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  1. Thanks @Benjamin Kerman, further investigation found out that PhysicsSignificance is never specified in the .craft file. I'm afraid I have a problem now (clarification: if it's not in the .craft file there's nothing I can do in the VAB/SPH)
  2. Because of some NodeRotate issues, I need to activate PhysicsSignificance on some physicsless parts, so that they stay physically significant when launched. Apparently I can't make it work in flight, so I was thinking to make it in the VAB/SPH. Any suggestions on how to make it?
  3. @fitemesquirrel, I'll have to check when I get home, but I could have good news for you soon. NodeRotate is a little untested, you know...
  4. @airbrushmatt, are you using KJR? See the OP to make it compatible with DockRotate. Otherwise, can you post more details or a craft file?
  5. Yes @fitemesquirrel, there must be a node attachment by design, but you can move the attached part with the gizmos after attaching it.
  6. @fitemesquirrel, it's the parts in MotorPoint.cfg. Unlike the docking ports, they don't need to be coupled: you need just one to make a rotating joint.
  7. @fitemesquirrel, don't forget to try the NodeRotate parts by @Psycho_zs, included in the DockRotate distribution.
  8. New release! This is the Robotic Arm Release, and should make building sophisticated moving structures possible, like grappling arms. The scarcity of action group keys is compensated by the availability of reverse action rotation via Mod key. Docking and undocking while moving are now fully supported. A lot of stuff changed under the hood: I tested this release a lot, but be careful anyway. Have fun! I made a test arm, you can move it with 1, Mod-1, 2, Mod-2, 3, Mod-3, 4, Mod-4. (It all started here. And now after a few months I have it!)
  9. A wild idea on the train home: what about using parts flightID to track the parts after decoupling?
  10. See my second edit too
  11. Maybe you can try to set the callbacks in OnAwake(). Works for me (TM). EDIT: but I'm working on a PartModule. Your situation could be different. EDIT AGAIN: or maybe OnStart() instead of Start().
  12. I don't know about onVesselsUndocking, but onPartUndock and onPartUndockComplete work for me.
  13. I'm adding a feature to DockRotate to save action group keys: if you press Alt (modifier key, right shift on Linux) all the rotation actions are reversed; for example, if "1" rotates a port clockwise, "Alt-1" will rotate it counterclockwise. Does any of you suggest a different key for action rotation reverse?
  14. peteletroll

    Autostruts and moving parts

    @Trufiadok, you're changing directly a part transform, its position, so the part jumps. You have to move it slowly step by step. It should happen if you disable autostruts too. I think it's better to move parts by acting on the joints that connect them. Be patient, Unity Configurable joints are a complex beast.
  15. peteletroll

    Maian's Stock ISS Replica (Currently WIP)

    The way you made Canadarm work is amazing. Can't wait to see it in action.