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  1. New release! Robotic arms with Advanced Grabbing Units work much better now. @G_Creature, this should solve the problem you had with your gantry.
  2. Testing DockRotate/Klaw interactions with a recovery mission to the Mun:
  3. @G_Creature, I finally found the root cause of the Klaw-related misalignment bug you noticed. I'm testing a partial fix now, I can make an Especially For You release soon, if you want. (Edit: the Klaw is weird. Like, really weird.)
  4. I should write a short manual... @Dash8466, to have a continuous rotation you must set the rotation step to 0.
  5. peteletroll

    Stock part edits

    Clamshell fairing deployment by default, ejection force at 150.
  6. @nothingSpecial, I tested it with 1.6.0, it works fine for me. If you want continuous rotation, you just have to set the rotation step to zero.
  7. Just made my first lander can Mum rover for a survey. Even with small RoveMax wheels, it runs great and steady at 4x speed!
  8. Just released a new DockRotate version that should solve the problem @B-STRK reported. Feedback welcome.
  9. New release! Smart Autostruts optimizations, ad the usual bug fixing and random refactoring. Still compiled on 1.5.1, if someone tries it on 1.6.0 please let me know how it goes. @B-STRK, this could solve the Universal Docking Ports problem you reported. Feedback welcome as usual.
  10. DockRotate works if the docked ports have the same nodeType specified in the ModuleDockingNode section in the cfg file.
  11. peteletroll

    Part Heights?

    The engineer report in the VAB gives you the height of the vessel. If you make a vessel with just one part, you read its height.
  12. peteletroll

    Folding or deployable wings?

    Foldable wings were made with DockRotate.
  13. @G_Creature, I'm working on your bug. It's a tough one, but I have some ideas to work on. Stay tuned.