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  1. This is rather sad to hear I wonder what in this mod can be causing that kind of ram usage?!?
  2. Hmmm.. I guess i'll need to investigate further when i get the chance. Because I did feel like I received more science than I should have.
  3. Heya again! So yesterday I drove up to a baobab tree on Kerbin to test out what I can do with the new rover arm that I had unlocked. I was able to perform the experiment multiple times and record them all on my hard drive and recover them all for science. My science archives now show me that I have collected 3.3x science for that experiment. Is this a bug that I should reproduce in a clean install and report or a known issue?
  4. Hey! Thanks for the explanation. "it will still be too slow" -> this, tbh. I haven't gone interplanetary yet, it was just that I had noticed that all of the DMagic Orbital Science experiments had experiment durations in months, so I whipped up a large probe, put a few DM experiments, a pair of ScanSAT scanners and all the unmanned Kerbalism science that I have access to! This probe at least a year in LKO before it could transmit all the LKO science that it could gather. A year! But, I also made the mistake of including two different types of antenna on this craft, so I'll go back and see how the transmission rates will improve if I retract the red whip antennas that I had there just for looks.
  5. Hey all, I have been eyeing Kerbalism for a long time now and finally took the plunge and started a career with it and I am loving it! I am especially in love with the science system. It is exactly what it should have always been! My question is, how can I calculate the data rate of a given antenna in the VAB? The antenna modules seem to retain their vanilla descriptions with packet size (which is usually zeroed out) and a bandwidth in mits(?) per second. Is there a conversion formula between mits and bits? Can I assume that if I have full signal strength in commnet UI, that I will get full bandwidth for transmission? And finally is there a formula to calculate bandwidth from signal strength? Thanks a lot to the mod makers for the awesome mod itself and anyone for answers to my questions!
  6. Thanks a lot, these are parts are all beautiful!
  7. Wow this is going to be a great expansion. Love it. The future for KSP looks extremely bright!
  8. @linuxgurugamer, if you are adopting this and considering that you have already adopted Hullcam VDS may be you can combine them into a single mod with best of both worlds?
  9. Thanks a lot for the information!! I have a few follow ups, though. 1) hat I had meant to say was what is the difference between the two settings "Reconditioning Blocks Pad" and "Launchpad Reconditioning". The default profile has the former set to false, while the latter set to true. 2) Ok, thanks. 3) Thanks for the info, I'll see when I get to building multiple pads. 4) Hmm weird that I get one extra point.. maybe it is for the starting tech tree node? Thanks for the clarification of the three separate values. 5) That is pretty much what I had thought would happen, there seems to be an issue with it. 6) Thanks. 7) A new question: What does Fill Tanks & Launch do?
  10. Hey all, A few questions: 1) What does the setting toggle Reconditioning Blocks Pad do? How is it different than enabling Launchpad Reconditioning? 2) What does Upgrades From Tech Tree do? 3) What is Shared Upgrade Pool? What is KSCSwitcher? 4) Why do I start with 16 points when Starting Upgrades is set to 15, 15, 45? What are those starting upgrades values mean anyway? 5) It seems that resetting upgrades is meant to have a cost, but buying upgrades and resetting does not seem to be reducing my total points, except when I tried it too may times, I came to a point where I was no longer able to reset my upgrades. It seems that maybe the check for enough points for a reset is performed, but the cost is never actually deducted. 6) What are plans?
  11. Hmm Kingtiger's one drive reports the last modified date of the beta release as the 10th of March, yet there are mentions of new beta releases today and yesterday. Can anyone point me to the correct direction to obtain a beta download please? Nevermind, it turns out it's just one drive being annoying, the contents of the download are different than what I had previously downloaded and includes the recently mentioned changes.
  12. I'm going to stick with precise maneuver as it has much richer features and I have grown accustomed to it. But I love it that KSP is getting these updates!
  13. Alright then, thanks a lot for the information!