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  1. yes 'stock aero' in JNSQ - sorry. Been a while since I played with FAR so I sort of forget what the effects are on re-entry heating.
  2. Thanks! To be honest I haven't tested a mk2 yet, but mk1 at 100% re-entry heat didn't work (40km pe). Have you tested this in stock? Also - love your series
  3. Anyone have (attractive) ideas or craft designs for taking tourists to orbit? Without mk1-2 spaceplanes everything looks like a capsule with a mk1 crew tube on top. I haven’t tested mk3 yet. Edit: also open to any helpful mods (4+ crew capsules?)
  4. Mostly just for basic stuff like budgeting relay hohmann transfers + circularization. I have never played with ResearchBodies so can't really say... I find there are always things you 'discover' e.g. just today how my latest Eve landers sunk into the ocean. I like to know basic characteristics for fuel budgeting because I hate to run out of fuel when spending hours on interplanetary missions especially when running other constraints like comsat or life support.
  5. Having a blast with this - does anyone have a spreadsheet with orbital characteristics of JNSQ bodies? (like this one for stock.) I can do it manually but just checking.
  6. Hey, this tree is a blast in career with JNSQ! Feels like I'm playing for the first time again (without going deep down the RSS rabbit hole again). Opened this issue on github - was the 85s sea level ISP intentional for the swivel?
  7. Thanks. There's the same issue on Huygen although maybe intentional (just mountains through clouds). It appears the Ad Astra EVE Clouds config uses 12500, 12510 for Eve clouds and lightning and actually slightly lower altitude for Huygen.
  8. Just did the clean reinstall (with the versions eberkain referenced) and still have the issue. It appears sort of like some issues that others have raised about cloud heights not being applied correctly to rescaled planets? Edit: I can confirm changing cloud + lightning heights in \GameData\JNSQ\JNSQ_Configs\EVE\Clouds.cfg to 18500 and 18500.15 respectively fixes the issue, per the below. Although this may not be the optimum altitude as scatterer effects seem to be hidden now.
  9. I'm going to do a clean reinstall in 1.10.1 and see if it yields anything different.
  10. Seems like only plugin that has been updated since the summer is Kopernicus BE. For what it's worth I just tested out a bunch of EVE releases (Redux and Maintenance) and none of them resolve. Also tested a rollback to Kopernicus BE release 21.
  11. Something seems to be wrong here - see youtube below @ 11:26 and 12:17 for what it probably "should" look like (the white area should be all over the planet, it seems). This is happening in both 1.9.1 and 1.10.1 for me.
  12. Hey all, coming back to KSP after a few years away and JNSQ looks like an amazing mod for a challenge. I'm having some odd visual issues around Eve with EVE + Scatterer at low altitude: clouds don't seem to have any density once I get below the PQS; there is some low quality "cloud" like stuff that looks glitchy (visible at the bottom of the screenshot); and I have a black horizon. Kerbin looks better but the clouds look a little bit light as well. I searched around this thread and didn't see anything (a little hard to search for "Eve" though). Having the same visual issues in both 1.9.1
  13. Is there any way to disable OnDemand loading? I have lots of memory to spare, but OnDemand seems to cause FPS stutters whenever this shows up in console. Edit: nevermind, think I sorted it out by disabling OnDemand loading in JNSQ. A bit curious if this is an issue that others have or notice though.
  14. I am using the unofficial patch from August 2016 (from this thread -- using 1.1.3 for RSS) and I'm able to replicate Pioneer and Voyager missions.
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