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  1. - Have an action that appears on all parts only when controlling a Kerbal on EVA (1). When this action is clicked the part is selected as the target part. Add a highlight to the target part while this mode is active. - Pick an item from your inventory for attachment as usual, while you are in surface attachment mode, attachment nodes appear on the target part, along with a corresponding node on the surface of the new part. - Have a hotkey that cycles through 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 way symmetry for the nodes. - Have another hotkey that cycles through creating nodes midway along the length of the target part, then 1/4 of its length (top quarter), bottom quarter, top (1/8?), and bottom of the selected part. I know that this is a very rudimentary system, but it could be a good start. Also, the whole idea is implicitly assuming that the target part is a cylindrical part like a fuel tank. But even as it is, I believe it would be useful in a large number of practical cases. (1): I think this is possible as I think there are such actions that only appear when the part menu is triggered by a Kerbal on EVA
  2. I had had a similar idea myself, but now reading your post gave me some further inspiration. Frustrated by being unable to neatly place surface attach parts with KIS, I had at some point thought about adding symmetrical attachment nodes to random parts via an MM patch, but of course that would look rather ugly. Not to mention that it is a terrible solution that burns the mattress with the flea. But, today I wonder, would it possible to add and remove attachment nodes in flight? If possible, a particular KIS hotkey or menu can activate temporary attachment nodes in flight on the vessel surface allowing us to attach items correctly and symmetrically and then those nodes can be turned back off.
  3. Redownload all the NTF mods and Firespitter, delete them from your GameData and reinstall, it should work perfectly well.
  4. I think there was an answer to that question buried somewhere in this thread, lemme go and search.... Yep, here it is (towards the end of the following post):
  5. It does, it makes a lot of sense. Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation. Much appreciated.
  6. Not the correct thread, but still I would also like to find out about this. Thanks.
  7. Hello, Is there any reason that the explosives are equippable items? As far as I can tell, the proper way to use them is as a regular surface attaching item, right?
  8. My experience has been the same. MkIV is very much usable in 1.3.
  9. I think I remember seeing the monoprop tanks having an option to shed their fairings/shroud, am I mistaken? Was that ever a thing?
  10. I have just read through the whole thread and I must say that I have been very impressed by the mod, and your videos, and your plans for the mod. As I am not currently in a place to launch these domes in my career save, I'll wait for the eventual update before downloading.
  11. Thanks everyone for their answers, but in the end i had to accept @Physics Student's answer, because of the extremely funny video! Joking aside thanks for all the answers!
  12. @bonyetty thanks a lot for the answer, that really is a good and creative explanation! @Zhetaan, I think I have found my own solution, I will KIS detach both ends of the reaction wheel, then move it away, then KIS attach weldable construction ports from MKS on both sides of the rift, dock the lab back on the construction ports and weld!!
  13. @Woollt_Owl's testing is very interesting. It essentially boils down to "tourists are immune to starvation." Is this intended behavior by @RoverDude or can it be considered a bug? It would also be interesting to check whether tourists continue to consume supplies, and also to check the opposite: In a ship with less supplies than hab time but with the result of starvation being grouchiness, and a more severe result for homesickness, does becoming a tourist due to a lack of supplies protect the kerbals from the effects of homesickness? (pphew, that was a long sentence)
  14. Hello, I have noticed that I am seeing no trees or rocks in my game. I made a copy of my back up so that I can perform a test on a fresh and clean copy. I started a sandbox game, built a simple plane flew west and north of the KSC. I flew quite far away, spent some time flying very close to the ground, landed and saved and reloaded. All this time, I have not seen a single tree. I had ground scatters on, scatter density at 100%, and ground textures at high. What can be the problem? Can you suggest any debugging steps?
  15. yea, i guess that's true enough.