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  1. I am using the unofficial patch from August 2016 (from this thread -- using 1.1.3 for RSS) and I'm able to replicate Pioneer and Voyager missions.
  3. Your Minmus surface looks much more stock than mine (SVT high res), is SVT being used in that pic? Is that how it is supposed to look? (sorry as I know this isn't SVT thread)
  4. oops, yeah. I should have diffchecked the file before I patched it. I'll try again today. it works. read the last few pages
  5. Tried again, still lots of drag (using 1.25m node, not the upper node).
  6. Doesn't work for me. When I launch a 1.25m craft with a 909 (2nd stage), the 2.5m 909 base appears and have high drag.
  7. will do (i'll start with the 909). what other engines did you replace?
  8. Happy to, what changes did you make to the LV-909 for example? I just ended up copying over the drag cube from stock into the cfg and fixed my problem.
  9. try disabling volumetric clouds from SVE. takes my fps down from 150-200 to yellow MET (40 fps) with 2x 970 and 4690K. you can disable with the EVE menu (see SVE thread)
  10. Confirmed here as well, massive drag on the 909 (even up a stack and shrouded).
  11. I think this is FPS related -- my FPS is uncapped and runs 150-300. Is there a refresh rate setting (I seem to recall one in VAB) or should I just try capping to 60?
  12. Not an official release. If you want you can download the files off the github in OP and use the contents of the output folder.