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  1. Yeah I lost a few Kerbals in those early days before I got used to the jetpack controls. I remember one time I had to slightly change my orbital plane with Jeb in jetpack in order to save him took me forever and I literally Glided on empty the last 30 ft to the hatch LOL. I was so happy with myself then boom the old ladder catapult bug "HA" I was liquided off didn’t play for about a week. I think your probably right. I just think the chute would be more useful in the early career for all Kerbals. Let the vets EVA that's what they are there for. Nice debate Thank's No one was on here complaining about anything until you started. Just a friendly discussion about where a part should go in the game? Sorry your on Console! This is the last Troll feeding for you. That's all I'M going to say.
  2. I remember the KAS tether and was sad when it went away. The problem is it would go thru a ship no real colliders. I actually think it would work fine if they limited the length. That KAS part attached to your back and had a little attach point you could move around your ship by hand. I had forgotten about that mod but now that you mention it I think it would work really cool. On early missions I don't think your Kerbals really have any business Going for space walks. A life support pack for ground EVA would be fine . A space walk should be dangerous. With a real risk of floating off forever. Just my opinion but I don't see you really needing the jet pack early career until you vet up.
  3. So anyone figure out why the new wheels don't work under 1.4.1 ? Stock wheels under the Squad parts wheels are exactly the same? Ven's new models work great under 1.3.1. But not under stock 1.4.1 or with DlC? I swapped the Squad wheels with 1.4.1 and 1.3.1 just to make sure their was not something I missed? they work the same under both versions. Have been pulling my hair out trying to figure this out ? If something changed again with the wheels in the new unity why do the stock ones work with no change? Thank's in advance if anyone knows what's up.
  4. I love this mod one of my old favourites.This and RLA were my go to mods for years. I really appreciate you keeping this mod alive. It would be totally up to you because in the end your the one doing the work. but I would like to put in my vote for a better Lima texture. My reasoning is that the new texture and model switching feature in stock is looking like it's fairly easy to implement. If we had three full quality texture's and two bump map's or models manned with hatch/window -cargo without.In theory then you have one model in the part menu for each with three colour variants green' black' white' with one model variant Manned or cargo. Just a thought. Love what your doing with the mod Thanks.
  5. I thought it looked counter intuitive at first but it's not bad at all once you figure it out. I downloaded and installed the pre made user folder and it made it fairly easy? I have some of my really old suit mods working without really doing anything but renaming them. I haven’t even converted most of them to DDS yet and the PNG's seem to work fine? These were really old suits I had not even converted to DDS yet I might have done one of the helmets but mostly just renamed as is. Just got the pretty reflections working under Linux in 1.3.1. And had my historical suits all ready to go. Now back to waiting. And it's not just the shaders that are not working for Linux users under 1.4.1 their is a lot of screwed up graphical problems for Linux and Mac users. I'll have to stick to 1.3.1 for a while I guess. For whoever private pinged me and was trying to get a hold of me earlier I don't normally reply to private posts from people I don't know? But I was getting on a plane and did not mean to just toss your message either . I think your looking for this Next time just ask on the forum " Instead of privately begging for files" and I think you will find that people are usually pretty helpful Hope you see this.
  6. Very nice that inline will help everyone with their Gemini clones. The lack of RCS is the reason my first install in stock is always RLA. Recontinued Also has the most useful engine's to fill in the gaps. "cant do without the mono prop's". People who download your pack might want to pick this up to go with it just a single part but? Nice pack.
  7. Besides losing out on the great remodel. If you look at the numbers on the roadmap that porkjet released. I always had the feeling we were going to get a way better balanced tech tree for the stock career game. If squad could have worked on and implemented this sheet with the part upgrade mechanic Porkjet had started. I would have gladly paid for it. But Squad would never do that because half the community would be up in arms accusing them of charging for DLC to complete a unfinished game. And they would kind of have a point .
  8. HGR has a LES with a built in decoupler and a shroud that builds down from the top I think you could just apply the code to the stock Les with a MM patch.
  9. My bad I did not intend to do that fixed. Sorry no more post and run
  10. I don't think it is a big DRM conspiracy. But I saw the exact same thing under window's that he did. With a totally clean mod free install. I think it might be more a window's 10 problem than intended behaviour. But the online verification or log reporting? "Whatever" has changed the way it work's under 1.4.0 and later on window and Linux "see my way to long post above" And it does effect the game loading for some people. I agree with you for the most part . But you cant blame the guy if he has to sign some weird unintelligible new ULA . And then he install's the game DLC and all his copies ruining outside the steam folder without online access stop working.
  11. Thank's I like the part's OK. But I will make no excuse for Squad The bugs are really bad and obvious. Was really hoping for a actual making history campaign. Like a historical career play thru. And the DlC seem's to have broke more career balance than it fixed ? Not that career was ever balanced or good to begin with. I have mixed feelings about the Unity update? While I appreciate Squad working hard to give us the latest version. I have to wonder at what point with a supposedly complete game that has to work on multiple platforms will enough be enough? The new effects might be cool if they ever work but Meh right now there mostly worse than the old one's. So yeah 15$ Eh? Squad got my money I have my backup's and someone already pointed out the new part's work fine in 1.3.1. Thank's for the response.
  12. How is TRR working for you under 1.4.1? I just got the shader's fixed for 1.3.1 under Linux. And with all the graphics bugs under GL on stock 1.4.1 I've been afraid to try. Just curious? I thought someone on TRR forum said the shader's were broke again for everyone under 1.4.0 ? I'll have to go back and look been to busy trying to hose down my stock game with raid to break out the mods yet. Thank's
  13. They seem to have done this because the new IVA for the Mk2 capsule and the MEM clip heads thru the hull if the Kerbals wear the helmets. MEM model looks to small to fix. But the MK2 has lots of IVA room look's like you could just move the seats forward from the back of the pod and then helmets would be fine? Would have to go back and load the game to look and be sure but I think the Mk3 and Vostock at least up to the two man model would be OK also.
  14. Yeah my bad. I misunderstood when he said toggle surface snap I thought he meant surface attach. I don't know how people load tanks and stuff in the MK3 cargo bay of there shuttle? Or build anything around tight spaces and close nodes without it. right after I got this first thing I did was try to build a LEM. Stock game with no Editor Extensions and those new structural panels with all those node's Ahhh! If anyone knows if their is a stock key to toggle the node and surface attach on and off like EE let me know? I basically install that whole mod for that one feature. EE used to be the only way you could toggle radial and mirror "it used to be Mirror in SPH and Radial in VAB exclusively. was also the only way to add small steps in angle snap Stock used to only be the 15 deg only I think? Thank's for the reply though.
  15. Yes I'm probably very spoiled and ungrateful considering I have had a personal parachute and a ejection seat through the magic of mod's . For oh probably something like three years now maybe only two? So here you go Parachutes %26 Ejection Seats Now stop winging about not having a parachute and go download it or better yet buy the DLC .
  16. Oh ok. I thought you wrote a patch or edited the config file to offset the node. Yeah you can do it in the editor but you have to screw with it every time. Thank's I have been waiting for someone smarter than me to do a MM patch to offset the node properly. Might still screw up the attach points though ? There is already a patch for the MEM's com on SpaceDock . Thanks
  17. Hell I did not know you could turn off surface snap in stock now? I always used editor extensions and building without it kill's me! Squad needs to have a manual with a key chart you can call up in the game. I have been playing forever since the Alfa days. Back then it was acceptable to have to Wiki or Dev note every release. But now that this is a full game. I had to mash a bunch of keys to figure out the new parachute.So how do you Toggle off surface attach on parts stock ? Now I have to go look this up thanks.
  18. Really like this release nice parts that we needed in stock. I have been using the Porkjet's pack with the part switching working for a long time now. works fine in 1.4.1. You have to drop the switchers.dll "that I believe came out originally with the pack?" In the plugins folder or have module manager Installed to load it . I'm sorry to say the link's seem dead? And I don't remember Who the original author was? But you need the file for it to work. The merged file might work with the new system no switcher.dll needed? Maybe the original person who got it working will see this or someone else remembers where to get the file? Sorry I'm not much help but the part switching is really nice. And has always worked fine and bug free for me with the file's I have. Thank god I have almost a one and a half TIB backup drive full of Kerbal stuff going back to version .22 I think LOL . It would be cool to get the new system working. You would get that cool icon and preview in the parts menu. Good job with the pack color tanks look great.I hope someone can find whoever merged the .mu files? hell it could have been Porkjet I think the original release came with a bunch of documentation he wrote and might have had the source file's. Can you even combine a .mu file without the original Unity build? If so I have a copy of a old VEN Mainsail file and would love to combine it with his new boat tail version. Thanks for all the hard work. Yeah and I would love to see the Heat Emmisive's working to + + + "You don't Know how many hours I waisted when I first got these trying to make that emmisive work "
  19. First off centre node's and now drag cube problems. "Ouch" Anyone a Squad commented about any of this? The number of bug reports are starting to look very bad.
  20. Can I ask what your adjustment was? Don't see much need to radial attach direct to the engine. Not that it should not be working to begin with.
  21. I have not seen mine look that bad yet. The new system has rendering issues. Take a new MK2 out to the launch pad during daylight and switch to cutaway mode. You get this weird partial opacity thing with the window chines and front grill. Game is screwing up and not putting overlays on the correct layer ar blocking layers it should not be. Then give any Kerbal in any pod the new suit and go IVA or use the cutaway and watch them become electro man. Put them next to a Kerbal in stock suit and compare. "Fun Times" I just got my GL shaders fixed for 1.3.1 now here we go again.
  22. Squad has changed a few things "to supposedly make the game more new player friendly" over the coarse of the game's development. The DockingJunior always bothered me. At least the old part's had Believably looking IVA hatches for you Kerbals to crawl through. take a look at the new IVA for the MK2 capsule and the new lander and tell me how the Kerbals get out? I really wish Squad would bring back the word IVA on the player photo instead of view. You know right next to EVA "I think the console players can handle it" Squad is way more likely to loose players over the crappy career game than because they got to tech-ee with their acronyms.
  23. Love the mod. Real nostalgia for a player who remembers those part's. Might want to check out this pod.Don't know if the original author is still kicking about? But I negatived out the bottom node. And re-aligned the IVA. "It was not off by much but my OCD is a Horrible curse" And I basically copy pasted all the new COM and DragCube info over from the 1-2. This is like mostly been my go to pod for the last year or so. Gets moved over with my fix's to each new install.
  24. Yeah I knew that sorry maybe poor wording on my part. I meant that with no gimbal like the Reliant. Their is no compelling reason to use it instead of the Reliant. Yes it should have the two versions. Maybe different engine bell. Or just have different stats. Squad is obviously not afraid to clutter your parts list. Three identical Vostock's in a DLC that proudly features model and texture switching and has a part upgrade mechanic. Really just seems Lazy to me? They can say how hard this stuff is all they want. But a couple of days after release and there are already community patches to fix their bad node alignment and a recolour part mod using the texture switcher. Hell there was a mod on Spacedock the same day that 1.4.0 hit to ad the IVA to the new pod after squad screwed it up and was to Lazy to fix it themselves.