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  1. You Mean something like this? A five year old Ven's Model.
  2. So I looked at The restock-lights.cfg . And did a quick before and after. This line ":HAS[~RestockIgnore[*]]:FOR[ReStock]" Has been added to @PART[spotLight1] and @PART[spotLight2] . I have no clue what this line does or why it was added ? But removing it from the config file seems to make everything work again. No guarantees it won't screw something up but it seems to be working fine for me.
  3. I tested on my work laptop "Its my only windows machine" and I don't have access to grab a screenshot right now. But my part icons looked fine with the latest TU and KSP1.8.0 under windows 10 DX11. I was using a clean install with my personal TU configs. But I just dropped in my config folder and I might have had Electrocutors Unofficial patch to fix the part icons So possibly it still works for 1.8.0 ?
  4. Take your time. I was just surprised I had not heard anything about other people having issues. That and the fact that TU appears to be working fine under windows had me wondering if it was something more than just a shader recompile that was going to be needed? Squad has kind of a spotty record of not testing for Linux and Mac builds and leaving out or breaking major components with new releases. And 1.8.0 was a pretty big change. Thanks for all the hard work 1.8.+ is the first update I can remember since 1.3 that actually improves performance instead of making it worse. But I really miss my shiny windows. Thank's
  5. So does anyone know what changed In 1.8+ for Open-GL GL-Core users? TU seems to be working fine in 1.8+ under DX11. But is totally broken under GL . I know there is no official 8.0 support yet "not asking" Just had not seen any comments on it in the forums? And was curious if it is a Dll Recompile issue or was there some mod braking change to GL shaders in 1.8+? Thank's
  6. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news and it is most certainly not your fault. Might not even be fixable on your end? But it looks like TU is totally screwed up under GLCore for Linux users. Shaders work fine under Windows Dx11 as do all my old configs. But installing just TU under GLCore without even config files kills all the native shaders. And config files oversaturate everything they touch. Not asking for anything just a heads up and wondering if anyone else on Linux GLCore is reporting problems?
  7. That's good to know I have not installed Unity on my computer in a long time Because I'm a terrible artist! I should not be let anywhere near a texture or 3d model. I am hoping Restock or Restock+ will be out soon with the fix for PJ engines. But it's nice to know that you no longer need a animation. Thank's
  8. They did come with the DDS sheat for the emissives but they were not working. My understanding was they were never implemented in the model and without the original Unity build file they would have to be completely rebuilt to get the emissives working? Those models have been out for a long time with no version with working emissives ever showing up. I should not be surprised to see them now. If anyone is capable of rebuilding those models from scratch it would be Nertea and all the other awesome modellers working on this project.
  9. That's what I was hoping for. Maybe if were lucky we will get the Porkjet atomic engines as well. Thank's
  10. You Have a actual copy of PJ's Overhaul pack with the heating emissive working !!!! Will those be Included with the revamp ? Or where could such a mythical beast be found? All these parts look amazing I am so looking forward to seeing this pack released when it's finished. A big "Thank You" in advance to Everyone Involved.
  11. Like the direction that this is going . And I agree that not requiring mods would be the Ideal way to balance the tree. Just my two cents and to lobby for the mod I would like to see balanced in this tree the most. You might take the time to look at this Reborn I have used this mod with my game for as long as I can remember. If someone told me I could only use one part mod I am pretty sure that I would pick this one. Although When restock+ comes out I might have to change my mind. I'M going to try this out this weekend. I'll let you know what I think of the starting balance.
  12. Unless you have a really bad graphics card or SQUAD really screws up the implementation you should not see any noticeable frame rate hit from the reflections . I have been using TexureUnlimited shaders for reflections since V1.3.1. and have never seen a significant performance hit. The new SQUAD shaders should be no different from the TU shaders if set up correctly. With the bad 1.5.1 Memory leaks the new parts themselves or the new Delta-V readouts are more likely to slow down your system than the shaders. Here is a pic of the new StayputnickProbe and SilverFoil Structural Panels with TU shader in place of Squads shader. Orbiting Jool Stock No Planetshine or EVE.
  13. So I re-downloaded the file to make sure I had the right version and I tested it in four different totally clean fresh installs going back to 1.2.2 because that is what the mod was released for. And still got the Black cute cords in every test? I then loaded the Purple DDS into Gimp flipped it and saved it as a PNG and. So I loaded it back into Gimp and re-flipped it and saved it back as a DDS file. The file in the editor and the thumbnail looked jut like the old DDS ? But it loaded in game as solid white. Maybe I screwed something up in the settings converting it back? But I have 32gig of ram on my system and really don,t want to spend the time on this little mystery PNG = problem solved . "Or at least worked around to my satisfaction" Thanks again for all the Help !
  14. These are from the Porkjet overhauls that never made it in the game but got released when he left. Go look at your stock engines "LTV-30" "LTV-45" "LTV-909" The "LTV-15" and "LTV-303" were going to be new engines.
  15. I'm going to guess the yellow stripe came from someone looking at the Porkjet part revamp? In this case it would be wrong because Yellow represented JebsJunkyard-LTV series engines. The stripe for the Spark should be RockoMax Orange. Going back and looking at those pick that stripe looks like it might actually be orange? Just not a very bright Rockomax like orange?
  16. Well what's there looks really good to me . I cant tell you what a relief it is for my OCD to see a proper nozzle heat emissive ! One of the biggest let downs for me with the DLC was none of the engines having a heat emissive just does not look right. The models are fantastic but I miss my glowing engine bells at stage separation. And I was really worried when 1.5 came out and we lost the heat emissive on the hammer SRB. I like the look of it just fine just hate to see a step back on the effects. Looks really good though hope all the new engines overhauls look this good.
  17. Tyko beat me to it that was just what I was about to post. The filters work fine but you need to be able to filter by multiple category’s. Right now if you filter by profile you end up with command pods and everything else in that profile. You can also filter by fuel type but then you end up with all size tanks of that type. you need to be able to select multiple filter fields. select tanks then 1.25 size then fuel type and get only mono or whatever you chose 1.25 m tanks. The category filters are already their but I have no Idea weather the game can look at multiple ones at the same time or how hard that would be to implement.
  18. Well I think those nozzle heating animations have to be baked into or set up as it were during the making of the model. Don't quote me on that as I said I'm far from a expert. I believe that's why no one has been able to fix the original Porkjet overhaul engine emissives ? Those files were released with a full set of heat emissive DDS sheats for each engine and the module call outs wer commented out in the original config files. But once the model has been exported you can't fix it in Unity without the original file. Now Squad might very well still have those original files still on there work machines ? But it's pretty much imposable to do for anyone else to fix without essentially remodelling the whole engine. I also notice when it comes to adding reflective windows its gotten much harder all the new Pods with the exception of the new MK1 seem to have there windows on a single mesh . The mk1 is the only new pod I can get reflections working on. The big 5 Kerbal Pod at the bottom is the TaurusHVC one of my old favourite pods. It's been re-released for 1.5 in the RecycledParts mod with working lights and the landing assist engines fixed. It also has a really good IVA. You might want to check it out. Parts
  19. I hear you there. My OCD is demanding that all my capsules have working crew lights to be uniform! And I suck at anything Photoshop or Gimp related. "My art talent sucks" And right now I'm Struggling trying to figure out how to set up window lighting for HGR pods. And I fear it is only going to get worse one of the things that totally killed my enjoyment of the new Making History DLC was the new engines the modelling was gorgeous and one of the reasons I bought the DLC . I was totally bummed out when I found out they had no nozzle heating emissive ? Now I see that 1.5 is out and the new SRB's look good but we lost the heating emmisive for the Hammer. If Squad redoes the old engines without the emissives then I guess they will all match.
  20. I just checked out that site it has a bunch of dead links but on the second page about four posts down That one worked for me.
  21. That's Interesting Because I took that screen shot in a completely stock install ? It was a game instance I was using for testing ? I suppose I might have missed deleting a part pack but I am 100% sure it was a clean copy without ever using TU or any configs ? I'm away from my gaming rig at work but I'll check it on a totally clean install and see what's going on when I get time. I run under Linux and my batch launcher uses -force-glcore Taskset and a bunch of other parameters to optimize the game. Did you test with TU installed and are you windows with DX11 or Glcore? Seems like I remember seeing this chute cord bug before ? I wonder if its a Linux thing? Thank's for looking into it! Really appreciate it. I'll do a clean install and try out the fix you posted above when I get a chance probably this Weekend. And thanks again for taking the time to respond.
  22. Thank,s That was the original stand alone part. I was going to try and fix the issue before I played with setting up the variant,s. Still might be the problem? I can try adding that to the original config and see if it helps. Oh and speaking of shaders I love your recolouring mod Thanks for the suggestion and taking the time to reply.
  23. So I was going through some older mods looking for interesting things to use with stock texture switching. And I came across this awesome old ESTES parachute pack by Narhiril . I thought it would be perfect to set up texture switching so they are all available in one part for the Mk16 chute. The mod was last updated for V-1.2.0 . This is basically just a texture pack the chutes work fine and the textures are in dds format but I get this effect in the game. I think I have seen this before does anyone know what needs to be changed on the texture sheet to fix this ? I assume it's some layer that needs to have transparency value or a colour change to fix the problem? I'M completely incompetent when it comes to artwork or working with textures. I am also handicapped by being on Linux with Gimp "sorry" no Photoshop. I was hoping its something easy I can do by just clicking a layer and changing a value or something ? If any of you texture gurus know what I need to do I would appreciate it. If not no problems I wouldn’t expect anyone to spend any time on the problem . this was just something I was going to do for myself and if there isn’t a easy fix I'm certainly not going to. "Thanks"
  24. I have mostly liked the new updated artwork and really appreciate the work you guys have been putting into it. So I really hate to be critical but I just cant hold my comment.That window looks HORRIBLE ! Sorry just no nice way to put it. I like the idea of the lander to rover mesh switch. Just "please" "please" change the windows. Sorry to sound so negative on this one. I liked the re-texture of the adapters last week. So the the first thing that stood out I really had to comment on was the window and that's the most obvious problem. But after going back and looking at the images I have to say the Whole thing looks fine as the Rover model. But the lander can looks Bad . I would not use it if you made me choose between it and the old one. I do like the new hatches. but really dislike the texturing on the rest of the lander can. The top and bottom look the most out of place. The new foil texture you guys used on the probe cores and new structural panels in the DLC is really good. Why not use the foil texture on the top and bottom of the can? those panels or whatever they are look not so good. Right now the whole thing looks more like some modern pre-built house from IKEA than a lander. The rover is pretty plain but looks OK .
  25. That's to bad I was really looking forward to the possibility of getting rid of the horrible neck collar. The new space suits seem nice but it looks like using all our old suit files is out? Do you know if the old suit models are still in the game? And if so would it be possible to switch between the two? I am already missing my Apollo and Soyuz suits .