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  1. I hope you come back :(

  2. Setting up a weapon with two fire transforms with roundsPerMinute = 120 certainly seems to cause each fire transform to fire roughly two times per second according to the in-game timer for a total ROF of 240 rounds. I say roughly however as there does seem to also be a minor deviation. Setting up a weapon with one fire transform with a roundsPerMinute = 60 should mean one round gets fired exactly every second, effectively being a clock of sorts itself, however after ~30 seconds of firing the in-game clock was noticeably ahead that of the weapon. Testing the in-game clock against a real one showed that the in-game clock was not running fast so I presume that the actual ROF of the weapon is slower that it is configured to be. I also remember an issue where several guns set up to fire in barrage mode would result in a much lower ROF than what it should have been. Obviously we are only dealing with single weapons and setting up barrage/salvo makes no difference to single weapons but I wonder if the cause could be related and that high ROF weapons could be much more affected than low ROF weapons.
  3. If this is correct then I have some adjustments to make... Are you sure however? An obvious example I can think of that argues against this is my canister shot turret that has >10 fire transforms and a roundsPerMinute = 6. If your understanding is correct then it should fire once about every 2 minutes but this is not the case...
  4. Per gun if I remember correctly. "roundsPerMinute = 1200" in cfg with two fire transforms would mean 2400 rounds being fired per minute.
  5. Positions for BDA windows seems to be at the bottom of the settings.cfg file in the GameData\BDArmory folder, you could try fiddling around with the x/y coordinates there. My settings look like this-> That being said, the BDAWindows part of the settings is not there in my zipped download of BDA so simply deleting that portion of the settings might fix it for you if it's written to create those settings based on your window resolution. If doing any of this breaks your game you didn't hear it from me...
  6. While I'm at it, might I ask why module manager not packaged with the BDA download as it is with most other mods that require it? Apologies if this has been asked/explained before.
  7. Do the mines detonate at a certain distance from the root part of a craft or the nearest part of a craft to the mine? I'm thinking making craft that have girders or armour pieces extending out the front to be able to detonate mines before they come near enough to do serious damage to the actual craft. This of course wouldn't work if they detonated based on the distance to the root part (unless of course you set the forwardmost girder as the root part...).
  8. Your best bet would be to ask on the official BDAC thread here. Be sure to read the OP and the last few pages of the thread and make sure you're using a supported version of KSP and the correct version of BDAC as well as that you've installed it correctly to make sure you're not the cause of the issue before posting.
  9. This mod is specifically for South African weapons and as far I as I can tell South Africa doesn't have anything of the sort. If you're asking for something separate from this mod then I have to say that I just don't have the spare time. I barely have enough to keep working on this mod, let alone special other pieces right now, sorry.
  10. Update 0.2 Added new models for Al-Tariq and G-6. Removed desert camo textures and BDAnimation Modules texture switching code in cfgs. Minor changes to several cfgs. Only took me just over a year to get the new G-6 and Al-Tariq models finished and uploaded, that's not too long right... As usual with model updates, sizes and such have changed so vehicles with those parts installed on them might look (or actually be,) a bit broken.
  11. Due to the time it will likely take for me to finish the remaining parts I decided to just release what I had and update with the new models when they're done. My unity is working again but most of the parts within were by some means broken so it's going to take some time for me to get everything finished. Unless I messed up somewhere along the line everything in the latest update should work with BDA v1.1.0. If I did mess up somewhere please do the favour of informing me so I can fix it.
  12. I put some time on the weekend into finding what was wrong and getting as much working as possible and got every part save the G6 and the al-tariq working properly. The parts I did get working were all relatively simple cfg changes and removing the outdated BD Animation Modules (BahaSP) - the texture switcher module I was using doesn't seem to be in the updated BD Animation Modules so it's rather pointless keeping it in there anyways. The parts I was not able to get working (the G6 and the al-tariq) are both new models and required fixing/completion in unity which has since updating it started acting strangely. If I can manage to get my unity in working order again I will fix the remaining parts and release an update with all parts when that's done. If I can't get my unity working again within the next few days or so I'll just release an update with what I have got working - I will be able to update the cfgs for the G6 and al-tariq so everything will work, there will just be no new models.
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