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  1. Aaah thanks a lot for the information! It makes sense that it is not allowed, too. And I collected the science by sending a crewed vessel to rendezvous with my probe.
  2. Heya! Is it intentional that I can click transfer science on a crewed pod and move materials study samples into it, but when I do the same with a experiment return unit, it only transfers files?
  3. I have a medium-ish gaming laptop and I tested CollisionFX on a clean install without Scatterer. I just a stock plane on the runway, accelerated a little and then retracted the landing gear. Depending on the plane's speed there was a very noticeable impact on FPS.
  4. Is the rover antenna AX-4 Pointable Helical Antenna really intended to have a mass of 95kg or is that a typo? And on the topic of balance, when i compare AX-5 Aerial Micro Antenna with the good old Communotron 16, the former only provides 150k antenna power while the latter provides 500k at the same mass. The AX also has less feed effectiveness (50% vs 90%) and less bandwidth (2.6 vs 3.3). Although one redeeming factor for the AX might be its smaller form factor, which can very well be the intended balance point come to think of it Maybe a slightly reduced mass value could convey its intended usage better. edit: I would also like to point out that the AX-5 has an extended wind resistance of 55 kPa while its siblings can only withstand 5 kPa. I'll also take this chance to thank for the whole suite of Near Future mods!
  5. even if there might be a problem with the sound it might not be completely missing, because i think i have heard some tire squeals in my further attempts, it might just be a tuning issue, which can also be probably true for the sparks and the fps.
  6. thanks and grats for the release! will download and test now to see if i also have the lags some others have reported.. edit: no i did not get any lag! altho i also didn't get any sounds either, was that not a feature of this mod? edit2: scratch that it seems to have been an issue of speed, i did get a lot of lag (i.e. low fps) when i tried again at higher speeds. sorry.
  7. Please do! It would be much appreciated
  8. thank you so much for keeping a beloved mod alive!
  9. Wow this is very beatiful, April fools or not, I would love to see this in game!
  10. This is rather sad to hear I wonder what in this mod can be causing that kind of ram usage?!?
  11. Hmmm.. I guess i'll need to investigate further when i get the chance. Because I did feel like I received more science than I should have.
  12. Heya again! So yesterday I drove up to a baobab tree on Kerbin to test out what I can do with the new rover arm that I had unlocked. I was able to perform the experiment multiple times and record them all on my hard drive and recover them all for science. My science archives now show me that I have collected 3.3x science for that experiment. Is this a bug that I should reproduce in a clean install and report or a known issue?
  13. Hey! Thanks for the explanation. "it will still be too slow" -> this, tbh. I haven't gone interplanetary yet, it was just that I had noticed that all of the DMagic Orbital Science experiments had experiment durations in months, so I whipped up a large probe, put a few DM experiments, a pair of ScanSAT scanners and all the unmanned Kerbalism science that I have access to! This probe at least a year in LKO before it could transmit all the LKO science that it could gather. A year! But, I also made the mistake of including two different types of antenna on this craft, so I'll go back and see how the transmission rates will improve if I retract the red whip antennas that I had there just for looks.