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  1. Wow this is going to be a great expansion. Love it. The future for KSP looks extremely bright!
  2. @linuxgurugamer, if you are adopting this and considering that you have already adopted Hullcam VDS may be you can combine them into a single mod with best of both worlds?
  3. Thanks a lot for the information!! I have a few follow ups, though. 1) hat I had meant to say was what is the difference between the two settings "Reconditioning Blocks Pad" and "Launchpad Reconditioning". The default profile has the former set to false, while the latter set to true. 2) Ok, thanks. 3) Thanks for the info, I'll see when I get to building multiple pads. 4) Hmm weird that I get one extra point.. maybe it is for the starting tech tree node? Thanks for the clarification of the three separate values. 5) That is pretty much what I had thought would happen, there seems to be an issue with it. 6) Thanks. 7) A new question: What does Fill Tanks & Launch do?
  4. Hey all, A few questions: 1) What does the setting toggle Reconditioning Blocks Pad do? How is it different than enabling Launchpad Reconditioning? 2) What does Upgrades From Tech Tree do? 3) What is Shared Upgrade Pool? What is KSCSwitcher? 4) Why do I start with 16 points when Starting Upgrades is set to 15, 15, 45? What are those starting upgrades values mean anyway? 5) It seems that resetting upgrades is meant to have a cost, but buying upgrades and resetting does not seem to be reducing my total points, except when I tried it too may times, I came to a point where I was no longer able to reset my upgrades. It seems that maybe the check for enough points for a reset is performed, but the cost is never actually deducted. 6) What are plans?
  5. Hmm Kingtiger's one drive reports the last modified date of the beta release as the 10th of March, yet there are mentions of new beta releases today and yesterday. Can anyone point me to the correct direction to obtain a beta download please? Nevermind, it turns out it's just one drive being annoying, the contents of the download are different than what I had previously downloaded and includes the recently mentioned changes.
  6. I'm going to stick with precise maneuver as it has much richer features and I have grown accustomed to it. But I love it that KSP is getting these updates!
  7. Alright then, thanks a lot for the information!
  8. Heya there, Just how stable/unstable is v2.2? Also poking through the files I get the impression that support for DMagic Orbital Science is there but not there. In game I made quick test with a magnetometer boom last night, and unfortunately it worked vanilla. Looking into files there is a big and important looking patch file that is disabled (ExperimentReconfig.cfg). What should I expect from the 2.2 beta?
  9. Hello All, It is usually very useful to collect and tabulate information about parts or experiments or other entities. For example, tabulating ISP's of engines or maybe masses of fuel tanks, or science values of experiments, etc. How does everyone collect this information? I do so by manually searching through config files or inspecting tooltips in the VAB. Is there a better way to do this? For example by typing some commands in the in game debug window or maybe some helper method that I can run in ModuleManager.dll? Can I maybe run a tiny executable to run ModuleManager.dll in the game folder and then write out a csv containing the values that I need? Edit: Actually what I am looking for is probably a way to parse the module manager cache. All the information that I want is probably in there but I would need it to be more easily queryable via linq in memory or csv/excel or something else.
  10. Oh is it? I had always thought the Kerbal's would be meant to set them up and then leave them there
  11. I am setting up the instruments with a Kerbal, leaving them on the planet, returning to Kerbin, and then once the experiments are completing I am switching to the central station and sending back the results. But when I do, it just starts transmitting and I never get to see the results So that's why I added the science container and use the method that I have described earlier.
  12. Hello you might want to mention this in the OP for non-CKAN users. For all others wondering here is the Animated Attachment mod by the same user:
  13. Hello @Snark, thanks for the lovely explanation and actually I quite agree with it. When adding mods to my game I go through a similar thought process and usually decide not to add "heavy" part packs for the same reason. Or sometimes I add a pack and then trim out parts from it. As for the .625 engine plate, I for one wouldn't be bothered by it, because even though it might not be that useful, I would allow it in my game base on precedent. That is, there already is a line up of engine plates and this would be a part of it and as such the scrutiny for its guilt, as you have put it, would be waived. ---- Why the hell does new line sometimes does not work in the post editor??!!? ---- Now, as for my silly sentence in my quoted post: It reads as: "the ant does not have a shroud" and "the .625 engine plate could also be useful for attaching parts above a mk1 parachute" Chalk it up to me not being a native speaker and failing at constructing a complicated sentence.