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  1. Yeah thanks. You have to remember with the old models it's not anyone’s fault. When these old models were done we only had IVA and external view. There was no fancy cut away internal view. You could have the IVA "backwards' "upside down" and rotated any way you wanted and as long as it looked cool was sized about right and the window transforms were assigned the correct camera view no one ever knew our cared how they were lined up.
  2. Hi, yeah when I said "my old parts" I meant my older parts I use for my career game's. I didn't mean to imply ownership or anything. I didn’t actually make the part so I have no idea how it was put together in unity ? I guess I always assumed because you could swap out IVA files between different part's and they had their own .MU file that they were always made separately. My modding skills end at editing a config file and working with a texture in gimp. "Ha" that's why I tried this thread to get advice from the expert's who know what their doing.Thanks for the help my OCD will probably just have to learn to live with this one. "Thanks really appreciate all the help"
  3. Yeah I tried the internal configuration file. For some reason the command's don't work? The model is a ring centrifuge and I just want the access tube to line up with the external model. I need to rotate it 180 deg. and I figure if the props move you wont be able to tell? Might end up with a bag or something in front of the hatch but that’s better on my OCD than the tube sticking out in space. I thought their used to be a command along with offset to move the whole model at its attach point? Its been a long time since I’ve messed with the files Unity has changed and I might be remembering wrong. "Thanks for the help"
  4. Hey I have recently come back to start playing after taking a break for real life. I am trying to get my old parts updated for 1.3.1 and new Unity. I have most of my config files working now and am almost ready to start a new career game.One file I just cant get the IVA to line up with the model ? The position and rotation command's don't work under the IVA config file. I seem to remember that this also used to not always work? I am not sure why this works on some models and not others? I know that the offset comand for the IVA in the regular part config works But I cant remember what is the command for changing the rotation? I tried rotate, rotation, and angle, and none of them work's. The offset command work's but I need to rotate the IVA 180-deg to make the hatch line up correctly? Anyone remember the command for rotation in the regular part configuration file? And is there a Wiki or something for config file commands "Thanks"
  5. Yeah I was just thinking The same thing last night. I'm so used to playing on Linux it just seems weird the other way "HA" I think your right. I am kind of a audio snob myself and I have friends who come over and complain about the sound on my flat level AKG studio-file headphones. Because their used to listing to stuff on a pair of crappy beats headphones "Hey man where’s the base" Windows is probably more accurate. what’s weird though is I play a lot of different games multi platform and I only notice this with KSP. TRR works fine without the reflection shaders as far as I can tell. I'll just leave it installed without them so i can start getting my texture packs set up correctly. I might have to do a pass on my old texture's to redo the folders and convert them to dds. I will try to jump back and forth in Gimp on both systems and see if I notice a difference.
  6. I tried the -force-opengl command on my windows box and it did not work. Must be a windows 10 thing? I remember back in the day when Linux ruled 64 bit KSP. People used to use this command all the time to get better frame rates or get certain mods running on windows installs. I would just play under windows and call it good but for some reason the textures look really washed out and dull compared to Linux? Any one else have this problem? I haven’t played In awhile And I want to get my mods all organized so I can start putting some time back into the game .I will probably just play with reflections off until all this gets sorted out. I was going to try playing this under windows. But the weird washed out textures bug me more than I miss the reflections. Don't stress over this to much. People probably don't tell you this enough but I really appreciate all the work you put into these Mods. It's what makes KSP worth coming back to. So thanks!
  7. I can confirm it does this on my system. (Linux mint 18 KDE ) I was not going to post because I thought this was a problem with my system. The release of this has been out for awhile and I had not seen any other post's. I installed a clean version of KSP on my work laptop to confirm. Dual boot Linux and windows 10. Works fine under windows and has pink visor under Linux. Same machine same clean install. I believe it's the shader ? Suit and helmet texture’s look fine just the visor and only when you turn on reflections. I installed window shine to confirm and it works prefect under Win 10. But the reflections are broken under Linux.