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  1. The Part class has a rb property. For example, you can access it in a PartModule like this: Rigidbody rb = part.rb; It is null for physicsless parts.
  2. By the way, @Psycho_zs, when the angle is NaN It means that DockRotate thinks the port is not docked. What happens if you time warp or save/reload in this case?
  3. @Psycho_zs, I prepared a new prerelease here. This still have PAW entries visible, but I'd like to know if the rotation activation and angle works as expected. If it doesn't, please send logs!
  4. Yeah, like Tsiolkovsky equation, and vis viva, and rocket science...
  5. @Psycho_zs, what's the snapOffset value? Currently hideCommands disables the rotation commands: rotate CW, CCW and snap.
  6. @Psycho_zs, I published a pre-release here. If you use the debug dll you will have access to autoSnap and hideCommands from the PAW for easy testing. Let me know if it works for you, and if you need changes. Have fun!
  7. Yes, I can send you a recompiled version if you need. There's the new module parameters autoSnap and hideCommands.
  8. @Psycho_zs, I have a test version of autoalignment with disabled controls. Do you want to test an experimental release?
  9. If I remember correctly, \uxxxx notation is supported now, so you can write \u0020 for space.
  10. If you put the mouse pointer at the center top of the map screen, a series of ship type selection buttons will appear.
  11. There's an option for that in settings.cfg. Look for a name with SNAP in it.