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  1. This is the code from DockRotate: Hope this helps.
  2. @flart, I don't consider adding welding option because Konstruction Ports already have it, and it's been reported to be compatible with DockRotate: you dock, then you align with DockRotate, then you weld with Konstruction Ports. Let me know if anything changed.
  3. @Lisias, I added a bug here. Please add a note about UI_FloatRange and UI_ScaleEdit, I didn't check them out and I'm not 100% sure they appear the same (see attached image). And upvote the bug, of course!
  4. @Lisias, do you plan to file a bug soon? Probably UI_FloatRange, UI_ScaleEdit and UI_FloatEdit have the same root bug. I can file it for you too, maybe someone from @SQUAD can suggest the best way to get this fixed soon.
  5. I made a temporary release for KSP 1.8. The widgets DockRotate uses for setting rotation step and speed seem to be broken on KSP 1.8. I replaced them with simpler ones, but it's harder to set precise values now. Anyway, you can set any value you want with the "#" button in the part menu. Sorry for the ugly hack, I hope this gets fixed soon...
  6. A quick update: DockRotate for 1.7 mostly works on 1.8. The PAW entries for rotation speed and step are buggy on 1.8, and can't be used. It's a problem other mods have. I hope we can get this fixed soon, I'll try to find an acceptable workaround in the meantime.
  7. So @Lisias, maybe we can try filing a bug, or even summon @TriggerAu! A hotfix is probably coming soon, so there's hope I guess.