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  1. Well, is it going to be just an example, or is it going to grow into a set of rotating parts? I'm fine with bundling it with DockRotate, but maybe it could deserve its own distribution. A small note on the new textures: the electric motor looks great, but, as you noted, it's not going to be visible when the ship is in flight. Could you add some noticeable detail on the outer cylinder, to make it look different from the stock radial attachment?
  2. New release! This version includes NodeRotate, a new module that may be used by modders to extend the rotation capabilities to any part. See the README for more details. @Psycho_zs, are you happy now?
  3. [STOCK] 1:1 Grumman F-14B Tomcat

    I'm more of a rocket guy, but your plane looks great, @EvenFlow! May I link your post from DockRotate OP?
  4. Have you tried watching @Kottabos' video in the OP?
  5. DockRotate works only when ports of the same size are connected to one another.
  6. No, there is not. Permanent part motion (free or motorized) is currently out of scope for this mod.
  7. Just tried. No way. ModuleNodeRotate can work only on physically significant parts.
  8. They look good, @Psycho_zs! Do you have a plan to publish it? I think you can't redistribute the original model.
  9. Well, controls can be activated only on parts that actually have the module.
  10. I'd like DockRotate/NodeRotate releases not to contain new parts, so that nobody loses their ships with KSP upgrades (ok, the real reason is to make my life simpler ). Of course the "target audience" of NodeRotate is part modders, so please do create any cool rotating part mod you want! No, rotating control (right-click menu and actions) is available only on the parts that have ModuleNodeRotate activated. I didn't try it yet actually... we'll see.
  11. The motor is in the node joint between parts, so to speak. It works both ways, if I understand your question correctly.
  12. A little update: ModuleNodeRotate is almost finished! I still have some testing to do, but it's mostly working right now. I hope I can release it this weekend. I have a couple of questions for users: * I will of course include an example cfg for NodeRotate. Original @Psycho_zs suggestion was to turn the large node of the FL-A10 Adapter to a rotating joint. I think this part might deserve a little attention. Any thoughts/proposals? Would you like the cfg to be commented out, or enabled by default? * I'd like to activate smart autostruts by default now. @Yargnit tested them, and it looks like they work. Any other report about them?
  13. The inflatable airlock has a size0 port, so it should work with a Clamp-O-Tron Jr.