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  1. Since for 2.0 "moons could get a juggle around", is there any possibility in one of them having a retrograde orbit like Neptune's moon Triton? That would certainly provide a unique challenge
  2. ooh! I didn't see that! That's awesome Looks like you may not be able to tweak the actual radiation part of the mod to better fit NH, but with gas giants having a very strong radiation belt, it sounds like exiting Sonnah could be a very interesting experience
  3. So I saw this new mod that came out about an hour ago: and this part caught my eye: RADIATION Celestial bodies can have a magnetosphere that protect Kerbals from radiation, as well as a radiation belt: an extreme radiation zone. Cosmic radiation is ever present in the vast distances of space. Vessels can be shielded to offer some protection, at the expense of greatly increased mass. I don't know if that part of the mod will work for planet packs such as this or not, but if a compatibility update would be needed for the radiation belts would you be abl
  4. Wow! This looks like the ultimate realism mod! Will definitely be on my list once it's 1.1 compatible. bookmarking
  5. The technique I used, (which i highly doubt is the most efficient, but at least it got me there), is I exited kerbin into orbit of sonnah, adjusted my inclination to match Aptur, then orbited around Sonnah until I was just far enough behind Aptur that I could set a waypoint that would intercept Aptur
  6. I bet that would be an interesting mission to play out using life support mods
  7. And that there, is the solution that got mine to load. I hadn't updated Kopernicus yet, after reading that keeping the older version had better performance, so I tried with 0.3.3 and it works now
  8. I can confirm, 1.6.5 is causing my game to hang indefinitely at the end of the loading screen as well. I even left it alone to go watch a movie and came back and it was still stuck
  9. I've been using the SETI tech tree (with the extras removed so it's just the tech tree) and I've been doing just fine. I tried to use the SETI contracts at first and I just ended up getting multiple of the same contract at the same time, so I removed them and am just using the stock contracts
  10. I too, am loving the glaciers along the craters, but I (personally) don't want the rings around Lave. Not because they wouldn't look good, but because since there's so many planets in this system that already have rings, it's nice to keep a few that don't You can get them working again with this mod: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/113069-WIN-1-0-X-KSP-x64-Total-Unfixer-v2-2-04-08-2015 Just don't expect any support if any bugs happen
  11. Well clearly, The whole reason for the Kerbal's exploration of their solar system is to try to find a new home because Sonnah's gravitational forces are tearing Kerbin apart! YES!
  12. Have you ever tried this mod? http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/113621
  13. Not sure if this is a stock bug or related to this somehow, but when I went to focus on a piece of debris in orbit of Sonnah, I was rather confused as to how this happened
  14. Thanks for this mod! I've been having lots of fun with it! Just got my Aptur landing done, was interesting trying to avoid getting sucked back into Kerbin's SoI while trying to get the encounter Also, Just in case anyone was wondering, since it's a little dark, here's a better view of my flag
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