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  1. @Technologicat, the impact marker is definitely there, I always use it.
  2. DockRotate and NodeRotate don't change joint strength: if your strongback doesn't break without NodeRotate, it won't break with NodeRotate. Some autostruts are removed during motion though, so the structure may be weaker while moving.
  3. New release: some bugs fixed. It looks like @Gotmachine is right: the mod works, parts go physicsless as expected, nothing breaks, Kraken doesn't show up, and yet there's no significant performance increase. Bummer... If anybody's interested, that's how this mod works. At OnStart(), all parts in a craft have full physics. PrunePhysics' OnStart() changes the part's PhysicsSignificance, then KSP proceeds to remove physics where needed as usual.
  4. @Gotmachine, thanks for testing and reporting. I am a little baffled by my test results too. Since Squad itself added physicsless parts as a performance hack, I expected to see some measurable FPS increase. I'll keep on trying. I want to build big things.
  5. New release, with more tools in the debug dll. Keep in mind this is highly experimental, backup your saves! It didn't corrupt any of my current saves, but you never know...
  6. Status report: no serious bugs, but no clear result on performance increase yet. Parts with PrunePhysics activated appear actually physicsless (no Rigidbody, no joints), I'll keep experimenting.
  7. Yes @leatherneck6017. You can put your own *.ppwl file in GameData. If you use the debug dll as described in a previous comment, you can reload your whitelist with a PAW button. You have to create the file before starting KSP: the "ResetWhiteList" button only reloads files, it doesn't check for new ones. Also, the debug dll has a "DumpPartPhysics" button that dumps all the module names to the log, and helps you find the modules and resources that fail the whitelist check.
  8. New release, with bugs fixed, please update! @leatherneck6017, this should fix the problems you found with the UI. @linuxgurugamer, there's a new PAW entry available in the debug dll (PrunePhysics.debugdll) that enables/disables PrunePhysics globally at runtime, for easier performance evaluation. If you want to know exactly how much faster things go with PrunePhysics: - delete PrunePhysics.dll and rename PrunePhysics.debugdll to PrunePhysics.dll; - PAWs will contain a "Enable/Disable PrunePhysics Globally" button now; - go to a big ship, and start activating PrunePhysics where you want; - check your FPS, then disable PrunePhysics globally, F5-F9, and check your FPS again. Please share your test results!
  9. The VAB PAW entry is a bug I'm going to fix. On the launch pad: you can't activate PrunePhysics on the antenna because it's already physicsless, and you can't activate it on the probe core because it's the vessel root part, and it can't be physicsless.