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  1. Debian GNU/Linux testing, gnome desktop.
  2. Very useful table here:
  3. The aerospike does have a bottom node since the 1.0.5 remodeling.
  4. I find sorting by mass pretty useful
  5. @Green Baron, I'm using the KER prerelease on Linux without any problem. I have a black KER button in the VAB only when the VAB is empty (as usual).
  6. Duna bars.
  7. Found one on Eve! Gotta send Kerbals there soon to "investigate". That's what I'll tell them, I mean
  8. Yes. Really yes.
  9. Looks like the CSM performed the docking:
  10. I did... :-)
  11. It looks like vectoring thrust is not accounted for in delta-v report. I'm using latest @cybutek version, but recent @Padishar patches behave the same way. Many thanks for your awesome mod!
  12. Yes, a few rocket engines parameters were changed.
  13. There's a mod called "Snacks", very similar to what you want. Edit: but Snacks are depletable...
  14. Love the idea. I'd put it on Eeloo, or Laythe.
  15. @cfds, this would make struts useless. No Kerbal would like it.