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  1. @Xavier T, I'd say you posted in the right place. Welcome to the forum!
  2. Too bad man! You can report your problems in DockRotate thread:
  3. Welcome to the forum, @KerbSLS! There's many filters already available in stock. Try clicking on the black triangle icon at top left in the VAB screen.
  4. Welcome to the forum, @Deadly_Seafood! A picture of your lander could help us figure out what's wrong.
  5. Hi @nomerac, welcome to the forum! You may ask on Realism Overhaul release post as well, there's people there that can help you.
  6. @Opteryx, I moved your questions to unmodded support, because it looks like mods are not involved. Let me know if I got this wrong
  7. Welcome to the forums, @NikOwO! Your question was moved to Gameplay Questions.
  8. @sergih123, can you share the log and/or your save file? Are you using the last version of DockRotate? Is the problem still there after F5/F9 or after a little timewarp?
  9. Welcome to the forum, @HasanPasha! In my experience, the construction button appears when there's an engineer in EVA.
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