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  1. I created a patch to remove eva chutes from the list of default kerbal inventories. @PART[kerbalEVA*]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart] { @DEFAULTPARTS { !name = deleteall name = evaJetpack } } }
  2. I love ship effects, but I rarely fly my ships from IVA, so I made the following patch to add ship effects to the ship external channel. @SHIPEFFECTS_SOUNDLAYERS:FINAL { @SOUNDLAYER[*],* { @channel = ShipBoth } }
  3. No worries! I am installing manually. And I am running the same or similar like @Xt007 above me and everything is running smooth.
  4. I am sorry but you both said that TextureReplacer is required and it is not I also could not find any cfg files in the Spectra folder that seems to require it.
  5. Hello, I have decided to use Spectra again in my new campaign after a long absence from KSP. I am hoping to find a nice balance between recent stock revamps, Spectra, and a little bit of SVE for city lights and OPM configs. In terms of Spectra, I was planning to remove skybox and terrain textures but when I downloaded from Spacedock and installed to my GameData, I could not find any skybox or terrain configs in the spectra folder. I also remember being redirected to download a texture pack called KSPRC, which no longer seems to be the case. And finally, I have noticed tha
  6. I am preparing for a new campaign in 1.11. I was going to test whether EVA Fuel would continue to work in 1.11. Also thanks for the clarifications, and that is exactly how I would have expected it to work!
  7. Hello All, Does kerbalism have similar or same functionality as Eva Fuel? Or should I install EVA Fuel separately so as to prevent kerbals from having infinite refills of eva propellant upon entering a command pod?
  8. Aaah thanks a lot for the information! It makes sense that it is not allowed, too. And I collected the science by sending a crewed vessel to rendezvous with my probe.
  9. Heya! Is it intentional that I can click transfer science on a crewed pod and move materials study samples into it, but when I do the same with a experiment return unit, it only transfers files?
  10. I have a medium-ish gaming laptop and I tested CollisionFX on a clean install without Scatterer. I just a stock plane on the runway, accelerated a little and then retracted the landing gear. Depending on the plane's speed there was a very noticeable impact on FPS.
  11. Is the rover antenna AX-4 Pointable Helical Antenna really intended to have a mass of 95kg or is that a typo? And on the topic of balance, when i compare AX-5 Aerial Micro Antenna with the good old Communotron 16, the former only provides 150k antenna power while the latter provides 500k at the same mass. The AX also has less feed effectiveness (50% vs 90%) and less bandwidth (2.6 vs 3.3). Although one redeeming factor for the AX might be its smaller form factor, which can very well be the intended balance point come to think of it Maybe a slightly reduced mass value could convey its int
  12. even if there might be a problem with the sound it might not be completely missing, because i think i have heard some tire squeals in my further attempts, it might just be a tuning issue, which can also be probably true for the sparks and the fps.
  13. thanks and grats for the release! will download and test now to see if i also have the lags some others have reported.. edit: no i did not get any lag! altho i also didn't get any sounds either, was that not a feature of this mod? edit2: scratch that it seems to have been an issue of speed, i did get a lot of lag (i.e. low fps) when i tried again at higher speeds. sorry.
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