is used to get around bugs) - Kerbals can and will die. Dead means dead. Also, no man left behind. - Kerbal life support and remote tech change the base! - SETI balance and tech tree add science longevity
  10. After several days of building and rebuilding SSTO's I took the leap from simulating (sandbox campaign) to applying it in my Interstellar quest-like campaign. After several drone flights that went out of radar range, and several young cadet pilots going missing, I've managed to get a stable and reliable passenger ferry (5+pilot) and small cargo bay going.
  11. Maybe its rated because it makes you smarter, and young children shouldn't be exposed to potentially headache inducing math?
  12. So far today: After updating my install to be stable in directX (openGL giving too much graphical lag), I set out to restart my interstellar campaign mimic. After a good start for some cheap science, I needed the funds to launch my first Remote Tech home network (I play with just the space port as RT base). So I went out to do some atmospheric research. Now, I've only been playing with Ferram for a short while, and manage to get some clean orbits and de-orbits. Flying.. well thats another matter. After some crashed prototypes, I got myself a nice and small research plane. Managed to roll it on the runway, and killed Jeb when he got out to EVA.. Turns out he squeezed himself under the plane and died. Attempt 2 went great, managed to do 2 successive missions with a clean landing in both. Next up: RT Keostationary network.
  13. Also just encountered this problem, but only since updating to the 1.0.5 version of AFBW. My mechjeb has no issues with directional control, only with thrust. Solved this by making an extra preset called "Mechjeb" that only has throttle control disabled from my (X55) throttle joystick. Just using a hotkey to swap in between makes it a painless temp sollution.
  14. Ive actually done quite a bit of research for that same problem. The short answer is: KSP is probably running at over 3.8Gb of RAM, which is the hardlimit for 32 bit unity games. In a thread I made earlier youll find some possible sollutions: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/122251-Memory-leak-Memory-cap-Crash-to-desktop-workarounds
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