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  1. I'm testing DockRotate with the fix: it works, apparently. See here:
  2. Short answer: apparently it is. Long answer: I tested @JPLRepo's fix in my current career. It looks like DockRotate is not only compatible, but even necessary: after installing the fix, undocking becomes problematic ("Undock" button doesn't show up). DockRotate's port state checker can fix this. I still get NREs from deep inside ModuleDockingNode: [ERR 11:40:04.455] Module ModuleDockingNodeFixed threw during OnStartFinished: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance o> at ModuleDockingNode.get_VisualTargetAngle () [0x00014] in <4a4632fe4eb0471fa0f9f87bb7432bc2>:0 at ModuleDockingNode.OnStartFinished (PartModule+StartState state) [0x001f9] in <4a4632fe4eb0471fa0f9f87bb7432bc2>:0 at Part.ModulesOnStartFinished () [0x00042] in <4a4632fe4eb0471fa0f9f87bb7432bc2>:0 Thanks! Always appreciated.
  3. Hi @Kyoung1229, welcome to the forum! My personal suggestion is to start by modifying an existing mod.
  4. Hi @Kerbal2205, welcome to the forum! I moved your post to the modded tech support section.
  5. I noticed yesterday. Too bad I tried setting canRotate to false with a MM patch, but there's drift anyway...
  6. The only thing stock has and DockRotate hasn't is rotation motion via axis control - but I'm working on that.
  7. @linuxgurugamer, if you mean how do I disable DockRotate when stock rotation is used, the code is here: https://github.com/peteletroll/DockRotate/blob/e407060144d6a47467a05345482524f8bb2f452d/DockRotate/ModuleDockRotate.cs#L263 If you mean how DockRotate works in general, that's a longer answer ;-)
  8. New release! This will work only on 1.12.x. @jordanjay29's bug is fixed in this release. Also, DockRotate won't accept rotation commands if stock rotation is being used: in other words, if stock rotation angle is not zero, DockRotate rotation is disabled to keep the Kraken away.
  9. Hi @WulfyKerman, welcome to the forum! There's many Canadarm mods around here: the best place to ask is the release post of the mod you're using.
  10. Thanks for your report, @jordanjay29. Could you please try the DockRotate.dll you can download at the following link? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1URc6KgWP55BRsDXIGpklkqGQzR9g2uWY/view?usp=sharing Let me know if this works, and send logs!
  11. Hi @GER FelixN, welcome to the forums! If you have a question about a specific mod, it's easier to find help on the mod post.
  12. After some testing in 1.12, it looks like it's working. I'll release a recompiled version soon™. It has some problems when used together with the new stock rotation: if you rotate with DR then with stock, or vice versa, you get weird results. So, until I find a workaround, please use just one of them at a time!
  13. Thanks @Hohmannson! I was considering this mod a failed experiment. Glad to see it can still be useful.
  14. Hi @lil_henry, welcome to the forums! You may ask your CKAN question on the CKAN main post here too:
  15. New release! This should solve a problem with missing rotation setup in some cases (i.e. rotation buttons not visible when they should).
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