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  1. Not yet. This was released mostly for the 1.5.0 release. I'll release a new version as soon as I find a good UI to control fast rotation, and noise reduction for continuous rotation.
  2. New release! Compiled on 1.4.5, but it works with 1.5.0. If the rotation step is set to 0, the rotation will be continuous. You can stop it with the "Stop Rotation" right-click menu entry, the "Stop Rotation" action, or Alt-B. Have fun!
  3. peteletroll

    [1.3.0] Kerbal Engineer Redux (2017-05-28)

    The "Acceleration" entry shows thrust/mass ratio.
  4. @BRAAAP_STUTUTU, I'm actually working on continuous rotation now. Not complete yet... Hope to find time to finish it soon. The missing part is the persistance of continuous rotation, now if you switch vessel the rotation stops. And I have to make the sound less loud, it becomes ennoying when it goes on and on and on... I'll think about faster rotation. It could be Kraken Land.
  5. peteletroll

    Folding Joints Mod Request

    I like that we have three different ways to make parts move. Infernal Robotics is definitely the most complete/complex, AnimatedAttachment is brilliantly simple, DockRotate/NodeRotate stands somewhere in the middle. NodeRotate should be the simplest one to make new parts for. (I'm biased, of course)
  6. peteletroll

    Folding Joints Mod Request

    Kanadarm segments! I'll be happy to help with NodeRotate configuration.
  7. @Tonka Crash, I waited for a long time for a request like yours! Of course I'd love to see NodeRotate to be used by part modders to create moveable joints of any sort. Last release is "The Robotic Arm Release" for a reason, you know It looks like the "Add-on Discussion" forum is the right place for a request like yours. I'll be happy to help anybody with NodeRotate configuration.
  8. peteletroll

    What is the location of this island ?

    Is this a challenge?
  9. @Nicky21, could you give me the FPS numbers with and without the mod installed?
  10. Started working on continuous rotation. Let's see if I can make it work now!
  11. The version that supports docking, undocking and time warping while moving is It could work on KSP 1.3.1 too, but I didn't test it. Let me know if it works for you.
  12. @Geonovast, this is too bad... Are you using the last version? Time warping while rotating is supported and tested (on much smaller crafts...)
  13. @DMagic, I tried PromoteToPhysicalPart() in flight, but the part detaches from the vessel in a weird way: it falls on the ground, but as soon as i time warp it jumps back into position; then I stop warping and it falls again... Could you please be a little more specific about PromoteToPhysicalPart() usage? I googled a lot, but I wasn't able to find any understandable example...