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  1. I kind of got the impression "maybe just me" that these parts were originally intended "or at least started out that way?" to replace the stock rocket part's. They gave them new name's so they could sell us DLC. Mastadon=Mainsail Skiff=Skipper Wolfhound=Poodle See the connection. Mk-3 should have replaced the MK1-2 and fuel tanks kept same name. I have Porkjets overhaul parts installed and if I did not think it would bust all kind of things in the future. I would fix the F###up node's on the new parts and rename them and give them the stats of the older counterparts. Having two of each engine with almost no difference in stats just clutters up my parts menu. Oh and that soviet engine seems under powered. No gimble and the Reliant is more powerful better ISP Should be mid power between Reliant and next engine.
  2. Ven's mk1 is a good match for Squad's new Gemini texture.But that's a big mod and like you said the folder structure is a real mess. If he just needs a Gemini nose cone I would go to space dock and pick up the Corvus capsule.Trunk wont work it's a smaller size But the nose looks good And the trunk would fit the MK1. going for the hole program. There are so many good mods you would get part overload. The small trunk won't fit but I think if you search their was a part extras for the original mod that had that cone trunk? You could cfg edit the size to work and just have two parts nose and trunk? Hey 1.4.1 rated already CF
  3. If this is just in the VAB it might be OK . Nut I built a lander and I think I used a lot of those panels to make it look right? And was Experiencing weird lag on load. I thought it was maybe something with the new pad. I was loading at the womarang and thought I saw a post where someone said that pad lags their machine.
  4. So am I the only one who thinks the service module looks to long? clever trick with the three Mk 1s clipped inside.
  5. HGR is a very old mod. But if you get it patched up everything works great . And I still think it's the best Stock Alike Soyuz mod. And looks great with new part's. You could probably pull out the Radish and a couple of the engine's because they just repeat the Stock squad part's
  6. There is a module manager patch for the LEM's Com although I have not got a chance to try it yet. I was really hopping with this update and the DLC we would get a career rebalance or at least some sort of historical career play through. I think the mission editor is Meh. I'll have to see if the fan made missions make it redeemable? Squad's are not that fun to me. And I really don't see myself wasting any time making missions to share.I would have rather seen a stock tech tree update and some better career progression. "You Know Squad A Actual Finished Base Game" I like the Vostock but they really seem to have shafted the Russian side of the part list. US gets New tank size W/fairings and Saturn style thrust-mount one Service module 3 new engine's two new capsule's and a lander. In contrast the Russian/Soviet faction gets one capsule ( yes I know their are three variants "but come on Squad same capsule same texture" And on top of that in a game where you introduce model and texture switching as a thing 3 capsule's same model and texture junking up my parts menu what? "Am I the only one who noticed this right off the bat?" Rant over) So one capsule a airlock a solid booster and a engine. I could give the other tank size to the Russian's but seeing and how they have soviet green textures and Saturn style B&W and the large tanks lack the soviet textures I won't. MK1 can with one man would make good Soviet lander but It's way to heavy.
  7. Yeah I play almost exclusively on Linux and there are some GL bugs with the new unity update. I tried the new DLC out on my win 10 laptop that I rarely ever play KSP on. And right off the bat when I installed the new Big brother DLC all my installs Including my Older versions stopped working. I made a KerbalBack directory under the same steam common folder as the base game and that seems to fool big brother just fine. Play as many installs as you can like that while it still works. I'm not sure some of the problems Linux users are having with screen resolution and windowed games crashing might not be related to the DLC? Since about the version 1.1 release maybe longer "I cant remember" Unity has been writing Info to a separate system file. Its the .config file and this is normal on linux other program's use it. this used to screw up install outside of steam and not let you edit your graphics settings. It would not let you apply them. And you would never get a cfg file for your setting to save under your game folder. The solution used to be delete the system file and write a blank or copy the cfg file or a copy of the file from a older game. This bug? has come and gone with different versions of KSP . When you run the game from a clean untouched steam copy you made it always starts without the Settings.cfg under the KSP directory. And the start screen would give you the option if you wanted to share system data with Squad. And that's when the game would bug out writing info to the Home/user/.cfg/unity3d/Squad file. I believe their is a script that expects to write back info under the Steam directory? And fails with a different copy on your machine. I use a custom .sh script "windows batch file" to launch my copies of KSP. So I started Keeping a copy of it and the settings cfg . I just copy them in to a new install and never have a problem or see the start up nag screen. Now if I screwed up and launched clean from steam or a copy I made without the config. The new game would hang and not launch. But then ALL my other copies I run would default back to base resolution and settings until I go delete that system file. Now since 1.4.0 launched I cant delete that file without it writing it back. So your not alone man and maybe it's not a big conspiracy. But it's at least extremely bad programming. Problem is if your running Windows 10 . I'm not sure that's not your bigger problem ! Good luck
  9. Don't know what your stance is on mods but STX has that awesome clam shell adapter for Apollo and also a kick ass N1 clone. STX is a Huge mod! Although most of the parts are really cool. If you don't want all the clutter it would be easy to cherry pick some choice parts "that's what I am going to do" for Apollo they have a full size probe core w Saturn stripes and other good Apollo parts.
  10. There was a mod that added the Para sail chute for the mercury capsule but it was never controllable. Squad should have done that with this model. Yeah the parts are cool. But I was really hoping Squad would fix the career game it was never really finished or balanced right. Hope your not on console. If not worrying about keeping career balanced is a lost cause. Go find some good mods they have some decent tech trees and you can get way better parts. If your on steam just make sure you back up a copy of your game folder and run the game direct from the exe . And just remember to play "way too many good mods" find one you like and keep it simple. Start at Or
  11. Thanks! I remember visiting the old launch site from way back "could have sworn there was a runway" but I bet I remember that from Kerbal-Constucts I think they added a bunch of buildings on that site. Anyway thanks for the info. I have not got a chance to dock yet both craft still heading to the moon but ships do appear to save mission flags. that's a small thing that's kind of cool ! And the ship's
  12. The J2 analog seems to be under powered. I did the same thing building my Saturn V to look right. Five engines works fine if you dump a bunch of fuel from the stage's and I found I had more than enough TWR to lift a clasic heavy CSM and LEM combo mission. I'm trying this bare stock and had no KER to figure TWR but I thought the Saturn Would fly fine. And my ridicules N1 clone would explode on the pad! N1 flew flawless fist time. 54 first stage motors lost 6 to fuel feed issue right after launch "didint even feel it Ha" . Saturn ran fine on five after fuel dump Frame Rate Killer
  13. Would be nice if they added a basic unguided chute to start. With the option to upgrade to the newer model. Also Squad should make the parachute available at start and take away the RCS pack until Kerbals vet up . I would Really like to see them patch the bugs before they worry about the aesthetics of the game. Good catch though!
  14. I was mostly hoping for a career update with this game and am pretty disappointed. I think Squad really missed out on a great opportunity with this DLC What I am really looking to see is if the mod community can hook into some of the new features in the game. With the new launch site feature I could see a career where at the start you pick your launch-site and "Associated Tree" so to speak and get a part and mission list depending on your choice. Squad career balance is non existent anyway so blowing it up and starting from scratch would be acceptable. I think Squad really shorted the Russian faction parts in this update but I think their are enough stock parts to work with. I would Slash the weight and cost on the stock mk1 lander can and give it to the Russian faction exclusive for example.
  15. So I don't normally play with the Kerbal-Constructs mod as its a bit of a resource hog. So I have not gone to check out that site in a long time. Do you happen to remember the co-ordinates of the site? I'm really quite surprised that it was not one of the added launch sites with the runway and launch pad being already there and all? As far as surprising new features I have not had time to test it thoroughly so I'm not totally sure it's repeatable? But it looks like saved craft remember what flag you have on them and you can now have mission specific flags. I was messing around with the new parts and I built a N1 replica and a Apollo S5 and gave them flags that look country specific and it looks like when I switch to them in orbit they remember the flag regardless of what I had chose at the VAB last. I'll have to see what happens when they dock?
  16. Funny thing is they already have the site "I think" ? Did the old KSP Easter egg disappear in one of the new versions or is it still around? I haven’t looked in so long . I'll have to make that something I do while testing the new DLC . The art assets for a new launch pad and a runway were already in place . I think they pretty much chose the Woomerang site for the launch inclination . Still I would like to have seen the old one for variation . Hopefully over time the mod developers will figure out how to port all those great extra sites and artwork over to the new system . And we will get a lighter weight Kerbal Constuct's .
  17. Ok This seems to be working for me now. If anyone else has the problem I did a search for Engine plates and they showed up then when I went back they were magically under the decoupler catagory? I think their is some strangeness going on with the part sorter. So Is their a way to mark this as solved so it does not muck up the forum?
  18. So I'm Trying to mess around with the new build "despite all the graphics bugs" totally stock no mods. And I get mostly done with my gigantic N1 build and I am either blind or something? I cant find the new engine plates? Anyone know where their supposed to be at? They did come with the DLC right? wonder what else I'm missing? Starting to get a little fed up with squad's Quality control.
  19. That sucks man. But it's good to know I was thinking of trying to update my driver and see if that fixes anything but now I might hold off and try them in a VM first. I didn't Know Nvidia's new linux drivers were so crappy. I almost never upgrade unless I'm forced. I have a "If it aint broke don't fix it" kind of attitude I guess. It's back to 1.3.1 untill this mess gets sorted. Wonder how many parts I can crib over from 1.4 that will run?
  20. Well I downloaded the DLC today and everything is still FugedUp. I hope its not my driver! All my other programs and Games are working. I am seeing on the forum that since the DLC has dropped a whole bunch of other Mac and Linux users are having issue with the game. So I'm guessing it's the new Unity GL complies "Again!" I just got working shader's for TRR and now it's back to waiting for someone allot smarter than me to fix them. I was really hoping 1.4.1 would fix this looks like it broke more stuff than it fixes.
  21. So am I the only person that finds it Ironic that after posting link's hailing Kerbal users building of fancy and elaborate custom controllers. And having a release stream on twitch featuring such a controller. Their new game Breaks said controllers. LOL Way to go squad!
  22. I still have this issue with 1.4.1 and the new DLC under linux . Windows users might be able to fix it by playing with the AA settings because of direct X. I don't believe that this will do anything for windows and mac users on Open GL . I'm also having the issue where the game will only run in the native resolution of your monitor and will freeze in window mode or launch black screen. I had to set my second monitor as default so I could play . My main one is a 4k panel and theirs no way my card can handle native resolution on it. I was not able to play all during 1.3.0 because squad didin't compile the new unity right for GL users. They fixed it but forgot to include some Microsoft only fonts with that release and I could not read any windows in the VAB or SPH until 1.3.1 came out. Looks like all the New Dev's are windows users? Their QA is dropping the ball. I have to just take this as Karma for all the years I ran 64bit heavily mod installs with no problem while all the windows users freaked out about no 64 bit.
  23. I have the same issue with the part menu. If you look at a large menu "say the fuel tanks" you will see it is cut off at the top and the icons spill over the symmetry controls at the bottom. I am running Linux also and I think they have some problems with the new Unity compile? I can only run my game in the native resolution of my monitor and if I try to change it the game locks up or does funky stuff. So are you having any video problems other than the menu glitch? and if you don't mind me asking what video card & driver are you using? Thank's
  24. Just tried out 1.4.0 . Besides the obvious command pod bug "really"? Their seem to be a few graphics issues under linux . I am getting this menu overlap in the VAB and SPH .It cuts off the top half of the parts list icons and drops the bottom icons over the funds and symmetry toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Sorry was going to post a pic but my dropbox appears to be not working . I can only run the game in my monitors native resolution . If I try to lower the resolution the game will lock or go black under full screen and gets offset and has ghosted overlays of itself running windowed. I have seen this happen during updates before. Someone needs to test their Unity compile for linux better. I thought maybe Steam needed to install Something to make it run right? So I gave running direct from Steam library a go and its still the same . My copy of 1.3.1 runs fine . I went through the screwed up menus thing worse than this with 1.3.0 and it did not get fixed until 1.3.1 was released. If they sell this game as multi platform it should work for Linux and Mac users as well. I was looking forward to the DLC but I wont be buying until they can at least make this patch run right. I'm running on Linux mint 64 QuadCore Intell 3.6Gighz (4.2 turbo) 24gig ram GTX970 with 384.111 NVdriver I didn’t see any thing in the KSP logs it is a totally new clean install I cleared the Steam folder and reinstalled reverified the file. Thanks
  25. Wheels look really good and seem to be working fine. But I take it they don't have a damage transform? They seem to be indestructible as far as I can tell?