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  1. @garwel, I'd try to look into PartModule.snapshot.moduleValues in onAwake(). But it's just a wild guess...
  2. @chris-kerbal, here's a test release: This could solve your problem. Let me know how it works.
  3. KAC KER Navball Docking Alignment Indicator Indicator Lights DockRotate (duh)
  4. @damerell, same vessel docking is a DockRotate gray area. I'll probably have to investigate some more into it. Anyway, I use it in my gameplay, and it can work, with some precautions. - The motion that brings the second pair together must be small: in your example craft, you get less Kraken if you rotate 75°, then stop, then 15°, than if you rotate all 90° in a single motion; - As soon as the motion is finished, and the secondary ports are docked, force a reload of the ship: you can F5/F9, or switch to a far away craft and back. This keeps the Kraken away from my games, I hope it helps you too. I'll try to fix this, no promises but stay tuned. This is normal. Couldn't replicate this. What happens if you force a craft reload (see above)?
  5. Inclination actually matters: check sentinel telescope's right click menu for misalignment messages.
  6. You can put the crafts close to each other, then use a few RCS puffs to set the orbit periods to the same value. The crafts will move slowly, remaining close to each other. Be careful they don't get too close...
  7. @Angel-125, I'm leaving for holidays tomorrow, so I'll be away from my PC for a couple weeks. Anyway, I see a few things in the config and log you posted. "MODULE:NEEDS[DockRotate]" doesn't look like a valid MM syntax: there should be at least a "@" before MODULE. My advice is to separate the part definition and the optional NodeRotate configuration: write a PART { } section ignoring the NodeRotate module, and a separate section like the one in the example file NodeRotate.cfg included in DockRotate distribution. "[LOG 15:49:30.357] [DR:67112] MNR:mk33Strongback:3469451444.findMovingJoint(): has DockRotate, NodeRotate disabled": DockRotate only supports a single NodeRotate or DockRotate module per part, and DockRotate module gets added on every part that has a docking node, so you can't add a NodeRotate module on a part that has a docking node. "[LOG 15:49:30.506] [DR:67115] [DockingStateChecker] MDN@3469451444_mk33Strongback<338636960>0:"":dj=PJ[0], unallowed node state "".isTree": this is weird, looks like the DockingNode module is not properly set up, because it has a bad state (an empty string); check the log, maybe there's something about it. The axis NodeRotate uses is specified by the fourth, fifth and sixth number in the "node_stack_bottom = ..." line. Hope this helps!
  8. Maybe you need something like this:
  9. 1.10.1 release fixed the bug. You can safely remove this patch from your install now.